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Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

I was just making my way through an old terabyte hard drive trying to make sense of my madness when I came across this brilliant billboard advertising campaign.

Three Indian airlines - Jet Airways , Kingfisher Airlines and Go Airlines - all tired to outdo each other in their outdoor advertising campaigns.

■ ■ ■

It all started when Jet Airlines innocently put up this billboard title: "We've Changed".

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

Kingfisher Airlines saw an opportunity and took credit for making them change.

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

If that wasn't enough, Go Airlines decided to cash in on the success of the first two billboards.

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

There could be a message in this: don't leave yourself open to "ambush advertising". Not only did Go get the last word... but they belittled and outwitted the message of the other two airlines.

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