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  Essential Worker Home Loan - Owner Occupier

A variable rate home loan specifically designed to support essential workers to own their own home.
Category: Home Loans  Last Updated February 19, 2024  Effective July 5, 2024

 General Lending Rates

Rates listed below are for a VARIABLE Owner Occupied P&I product. Additional Information Comparison rate based on $150,000 loan over 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.
Interest Rate
5.80% PA
Comparison Rate
Product rates will vary depending upon your financial position< LVR, and other criteria. The product may also vary depending upon the rate type, repayment type, or loan purpose. We encourage you to contact us for a full understanding of the product and terms.

 Product Features

  • Npp Payid Additional Information: Get faster payments between participating banks, anytime with Pay ID
  • Npp Enabled
  • Other Additional Information: 30 years
  • Other Additional Information: You can increase your loan amount throughout the life of the loan, subject to equity held in your property and our approval.
  • Other Additional Information: " Switching is a change to one or more aspects of your loan's terms and conditions, for example switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate or switching from Interest Only to Principal and Interest repayments."
  • Other Additional Information: Splitting is when you divide one loan into two or more loan accounts, generally with different loan types, repayment types or interest rates.
  • Other Additional Information: Lenders Mortgage Insurance will be required if you borrow over 80% of the value of your home (or borrow an additional amount on your existing mortgage that brings the overall loan amount over 80% LVR). LMI is a one-off cost added to the total loan amount and is not a bank fee or an establishment fee.
  • Other Additional Information: Flexible repayment options weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Other Additional Information: You can make extra repayments or repay your loan in full at any time. Extra repayments may enable you to redraw funds, subject to conditions
  • Card Access Additional Information: A guarantor supports the loan by providing us with an additional security such as their home. By providing a guarantee, we may lend to the borrower in situations where they may not have been able to secure the full amount of the loan they require.
  • Other Additional Information: This loan can be used for the purposes of owner occupied property purchases, refinancing your existing home loan, purchasing of vacant land (non-commercial), personal needs, off the plan purchases and building/construction purposes.
  • Redraw Additional Information: Your loan comes with a repayment redraw facility. This gives you access to additional repayments if you re at least one full repayment ahead, you can redraw $100 or more. It s simple to redraw using our App or Online Banking.

 Product Eligibility

  • Natural Person
  • Min Age - 18.
  • Other Additional Information: Available when at least one borrower meets essential worker criteria as a frontline ambulance officer, paramedic, firefighter, police officer, corrective services officer, nurse, aged care or disability worker, teacher, early childhood educator, defence or military personnel. For new security or new refinance applications only. Not available for existing G&C Mutual Bank Loans.
  • Employment Status - Employed.
  • Residency Status - Permanent Resident. Additional Information: You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply
  • Other Additional Information: Applications for credit are subject to the Bank s eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval process.

 Bank Fees and Charges

  • Loan Switch Fee (Event), Amount: 200.00. Additional Information: A fee charged to switch your loan account from one type to another
  • Valuation Fee (Variable), Amount: 0.00. Additional Information: A fee charged to cover the cost of obtaining a valuation report on your property or the property being purchased
  • Mortgage Preparation Fees (Variable), Amount: 0.00. Additional Information: A fee charged for legal services including preparation of legal documents and attending settlement
  • Title Search Fee (Upfront), Amount: 20.00. Additional Information: A third party cost for a Title Search to determine any interests in a property
  • Registration Fees (Variable), Amount: 0.00. Additional Information: A third party cost for registration of mortgage
  • Stamp Duty (mortgage) (Variable), Amount: 0.00. Additional Information: The tax charged on written documents and certain transactions imposed by the state government, such as mortgages and property transfers
  • Pexa Service Fee (Upfront), Amount: 57.20. Additional Information: A fee charged to cover third party costs associated with the establishment of your mortgage
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance (Variable), Amount: 0.00. Additional Information: Third party cost for insurance that protects the lender in the event that the borrower defaults on their home or investment loan
  • Mortgage Administration Fee (Event), Amount: 150.00. Additional Information: A fee charged if we are asked by you or your legal representative to make any of our loan documents available to you during the life of the loan
  • Consent Fee (Event), Amount: 300.00. Additional Information: A fee charged for consent to a subsequent mortgage in favour of an another lender where we hold the prior mortgage
  • Mortgage Discharge Fee (Exit), Amount: 300.00. Additional Information: A fee charged if you repay your loan and request us to discharge your mortgage, includes our costs and is in addition to any costs incurred by us from external parties
  • Mortgage Discharge - Registration Fee (Exit), Amount: 146.40. Additional Information: A fee charged to cover third party costs associated with the discharge of your mortgage
  • Mortgage Discharge - Pexa Service Fee (Exit), Amount: 42.24. Additional Information: A fee charged to cover third party costs associated with the discharge of your mortgage
  • Variation Of Security (Event), Amount: 200.00. Additional Information: A fee charged for the variation of security or other loan details, requiring us to issue new documents or re-assess your loan in any way
  • Mortgage Redraw Fee (Transaction), Amount: 30.00. Additional Information: A fee charged to access the redraw facility on your home loan
  • Late Payment Fee (Event), Amount: 15.00. Additional Information: A fee charged when you don't make your minimum monthly payment, plus any overdue amount
  • Default Notice Fee (Event), Amount: 50.00. Additional Information: A fee charged if you default on your repayments and we issue a default notice

 Limitations & Restrictions (Constraints)

  • Opening Balance of 100000.00
  • Max Balance of 5000000.00

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