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Aviation Quotes

This page exists as a landing page to support the Quotes WordPress plugin. You may find additional information on our blog by searching the quotes Tag: quotes tag.

The aviation quotes database was built to support a need on our FLIGHT website. The database is updated manually and via automated means on a daily basis - so it's always growing.

The result of this function will render something like this on your website:

"“Work hard, fly hard, play hard, and stay hard.”"

Because we're retrieving two individual attributes (text and author) from the XML, it's easy to style the quote in a manner that's most fitting.

Shortcode Attributes


We cache the quote for one hour by default (3600 seconds). To cache the result for 30 minutes use cache="1800".


By default we'll use two hyphens between the quote text and the attribution. To alter, use something like sep="::".


If you choose to alter the basic style applied to the attribution text, use tags="em" (in this case outputting the attribution in italics without the < or >) Each tag must be separated by a comma. If there's no attribution supplied nothing will be displayed.


To wrap the quote in paragraph tags, use p="1" (false by default).


Insert the shortcode of [aviationquote] wherever it is you want your quote to be rendered. Note that the attribution text will only render if it exists.

The first basic example simply outputs a default quote (in paragraph tags). We've used [aviationquote p="1"].

“Work hard, fly hard, play hard, and stay hard.”

In the second example we'll use bold and italic tags for the attribution (in paragraph). Usage is as follows: [aviationquote p="1" tags="strong,em"].

“Work hard, fly hard, play hard, and stay hard.”

In the final example we'll use bold tags for the attribution (in paragraph), and use a single long dash as the separator between the text and attribution. Usage is as follows: [aviationquote p="1" tags="strong" sep="—"].

“Work hard, fly hard, play hard, and stay hard.”

In second and third examples above the quote is wrapped in <blockquote> tags.

Plugin Title: Aviation Quotes
Description: Display an aviation quote in your WordPress website with shortcode.
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