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How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

A Facebook fan page is one of the most productive means of driving traffic to your website or business. Any person that is prepared to like or follow your Facebook presence is inviting your brand into the company of their personal Facebook feed. Your posts will be delivered alongside those of their friends and family - not unlike an RSS feed into their personal lives. This page serves as a reference for creating a page. This page is designed to walk the average user through the process of creating a Facebook page. The example page we're creating is for our retired website - Internoetics .

Note: This guide is several years old and should be considered obsolete.

■ ■ ■

Step One - Where to start?

Browse to facebook.com/page . This will redirect you to facebook.com/pages/create.php .

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Step Two - Creating & Publishing your Page

On the page you're redirected to, you'll be presented with the option to create a community page or a fan page for your business, brand or public figure. It's most likely that you're creating a page for your the latter - your business, brand or a public identity.

Think carefully about how you select your options because, once they're saved, most of them can't be changed.

In the case of Internoetics, I selected the "Brand, product, or organization" option and from the sub-menu, I've selected "Website" to describe the purpose of the page.

Think very carefully about your name. What name best describes your blog, product or service? Once you set it, you won't be able to change it. There are names that you won't be able to use, so check the Facebook Page Guidelines for more detailed information.

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

At the end of the options box, you're required to tick a box confirming that you're the official representative of the business or person you're creating a page for. Read the terms carefully. You cannot legally create a page if you're not authorized to do so.

Once you hit the "Create Official Page" button, you're presented with another dialog box confirming that you're authorised to create the page.

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

If your page is successfully created, your skeleton page will be ready for you to populate with all sort of information.

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Step Three - Page Options

You can manage your page options by clicking on the "Edit Page" button in your left-hand-side menu. It's fairly easy to follow... and if you've made it this far, or if you have ever used Facebook before, you won't have any trouble navigating the various privacy, page and posting options.

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

If you want some time to play with your page before you make it live, consider preventing anyone other than page admin access to its content. Each time you log into your page you will notice the following at the top of your page:

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

This notice reminds you that you haven't made your website viewable to the general Facebook user.

Step Four - Inviting Others

The promotion of your Facebook fan page goes far beyond what I'm about to describe.

  • Facebook allows you to import contacts from a file, and it will notify those contacts of your new page. You will be presented with this option on the welcome screen.
  • In the top left menu is an option to 'Suggest to Friends'. This is a means of inviting your friends into your new community.
  • Consider a FB like-box on your website. You can customize the box in a way that best fits the theme of your site.

Step Five - Custom Facebook Name

Facebook will give you a default page URL that will look something like this: facebook.com/pages/Internoetics/158719717506226 - not pretty. Thankfully, Facebook permits you to choose a 'vanity' style username for your page the same way it does for your personal profile. If you're serious about your Facebook presence, this is exactly what you'll do... although you're usually required to accrue 25 fans before the vanity name option presents itself. When you're ready to do so, select your custom name from this page .

How Do I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Step Seven - Post Content

Post content as you would with your personal Facebook page. There are considerations regarding the more tactful methods of posting information, and we'll address these another time. Remember, you're injecting information into the digital social stream of your readers. They're more than just readers once they 'like' your feed - they're a relationship that you have to respect and maintain like any other.


This was just a brief introduction on how your Facebook page can be set up. It doesn't examine the social sciences that you'll have to be mindful of if you're setting up the page with the purpose of a successful marketing campaign.

If you have a business, blog or brand that you're trying to build, a Facebook 'page' is a must. Find WP shortcodes, plugins, and other information on our website Tag: facebook.

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