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Example Pages

The pages below support various posts and articles on our website when more comprehensive examples are required.

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  • Responsive Pricing Tables in WordPress (Example)

    The responsive pricing table on this page supports the article titled "Simple Responsive Pricing Tables With WordPress Shortcode". The shortcode will render as many responsive columns as are defined, and display as many attribute fields as required. It's a simple example that might be used as a template. Shortcode: If you were to use the […] [more]

  • Example Responsive Grid Image Gallery

    This gallery supports the WordPress functions on . The two functions on the page retrieve and image array and return the result in a responsive grid gallery. You may either source images from a directory, or return the images attached to a post (except the featured image). We have a PHP function to be used […] [more]

  • WordPress Related Posts Example

    This page supports the article called "Create a Related Reading List with WordPress Shortcode" on . It shows three rows of four related posts. Shortcode would normally be used is . Our example code is actually written as follows: In our second example we'll create one row of four cards with a background color of […] [more]

  • Example Data Returned By YouTube Video Request

    This sample array supports an article ("Display YouTube Videos, Video Views and other Data with PHP or WordPress Shortcode"). Data retrieved 10th August 2017. The array assists in determining what data is available via the requests published in the linked article. Additional data is available by modifying the request URL as per guidelines on the […] [more]

  • Twitter Account Likes

    This page supports the article , "Retrieve Twitter Favorites (Likes) and Display in WordPress with Shortcode". While up to 200 results are returned in a single unpaginated requests, we've rendered just 50. Note that the 'like' doesn't imply that I liked something. It only means it was saved as a reference... meaning that it might […] [more]

  • Weather Underground Icon Sets

    This icon reference is to support the article as published . Usage is details in our article and on Weather Underground's . Image sets are current as of July 2017. icons="a" icons="b" icons="c" icons="d" icons="e" icons="f" icons="g" icons="h" icons="i" icons="j" icons="k" [more]

  • Countdown Shortcode

    The countdown timer on this page serves as an example for : "Dynamic Day Countdown with WordPress Shortcode or PHP". Shortcode used was . We've wrapped the shortcode in a DIV tag for alignment. Countdown to Sydney's NYE. Style it up with a digital-style typeface and it doesn't look so bad. [more]

  • Random Posts Demo

    The following random list of posts supports the article on Random posts in WordPress. Article . [more]

  • Blockchain Bitcoin

    The following list of Bitcoin conversions support the article on . [more]

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  • WHOIS Website
    We built a little WHOIS website to support the article published on this page. The basic turnkey site can be downloaded for free. [ Browse ]