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How Do I Include a Responsive Grid (Masonry) Image Gallery in WordPress?

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This gallery supports the WordPress functions on this page. The two functions on the page retrieve and image array and return the result in a responsive grid gallery. You may either source images from a directory, or return the images attached to a post (except the featured image).

We have a PHP function to be used outside WordPress on this page (with an example PHP gallery example on this page).

Shortcode used: [bmgallerygrids color="#ffffff" columns="3" link="1" id="11329"].

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Oct. 20, 1973. The opening of the Opera House, 14 years after construction began.

Oct. 20, 1973. Sir Roden and Lady Cutler, and Sir Robert and Lady Askin with Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh at the opening of the Opera House.

Feb. 4, 1972. Minister for Public Works Davis Hughes and Premier Robert Askin tour the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House during construction. Hughes had forced Utzon's resignation five years earlier.

January 1968. Part of the shells which form the roof of the Sydney Opera House, still under construction after 10 years of work.

March 8, 1966. Architect Jorn Utzon after a press conference with a scale model of the Sydney Opera House.

March 3, 1966. Students protest and march from Sydney Opera House to Parliament House in Sydney after the resignation of architect Jorn Utzon.

Construction, July 24, 1966

Oct. 22, 1966. While the exterior of the Opera House was mostly completed in 1966, the interiors had to be significantly redesigned after Utzon's resignation.

Construction, c1965

1965. Architect Jørn Utzon in front of the Sydney Opera House, eight years after his designed was selected and six years into construction.

Dec. 10, 1963. The opera house begins to take shape after four years of work.

c. 1961. By 1961, construction was running 47 weeks behind schedule.

Dec. 10, 1963. More than four years in, construction proceeds at a glacial pace.

c. 1961. The ocean liner "Canberra" passes the construction work on the Sydney Opera House.

June 20, 1960. Tradesmen working on the construction of the Sydney Opera House live in caravans on-site at Bennelong Point.

Sept. 1, 1959. The site of the Opera House is prepared for construction.

Dec. 30, 1958. The tram shed at Bennelong Point is demolished to make way for the construction of the Opera House.

Jan. 3, 1957. Judges review entries in the design competition for the new Sydney Opera House.

1952. The tram shed at Bennelong Point Circular Quay before the Sydney Opera House was built.

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