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Pirate Day WordPress Shortcode


Talk Like a Pirate Day originated on June 6, 1995 when John Baur and Mark Summers of Albany, Oregan, started talking – for no particular reason – in pirate slang. They liked it. Since June 6th is the anniversary of World War II’s D-Day, the pair settled on September 19 as a global celebration of pirate talk.

It was very much a private joke until the pair invoked the attention of syndicated columnist Dave Barry . It was his column on September 8th, 2002, that started it all. So, the parodic holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day , was born.

Personally, I can’t say I’m particularly fond of pirates, pirate movies, or even any word that sounds like pirate. I guess there’s not a great deal to do in Albany.

About every publishing platform on the web has some means of parsing post text and converting into some manner of pirate-speak. The following WordPress shortcode will convert any block of text between the pirate open and close tags. It might be best to use it sparingly… if at all.

While the idea itself is a little bizarre, the code does have applications in the marketing world (discussed in this scheduled article).

WordPress Shortcode

Copy and paste the WordPress function into your theme's functions.php file or, if you sensibly have one installed, your custom functions plugin. You may optionally download and install our plugin from the bottom of of the page.

If you require shortcode to work in a sidebar widget, you'll have to enable the functionality with a filter. If you're using our custom functions plugin, you'll have that feature enabled by default.


To use, wrap content in opening and closing pirate tags (eg, [pirate]Place the pirate content in pirate tags.[/pirate]).

Apply Pirate Speak To Your Whole Website

Rather than just parsing text in between pirate tags, you can optionally apply the the_content() filter and convert all the post text on your website. To do so, alter the first line of the code to the following:

… and alter the last line of the function as follows:

PHP Function

A PHP function to be used outside of WordPres is included as a download below.


Title: Pirate Day WordPress Shortcode
Description: Turns your WordPress posts and pages into pirate-speak.
Download: Shortcode (V0.2) | WP Plugin (V0.2) | PHP Code (V0.2)

Shortt URL for this post: http://shor.tt/1XNv


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