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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 1.99% (2.01%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 2.74% (2.41%*) • Fixed: 2.74% (2.41%*) • Variable: 1.99% (2.01%*) • Investment IO: 2.2% (2.86%*) • Investment PI: 1.94% (2.9%*)
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The BeliefMedia plugin is provided to Yabber or website subscribers. The plugin connects a website to Yabber and enables an array of automated and integration features. Please consult our blog for the massive feature list provided by way of the BeliefMedia (Yabber Tag: yabber) Plugin.

Change Log

Version, June 15, 2022
Numerous bug fixes and improvements to all modules.

  • Landing Pages and Solis: Major framework changes to support the updated landing page format. Various enhancements to support the revised Solis module.

Version, April 7, 2022
Minor bug updates and fixes. Updates to interest rate rendering. New download feature.

  • Interest Rate Modules: Introduces some major fixes for those users testing the comparison product feature.
  • Download Archive and Pages: An improved download module was built into Yabber. The updates includes the necessary basic features to support the functionality described on our website.

Version, March 27, 2022
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Download CPT: Made provisions for inclusion of a download custom post type to permit improved Yabber automation.
  • FAQ Query: Added post status to FAQ query permitting the inclusion of future or other posts.
  • Updated Bank Logos: Updated bank logos to match up with new banks added to Yabber.

Version, March 22, 2022
Minor errors and bug fixes - mainly relating to interest rate renderings. Minor changes to FAQ styles.
Version, January 17, 2022
Minor fix to location forms for services utilising Cloud Flare services.
Version 0.8.3, December 8, 2021
Bug fixes and updated fact find support.

  • Fact Find Support: Included as an Elementor block, the new fact find report includes an array of new features. Sends the client a comprehensive PDF report upon submitting.

Version 0.8.2, November 17, 2021
Various updates, big fixes, and features.

  • Venus Reports: Updated Venus Report to Version 3.0. Updated Elementor plugin to match.

Version, October 29, 2021
Minor interest rate fixes (when discount rate applied to primary rate) and new Employment post type.

  • Employment Post Type: The Employment post type will support the module in Yabber. Yet to be released. Will send an email with feature request.

Version, October 28, 2021
New features, bug fixes, improvements, and a new post type.

  • Elementor Download Block: Introduced new download options in Elementor - all also available as shortcode options. Downloads and interactions are recorded in Yabber.
  • Omny Studio Elementor Block: Introduced Elementor block. Renders a full-featured Omny player with all the available options. Yabber records statistics and interactions.
  • Statement and Values Module: New module in Yabber creates a mission statement and any number of company values. Sent to a page within your primary pages menu. Details in our blog.
  • Improved About Us Page: About page improvements implemented. Created on Yabber and sent to any number of your websites. Details in our blog.
  • Teams Post Type & Website Archive: Added a teams archive to websites (no longer required to use the Elementor block). Created in Yabber via a feature-rich panel.

Version, October 23, 2021
Minor bug fix associated with the session preventing a timely load of Elementor.
Version, October 20, 2021
Minor bug fixes only. Basic features to simple shortcodes.

  • Switch feature: Update the RS parameter in the front page switch module to accept front page changes for as little as a second (intended for cases when a landing asset is rendered, appointment form, or similar).
  • Minor shortcode changes: Updated 'pictured' and 'featured' shortcodes with basic parameters to include alternate title and padding.
  • General Caching: A plugin update will now force a refresh on all cached data except for user information. This prevents linking to an invalid bank archive page.
  • Bank Ribbon: Corrected URL on bank ribbon to correctly reference the bank product archive page.

Version, October 19, 2021
Bug fixes, improvements, more caching, conditional features, and general features.

  • Significant Website Changes: Major changes were made to the standard broker website to cater for new changes and features. See Yabber for details.
  • Front Page Caching: Updated caching for front-page assets to speed up conditional content. Now very quick.
  • Numerous features: A number of minor features were introduced. See Yabber or the BM website for details.
  • Instagram WordPress Posts: Fixed minor bug that prevented certain Instagram posts from submitting to the Instagram post archive.
  • Footer Banner: New footer banner (replaces previous version). Now part of the managed content program. Includes placeholders for bank rate information if required.
  • Bank Ribbon Shortcode: New bank ribbon shortcode. Will update into Elementor in next major release.
  • InPost and Campaign-Based Content: Content shown above post based on campaign updated so automation can more easily be applied. This is now a managed feature.
  • FAQ Fix: Fixed line wrap on FAQ features for both post type and Yabber generated responses.
  • Front Page Switch: Front page Switch feature now includes an expiry on the switch. Can be forced with URL param of a numeric 'rs' value. Conditional page forced with our=slug_here. To show the alternate front page you must link to the root domain (no page slug extension, including 'home' or similar).

Version 0..8.14, October 14, 2021
Numerous bug fixes, features, and improvements. Major modifications to the conditional systems. Version 0.8.11 through 0.8.13 were released in Beta only.
Version 0.8.10, September 1, 2021
Minor bug fixes. New features.

  • Calendar Booking Message: Elementor block migrated from Premium plugin. May now render a message based on a calendar condition (booking made, expired, or not made). Future release will link to internal page to edit booking time (pushes to Outlook).
  • Conditional Changes: Changes and improvements to conditional features to match up with BeNet update.
  • Simple Panel: Added necessary code to support the Simple Panel. Panel supports basic features and escalation. Supported on Yabber by way of defining locations.

Version, August 18, 2021
Various bug fixes and features added. Various fixes to alter API behaviour with Yabber.

  • Improved Conditional Tracking: Introduced features for V0.8.10 that'll improve the AI understanding of website traffic. In test.
  • Standalone FAQ Accordions: Integrated accordions modified to provide more flexibility with content libraries. Generally an aggregator feature, but handy for those looking for default (templated) content.
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions: New mechanism to update and modify the compliance library of various website policy requirements. Former module is still available but will be deprecated shortly. New compliance archive for policies introduced with enhanced aggregator features. Altered footer links.
  • Credit Guide: The addition of the credit guide (trackable) link to the website disclaimer. Also available as a standalone link (with shortcode for triggers and tracking).
  • Revised Plugin Options: Yabber now includes a brand new interface for front-page content. This is reflected in the website. See Yabber for details.

Version, August 15, 2021
Minor changes and bug fixes. Some featured migrated from Platinum plugin.

  • Calculator iframe: Bug fixed in calculator iframe to cater for changing page size.
  • Website Form Locations: Changes made internally to the management of website form locations to cater for the addition of custom post tyes.
  • Privacy Policy Inclusion: Managed privacy policy update. Yabber now includes two modules to return policy to page. Archive remains as per V0.2.1.
  • Font Page Management: Enhanced front page management with escalating features. See website for details.
  • Enhanced FAQ Module: Text level FAQs now created in Yabber. Included into website via shortcode or Elementor block.

Version, August 12, 2021
A number of big fixes, improvements, and integrations. Only primary changes are listed (and most are integrations from previous standalone resources).

  • Venus Temporarily Disabled: Venus temporarily disabled for a few days. New site features cause issues with form slider.
  • AI BeNet Framework: Backend AI framework heavily modified to ignore brand new sites until we have a quantify of data suitable for classifier engine.
  • Calculators: Minor changes to repayment calculator framework to support the full suite of calculator products.
  • Bank Product Archive: New page shows an archive of all bank products listed by primary or parent product. Shows current rate data. All pages link to the full product summary page.
  • Geographic Search Engine: Searches schools, childcare, hospitals, banks, points of interest, and care facilities associated with a postcode. Migrated from standalone plugin. Will be integrated with the Saturn program soon (possibly V0.1).
  • High Risk LMI Postcode: Integrated the Postcode LMI into core. Delete standalone plugin if it is used. Determines if a postcode is considered high-risk for borrowing based on QBE and Genworth policy.
  • Childcare Search Engine: Integrated the childcare search feature into core. Searches schools by distance from postcode.
  • School Search: Integrated the school search feature into core. Searches schools by distance from postcode, by state, and by top-performers. Numerous enhancements to follow.
  • BSB Number Search Engine: Integrated BSB search features into core. Includes a number search, state search, and institution search.

Version, August 4, 2021
New features, more website integration, and various bug fixes.

  • Default Footer Image Icons: Added option to return default images in footer for MFAA, FBAA etc. Managed via Yabber.
  • Two-Column Shortcode: Altered shortcode to produce two-column content in non-Elementor pages.
  • List Shortcode: Added list shortcode. Lists now created with icons without any HTML. Simply wrap in shortcode.
  • FAQ Methodology: FAQ methodology applied to the integrated menu structure. Added feature on Yabber to alter style. A general SEO-optimised FAQ system (not integrated with WP) is forthcoming in planned release.

Version, July 17, 2021
Major update to the available post types made available via the standard Belief website. Various other changes.

  • Calculator Tools: Provisions for LMI, Limited Guarantee, and simple LVR calculators - removed from 'BeliefMedia Finance' plugin. Made provisions for new mortgage calculator tools - will not require an update when released.
  • Bank Product API: Improvements made to live bank product data. Provisions made for comparison features currently in test.
  • Plugin General Shortcodes: Included general shortcode options for inclusion of general resources. Managed via Yabber, includes more options for on-page dynamic and conditional options.
  • Improved FAQ Management: Migration to FAQ-based methodology. Simple accordions provided at this stage but should be updated later. Elementor accordion FAQ option to follow in 0.3 (due next week).
  • RBA Data: Made improvements to RBA data access. Supplemental RBA Premium now relies on the Yabber plugin for API call.
  • Custom Post Type: Added post types into the Yabber plugin for Education, Resources, Calculators, Equipment, Mortgages, FinPlanning, Property, Partners and Testimonials (removed from previous supplemental plugin). Minor modifications to Bank post type (currently supporting live product data pages) to include a few other resources, such as BSB searches.

Version, July 1, 2021
Initial upload to new plugin management system. Review Yabber for a complete version history.

  • Initial Upload to BM Repository: Initial upload of plugin to BeliefMedia's WordPress plugin library (integrated with our document management system). Review Yabber for previous version changes.


Title: BeliefMedia Yabber Plugin
Description: The BeliefMedia Yabber plugin is the primary plugin that links your website to the automated, integrated, conditional, and statistical features of Yabber.
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