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BeliefMedia Welcomes Steve Lake to the Team

Steve Lake, Business Development Specialist

I first spoke to Steve in late 2018 as a potential client. He wasn’t a broker himself but managed a large number of brokers for an emerging powerhouse of an aggregator. What was intended to be a short call turned into a 3-hour marathon discussion. I knew at that point that Steve was highly ethical and experienced Relationship Manager; he also shared our values, and and he understood that brokers were suffering the wrath of extremely poor marketing representation. Fast forward 5-months and we now welcome him to Belief as our Victorian Relationship Manager. Steve will manage most of the business-building aspects of our program in Victoria and facilitate the implementation of necessary online technologies and other digital efforts.

Steve’s an extraordinary and standout individual in the financial business-building space; we’re extremely fortunate to have him on board (as are the brokers and financial practitioners of Victoria).

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Steve Lake left school in 1988 to commence work at the Commonwealth Bank in Heidelberg Victoria. After a 9 year career at the CBA he left for the ANZ Mortgage Centre in Flinders Street Melbourne. In 1997 the Mortgage Broking Industry was in its infancy and Steve shifted to the “Originator Service Department” where he was introduced to this burgeoning industry. Back then the department numbered 4 but it quickly grew to over 100 and during this time Steve built a strong reputation as having a “can do” attitude with a committed focus to helping Mortgage Brokers achieve their goals.

From there Steve moved to Mortgage Choice as a Business Manager and further enhanced his reputation by helping brokers grow their businesses. The challenges kept coming. In 2001 he was the leading Business Development Manager for Heritage Building Society (Heritage Bank) nationally with settlements of over $25 million per month.

In late 2002 Macquarie Bank was the next logical step in his career where he quickly grew the Victorian operation and was a leading figure on Product and Service Development. He was rewarded with a secondment to the United States with Macquarie Mortgages as their Florida-based Account Executive.

Upon his return to Australia, Steve was recruited to Choice Aggregation Services as their Victorian Business Development Manager and again committed to helping Mortgage Brokers with their respective businesses. In 2008 he entered the Mortgage Broking Market and quickly established a successful business settling over $3 million per month within 3 months.

​Returning to the lending market with Pioneer Mortgages as their Victorian BDM, he confirmed himself as one of the best Lender Business Development Managers in the state. Volumes soared and again Steve was responsible for a broader role, this time with Bill Zheng at Investors Direct. Here he managed the Third Party Distribution network engaging Brokers and Accountants to adopt the IDFG platform for their own diversification programs.

Steve has most recently worked with National Lending Group as a consultant and National BDM via his own broking building business – ReferConnect.

This if course leads us to BeliefMedia. Steve’s exceptional business building and development expertise, coupled with the support of BeliefMedia, further provides our Victorian brokers with outstanding business Growth tools and support.

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