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Terrible Turkish Airlines Advertisement

Turkish Airlines Bad Advertising

Every now and again there’s a print advertisement in the airline world that makes you question the intent of the marketing company. The following is one of them. The following banner is located on an escalator at Muscat Airport.

Tukish Airlines

Is any publicity good publicity? Ryanair seem to think so… but I’m not sure that Turkish Airlines would compromise their relatively good brand at the expense of a short live viral photograph. A number of people obviously overlooked this error. It’s essentially a demonstration of ‘Reasons (Swiss-cheese) Model’ in the advertising arena leading to an incident that could have been easily avoided if anybody stopped to question the stupidity of what they were doing.

Edit: 8th February 2010

I’ve been led to believe (via email) that the banner was erected in error under instructions from the Zeenah Group based in Muscat. The flip side of the escalator displays the same images in reverse, so the aircraft is climbing rather than crashing. The image was apparently taken down after two days.

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