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WordPress Locations Plugin (Location Generator)

Download the BeliefMedia Locations plugin here.

The location generator will manufacture a list of location files required for the BeliefMedia Locations (SEO) Plugin. For the free version, we permit you to generate locations within 150 kilometers (and limited to 150 results) of your current business postal area (the mailing list will get a link for all available data after a short time). You’re required to enter the email you used to download the plugin for the purpose of authentication.

NOTE: If you are a BeliefMedia client, do not use this plugin. We integrate a feature-rich version of this plugin into our BeliefMedia Client Plugin with location markup and many other options.

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AU/USA Postal Code:    (within 15k in Australia, 30km in USA)

Enter the email you used to register for the BeliefMedia Locations Plugin (required)


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