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Over 80% of consumers will research your website before a purchase. Around the same number will take to Google to look for answers. Over 60% will look for online reviews.

Your website is as relevant as ever.

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Despite the proliferation of your typical nonsense WordPress website, a good online presence is no longer about simply pretty design – it’s about providing a conversion opportunity. Your conversion rates, and your return on investment (or the cost of directing a user to your website) is what matters above all else.

We see websites every single day that showcase WordPress theme designs rather than sharing compelling content designed to convert. Far too often we see designers import demo theme content and then populate a page on the basis of what is intended as a demonstration. Just because a theme feature exists doesn’t mean you should be using it. You should selectively use components of a theme feature that are best suited to your business and most likely to illicit a conversion.

Every single page of a website is potentially a site-entry landing page and should be designed with the same high-converting concepts in mind. While standalone landing pages maintain their place, they’re not the typical entry point to a website. So, every page should provide direct pain relief and answer the questions that your user is looking for – or provide immediate access to other more relevant information. Every page should provide a relationship offer (or lead magnet) and be a curated entry point to an appropriate marketing/sales funnel.

Most of our website builds are coupled with a marketing and/or social package, so the website is designed with the intended marketing program in mind.

We provide a single plugin that includes a number of features, such as email integration, popups, splash entry pages, SEO, podcasts, testimonials, social integration, and so on. It’s updated regularly and provided with free and unlimited, lifetime support.

Why You Shouldn’t Build A Website

If you’re just starting out in business or setting up a new online store or satellite website, we advocate refraining from immediately building a site and instead suggest our clients focus on other areas of their business. In this way clients might identify their ideal customer and preferred online strategy. Building a website armed with information on what your clients need assists with the constructing of a high-converting online presence.

The Process

Building an effective high-converting marketing-oriented website requires an understanding of your business, so we have ongoing discussions to best represent your online interests. We build your site over the course of around 7 days with daily discussions on progress – longer if you choose not to use an open source CMS platform.

We highly encourage videos, animated sequences, demonstrations, testimonials, and reviews. These elements are all discussed with you during your initial inquiry. Our plugin supports podcasts; this is done so because we see it as easy and essential marketing ingredient most businesses should use. We work with you to establish, promote, and build your initial audio presence.

Unlike our competitors, we build our own shortcodes, plugins, and themes. You should browse our website Tag: for ideas on features you might want to include on your own website. Of course, if we haven’t already built the feature your business needs, we’ll build it for you.

Our website program is far from ordinary so we recommend you make contact with us for more information.

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