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What is Agile Marketing, and How Does Yabber Support Your Agile Framework?

What is Agile Marketing, and How Does Yabber Support Your Agile Framework?

Belief introduced Agile Marketing to our core business model in 2005 based on the foundational principles of Agile Software Development (itself formally launched as a model in 2001). Since then we’ve seen the concepts of Agile Marketing formalised by way of an industry manifesto that sets the baseline principles and values around what agility in the marketing arena might actually mean.

In a single line definition, Agile Marketing might be described in the following simplified way: “Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which marketing teams collectively and quickly identify high-value customer-facing projects on which to focus collective and collaborative efforts. Projects are then quickly deployed based on the responsive needs of the consumer market."

Agile Marketing

  Pictured: The 'Agile Marketing' Definition: Able to move quickly and easily".

To illustrate the concept by way of a real-world example, think back to the introduction of the Australian Government’s HomeBuilder program (supplementing already-existing programs designed specifically for First Home Buyers). How quickly did your business respond to market demand and implement appropriate marketing material on your website, as part of your email programs, and in off-site advertising? Clever marketing practitioners recognised that "if you’re not first, your last", and quickly had their teams build the necessary material for dissemination within just a couple of days. The result on our end was (initially) over 100 advertising leads making their way into various funnels every single hour. Those brokerages that were able to respond quickly and easily to high market demand, and deploy the material that their customers were now looking for, were able to take full advantage of the fluid market.

This article introduces Agile Methodology because Yabber supports your marketing response in an extremely agile manner, and Yabber introduces an agile methodology to your business by design. To implement changes on your website, include new front-page call-to-actions, launch appropriate follow-up campaigns, and publish high-converting landing pages, all that is required to action the changes is the click of a button - this response defines the agile environment. Your campaigns and content may be created quickly, and deployed into a market that demands a fast-paced response. Of course, the first version of your response won't be crafted to perfection... but the agile environment also supports the quick improvements to your initial response. Yabber Tag: yabber is the only real digital marketing solution ever made available to the finance industry, and the only platform designed to support your holistic and agile marketing response. The result: more digital success.

The Agile environment – as opposed to the Waterfall methodology once used by the software industry and inherited almost by default by marketing developers – is one focused on quickly deploying, assessing, and improving – essentially becoming an endless loop of improvement.

The important takeaway for any business is that they need to have a framework in place to quickly establish a need or opportunity, a framework for internal and external collaboration, and a mechanism to have material built and deployed in a short time. The advantage of Yabber is that it takes care of all of this and introduces an Agile framework to your business by providing all the necessary tools and integration that enables you to respond to opportunities without the hard work.

Your Business Should Be Agile First

In order to have an agile marketing program it stands to reason that your business should itself be agile. That is, your business should foster a culture of innovation, your internal culture should be one that supports ideas and ideals to be shared, and you have appropriate standard operating procedures in place in order to showcase your learned best practice.

Many in the finance industry might use a CRM Kanban board for the management of active opportunities (as they should) but often ignore the same style of task management for internal business operations and marketing efforts. Task management is necessary for your business – not just your opportunities.

If you’re using SalesTrekker Tag: salestrekker or any higher-level CRM that includes a true stage and workflow Kanban board you can and should relegate daily business activities and your marketing programs to the same software (and by a real Kanban board we're talking about an integrated system that supports a real agile and long-term business solution, so not something as useless as GoHighLevel - a horrible solution we've seen introduced to the industry). When planning your marketing projects with a Kanban board, ensure that larger tasks inherit their own workflow while smaller projects and tasks might use the same simple workflow.

Belief recognises that most CRM systems don’t include a true Kanban experience so we’ve integrated Microsoft’s Planner software into the mix to compensate for what is often a CRM software shortfall. Planner is a visual Kanban-style task management piece of software that is already included in your Microsoft 365 subscription and is usually more than adequate for smaller businesses (the number of people we’ve come across using commercial products when Planner was better suited is significant). Planner has a distinct advantage over other products in that it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and your existing 365 Email accounts (the comments/notes in Planner are group-based emails). We have fully integrated many Planner modules in Yabber and added vital functionality not made available by default, such as triggers and Prospect Management.

Microsoft Planner

  Pictured: Microsoft Planner. Many flock towards a paid Kanban task management board when their Microsoft Office 365 subscription provides an exceptional task management experience by way of Planner. Planner works with ‘Plans’ (‘Workflows’ in SalesTrekker), Buckets (‘Stages’ in SalesTrekker), and Tasks. Business planning is more than just managing leads – it’s about managing your business. Belief integrates the full suite of Microsoft products into your core business experience.

Actually implementing a team-based mentality in both business and project (marketing) management is challenging in the broking environment because many brokers are used to operating autonomously. The agile workplace, however, is a team-driven exercise that is multi-disciplinary and all-inclusive, and challenged by the fact that a burden is placed upon brokers that they’re not overly family with – team-orientated and time-sensitive goal setting. The time-poor nature of many brokers does tend to exclude their participation in direct marketing programs, but on the flip side their involvement does provide quality control over the information produced and adds value to the end product.

In order to develop an agile workplace many will rely upon frameworks such as Scrum (including the Sprint component – literally meaning a short race at full pace). The Sprint is mainly used in Scrum Agile methodology but is also the basic idea of Kanban management and continuous delivery (which itself is essentially a longer-term Sprint Scrum).

So, in summary, for those that are looking to introduce a faster-paced Agile framework to their business operation, you’ll need suitable software to manage projects, regular team meetings to assess your goals, and a mechanism to garnish feedback from active clients and campaigns. The latter two points tends to steer the rapidly iterating backend approach.

Yabber Facilitates Agile Marketing

Without data indicating the success of all moving parts of your campaigns you have nothing. The cost of a Facebook lead, or even a conversion, for example, and in isolation, is not an indicator of your marketing success (ignore those flawed message peddled by “Facebook Marketers”). We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the most sophisticated data-driven platform in the industry with Agile marketing results at the core of its functionality. We’ve also provided facilities so every part of your marketing can be split test, measured, altered, and acted upon on the basis of data that provides a very clear and definitive snapshot of your success.

Yabber Studio is the only product in the Australian finance marketplace that enables agility in your marketing programs.


Whatever marketing solution to choose to implement, you should be able to do so quickly, and then have a mechanism to measure the results in simple terms, or improve upon your business and marketing efforts. Marketing is more about Facebook, and more about than just having a website (although the website tools we provide converts higher than any other website solution in the market,and it'll have a profound impact on your online lead generation). Small and measurable marketing improvements will improve your digital footprint, and they will have a tremendous impact on your business volumes, but a marketing plan and agile framework must first be established.

If you're looking to turbocharge your marketing efforts, Yabber is the ultimate digital solution.

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