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Legacy FAQs

A former FAQ module was used to support some articles on this website. This module provides an archive of that information.

Information in this archive should be considered out-of-date and entirely obsolete.

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Most of Belief's applications use the Microsoft Graph API to send email or interact with your Office data in other ways. However, there are times - such as our email… [ Read FAQ ]

Complete list of Meta Tags. Basic HTML Meta Tags OpenGraph Meta Tags Create Custom Meta Tags Use custom meta tags to store data that you need in javascript, instead of… [ Read FAQ ]

Instagram claims that their website is "... designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they are on". That said, you still… [ Read FAQ ]

The responsive pricing table on this page supports the article titled "Simple Responsive Pricing Tables With WordPress Shortcode". The shortcode will render as many responsive columns as are defined, and… [ Read FAQ ]

This page supports the article called "Create a Related Reading List with WordPress Shortcode" on . It shows three rows of four related posts. Shortcode would normally be used is… [ Read FAQ ]

This icon reference is to support the article as published . Usage is details in our article and on Weather Underground's . Image sets are current as of July 2017,… [ Read FAQ ]

This area is a reference to support our . Virtually any size of ad may be created by simply copying the code and applying your own sizing to it. Simple… [ Read FAQ ]

This page supports the article , "Retrieve Twitter Favorites (Likes) and Display in WordPress with Shortcode". While up to 200 results are returned in a single unpaginated requests, we've rendered… [ Read FAQ ]

The following random list of posts supports the article on Random posts in WordPress. Article . The code has since been replaced so this archive is not maintained. [ Read FAQ ]

This video supports the articles on our website where a Twitter application is required. It's an extract of a video for another website. Creation of Twitter applications may also be… [ Read FAQ ]

Note that the features described below are mainly retired. Various endpoints remain for specific applications but should be considered deprecated. Refere to our JSON API and WordPress plugin. Not unlike… [ Read FAQ ]

A Facebook fan page is one of the most productive means of driving traffic to your website or business. Any person that is prepared to like or follow your Facebook… [ Read FAQ ]

In order to obtain a application ID and application secret - both required for many of our posts to work - you must first register a Facebook application. The method… [ Read FAQ ]

The countdown timer on this page serves as an example for : "Dynamic Day Countdown with WordPress Shortcode or PHP". Shortcode used was . We've wrapped the shortcode in a… [ Read FAQ ]

The following list of Bitcoin conversions support the article on . You should continue to monitor our plugins for details on our complimentary Bitcoin plugin. [ Read FAQ ]

These statistics are sourced from the WordPress API. The shortcode (and WP plugin) to render your own charts can be found . [ Read FAQ ]

The follow HTTP status codes are generally sourced from Wikipedia. Clients can log in an download various types of error array data for their own use. 1xx Informational responsesAn informational… [ Read FAQ ]

The following individuals contribute towards the development of WordPress. Also listed are third-party libraries. Supports the shortcode article . [ Read FAQ ]

The following list of WordPress meetups are sourced and kept up-to-date from an API on the WordPress website. BeliefMedia WordPress meets are not listed here. Australian Meets Sydney Meets [ Read FAQ ]

The following list of plugins to import content from other CMS platforms is maintained by WordPress. [ Read FAQ ]

This page is designed primarily to support ("Display Future Scheduled Posts in WordPress"), although it does give our readership an insight into what's scheduled. [ Read FAQ ]

The following list of WordPress functions is essentially used internally for free-text searches. If you're after the code to generate this list yourself, see . [ Read FAQ ]

The following list of PHP functions is essentially used internally for free-text searches. If you're after this list yourself, see . [ Read FAQ ]

This sample array supports an article ("Display YouTube Videos, Video Views and other Data with PHP or WordPress Shortcode"). Data retrieved 10th August 2017. The array assists in determining what… [ Read FAQ ]

This gallery supports the WordPress functions on . The two functions on the page retrieve and image array and return the result in a responsive grid gallery. You may either… [ Read FAQ ]

When we were building a website for a US based organisation we encountered all sorts of issues with reliable access to a zipcode API. In the end, we figured it'd… [ Read FAQ ]

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  Pictured: The Cook Ministry, the first Liberal Cabinet, including P M Glynn, Sir John Forrest, Joseph Cook, E L Groom, W H Irvine, J H McColl, E D Millen, A Wynne, J H Clemens and W H Kelly, 1913. Taken in Melbourne around the time decisions were made by the Cook government to go to war. The Cook ministry (Liberal) was the 9th ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 6th Prime Minister, Joseph Cook. The Cook Ministry succeeded the Second Fisher ministry, which dissolved on 24 June 1913 following the federal election that took place in May which saw the Liberals defeat Andrew Fisher's Labor Party - albeit with a one-seat majority. The ministry was replaced by the Third Fisher ministry on 17 September 1914 following the federal election that took place on 5 September which saw Labor defeat the Commonwealth Liberals. Willie Kelly, who died in 1960, was the last surviving member of the Cook ministry.

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