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If It Isn’t Branded, Don’t Share It

A broker shared a link to a PDF I thought was worth reading. The document, however, wasn’t branded with his name, logo, web address, phone number, or anything else – it instead included a generic brand shared by a few hundred. I had my wife call the 1800 number and the call was referred to a *different* broker. It

The Cost of a Facebook Lead

This was one of the two lowest-performing campaigns run this month in terms of the cost per lead (we saw refi leads as low as $3). The other low-performing ad was a custom campaign that we shut down pretty quick, but this one (pictured) came of the tail-end of a 5-minute turkey campaign that we literally created and had published

Content Library Update

Note for clients. Yabber’s Content Library is undergoing a seriously significant update. As part of an architectural overhaul that impacts most major systems, the Content Library (in company with associated systems, such as the Media Factory, Instagratify, and Vista) is seeing new functionality that’ll integrate it directly with the updated Sendify (social media) modules. The Content Library already

Introduction of the Xena Statistical Engine

This is an important note for all website and Facebook advertising clients. Xena is the only statistical engine of its kind in the market, and it builds on the amazing conditional engine that has continued to consistently deliver clients with spectacular website, promoted, and funnel results. While our existing model is industry-leading, the Xena engine takes our decade-old BeNet

Facebook Group Integration to be Removed from Yabber

Facebook are deprecating Group Graph endpoints in version 19 of their Marketing API. As such, all Yabber FB Group integrations will be removed. The decision is one that doesn’t make sense for owned groups, so we’ve reached our to our RM for a better understanding of immediate and future plans. Is you’re reading this in one of our groups,

Tayla’s Facebook Refinance Advert

We’re big advocates for brokers recording their own ads (rather than using our generic video). It’s easy to do: you pull out your phone and read off a few lines of text. Simple. The personalisation is more likely to engage with your audience, it enhances branding, and it legitimises your operation. You can shoot a little B-roll in the office,

Automated RBA Image, Square Essential

This is one of the dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called ‘RBA Square Essentials’. The purpose is to enable a small commentary to accompany the standard information. If you create the image manually in Yabber, all aspects of the template may be customised. Once a

Automated RBA Images

This is obviously just an example image. It’s one of about a dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called simply ‘RBA Basic’ and it’s the least impressive of all images created by Yabber, but it’s also one we’ve just pushed into our *free* industry website plugin.

Facebook Campaign Performance, January 2024

Important note for clients. Over the last few months we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time reworking the funnel flows for various types of advertising (we’ve had to cater for the ubiquitous illegal advertising that populates various social platforms). Typical leads off *generic* programs are coming in at around $15 (this includes leads delivered by our free plugin), while

The Matrix, Updated

The Matrix is a system that periodically assesses every known industry website and ranks them in terms of their determined effectiveness and known search authority. Starting last week, and continuing until further notice, the system will update every day. For those that use the system as part of any performance-based program, the results are periodically reviewed and certified by a

Shortt, Version 2.0

Note to clients. We’ve updated the Shortt URL tool in Yabber. It now seamlessly integrates with conditional interests, and the specific user is tracked when the link is used on your website (handy for external websites since external links aren’t tracked in Yabber… yet). As a complete rewrite, the statistics are recorded in the new AI-driven Xena statistics module.

Updated Landing Redirect Options

As part of a significant update to our one-click landing page module, we’ve updated some of the features of our basic landing pages. Until now, when you’ve sent a landing page to your website (normally an entry page), the conditional redirections were always inherited from the form. Effective tomorrow, you may define an alternate group of conditional ‘second-page’ redirects