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Brimley versus Rudd

Wilford Brimley was born on September 27th, 1934, and the film “Cocoon” was released in 1985, so Brimley was around 50 years old when “Cocoon” was shot (pictured around the time of the flick). Remember, his character was meant to be ‘old’. Paul Rudd was born on April 6th, 1969, making him 54 today – four years older

The Mighty IKEA Meatball

IKEA have launched the ultimate Christmas dinner showstopper, a turkey-sized Meatball. The mighty meatball weights in at 4.5kg and comes boxed and ready with accompaniments of lingonberry jam and creamy sauce. If you want it shared, you have to make it good.

Shad of the Day, 5th December 2023

Shad of the Day, 5th December 2023. We’ve featured Compare-1 before, but as other leadgen charlatans have followed our advice and and altered their ads slightly (still all non-compliant, but they lie ‘less’), Compare haven’t changed a bit. Coming from a group called ‘BizLeadz’, the same fake advertising, baiting, and deceptive practices apply as always. This is the non-compliant

The Relationship Program That’ll Return 5m To Your Brokerage In a Day

The mortgage industry has it wrong. We’ll be working closely with a single broker to demonstrate what it takes to have a 5m day, or 100m month. Those numbers seem ridiculous to many brokers, so the only way of detailing why and how our managed guys see more volume in a day than most see in a month is

Shad of the Day, 4th December 2023

Shad of the Day, 4th December 2023. We’ve shared the fake ‘Aus Mortgages’ brand in the past, but since it’s still running ads with ‘data’ from May with the same deceptive MO, it deserves to be shared again. This is what you’re buying into when you buy leads. SMS verification is often used as a tool to

Shad of the Day, 26th November 2023

Shad of the Day, 26th November 2023. This ad comes to us from a guy called ‘Henry Price’, and it’s an excellent example of how deliberate non-compliance can be weaponised (or used as a tool) to intentionally deceive borrowers. If a broker published this ad directly they’d be expelled from the industry in a second… so why and how

Shad of the Day, 24th November 2023 – AMPAD

I haven’t posted a Shad for a while because I found myself on repeat. All the leadgen crooks use the same illegal and blatantly non-compliant tactics, and those brokers that buy leads don’t seem to care, so it was a futile exercise after the first 1000 examples. However, this advert is a clear standout for one very blonde reason.

Mortgage Broker Driving an Uber – Who Cares!

I once had a conversation with an Uber driver that claimed our water supply was home to replicating alien nanobots, and when they reached the necessary numbers they’d be activated by a laser from Alpha Centauri. This story makes more sense than the dribble in the pictured article. The journalistic community should have a minutes silence for their further

To Coach Or Not To Coach

I’ll often become frustrated with advice offered to mortgage brokers. I routinely find messaging to consistof nothing but cherry-picked anecdotes, post-hoc sophistry, and false dichotomies, and the antiquated guidance seems impervious to best practice or critical thinking. Fun fact: There are more coaches in the finance industy than mortgage brokers (disclaimer: it only feels this way). Most

RBA Cash Rate Graph

There’s obviously a lot of rate chatter at the moment, so it’s a good time to remind you that our free plugin for brokers includes a range of useful RBA-related tools, such as the JavaScript Cash Rate Graph and text cash rate options. It’s free.

Commbank’s Ceba, aka Reginald

Commbank’s Ceba LLM probably needs a little layer of coding love to protect itself against being hypnotised. Virtually every language model loves gossip – it’ll talk about anything when given enough encouragement. In fact, there’s a model in use by one aggregator that’ll just about read the CEO’s email – crazy stuff.