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General Marketing

Creating Geographic Website Modals

This video will demonstrate how to set up geographic modals on your website. Geographic modals are modals that are shown on the basis of the resolved state of your website user, so they’re ideal for cases such as first home buyer information. In other videos we discussed entry modals, exit modals, page modals, link modals, and landing page modals. The geographic modals may be used in any of these cases as an alternative to standard modal profiles.

General Marketing

Website Yabber Modals Overview

This video provides an overview of Yabber’s modal system. We’re going to introduce the technical nature of modal assignments – you should reference BeLearn for a general discussion on how modals can be used to improve your conversions. The funnel overview video, in particular, should be referenced for an understanding of how modals are used in the subscription funnel to increase the number of direct bookings. Your website supports a number of modal types. Yabber provides the only lender-specific, conditional, and geographic modal system of its kind in the industry. While it appears a little complex, it’s very easy to use, and used sensibly, it’ll have a seriously significant impact on your organic and paid promotions.

General Marketing

Creating Website Entry and Exit Modals

This video will demonstrate how to set up a single entry and exit modal on your website. Other videos provide more details on the extensive features and modal types made available via the modal module. This video details the simplicity and speed that entry and exit modals may be applied. Conditional website features are a moderately advanced systems so it’s unlikely you’ll use the features immediately.

BeliefMedia Podcast

Podcast 0010 – A Discussion with Dan

Daniel is a Melbourne-based broker that came to us for Facebook advertising… and he hasn’t created a single advert. Like many that come to us, implementing early relationship or other programs into the mix is often enough to generate sufficient volumes, with paid promotion introduced at a time when the growth tends to flatline. As a single broker that isn’t supported by a team, Daniel is far from our highest-performing client, but he’s somebody that will invariably grow into one of the country’s most successful brokerages.

General Marketing

Creating Page Modals and Landing Page Modals

This video will demonstrate how to set up modals that are shown on specific pages of your website. Page modals may be applied to any page from any website module, including Landing Pages. Other videos provide more details on the extensive features and modal types made available via the modal module. This video details the simplicity and speed associated with setting up a page modal. The key with all your digital efforts is to capture the attention of your user, and relevance is one the attributes that serves this conversion-focused objective.

General Marketing

Creating a Website Modal (Basic)

This brief video is a snippet from another video that shows how all modal types are assigned to your website. However, the snippet works in isolation. The ‘Website Modal Module’ should be referenced to understand what types of modals may be created, how they’re assigned, and how they’re used.

General Marketing

Updating Website Industry Logos

In this video we’re going to demonstrate how to manage and edit the association logos shown in the footer on virtually every page of your website. The logos are a very small part of your digital compliance framework, so you should reference BeLearn if you require information on the general disclaimer, the privacy, terms, and disclaimer pages, the landing page disclaimers, dispute resolution page, and ACL or Credit Rep details. Other optional footer inclusions, such as the cash rate, exchange rate, and so on, all detailed in BeLearn.

General Marketing

Updating Your Website Footer Disclaimer

In this video we’re going to demonstrate how to create, manage, and edit the required disclaimer shown in the footer on almost every page of your website. We’ll also introduce the means upon which to register your credit guide link on your website that will automatically attach itself to your footer disclaimer. The footer disclaimer is required on every page, and it normally references the limitations on advice and information made available on your website.

General Marketing

Website Privacy, Terms, and Disclaimer Pages

Your privacy policy, terms, and disclaimer, are all shown on their own page and linked to from the bottom your page. These are required pages in the finance industry, any and all changes that are ever made to text is required to be archived for compliance reasons. Often overlooked, Yabber will archive all changes so they’re easily audited if required. This video provides a broad overview on managing your various compliance pages.

General Marketing

Managing Yabber Vista Connectivity

Vista is the Yabber tool used to schedule and send social media from your Outlook calendar, but it is two-way in that we also send your managed social media content to your calendar for optional review, rescheduling, editing, or deletion, before it is sent to social media channels… and when a managed article is sent to your website you’ll also see notifications in your Social calendar.

General Marketing

Setting Up The Managed Finance and Property Website Article System

In this video we’ll look at how to enable Yabber to send managed articles to your website. Managed articles are part of a fully integrated network of managed services that include email, social media, RBA campaigns, and other services. Note that the powerful partner article system – managed by you – is similar to the standard article module, and it is the subject of another video.

General Marketing

Creating Website Users in Yabber

In this video we’ll detail how to create a website user from within Yabber. You will very rarely have to use the tool, but it’s there if you need it. In most cases the facility is used by Yabber to create authors when required by our article management system. A similar system is used in the partner article system, and in this case the tool is usually used to create the personal profile that will be assigned to the articles you share with partners.