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BeliefMedia WordPress Plugin Archive [ Installation Instructions | Plugins ]


The BeliefMedia plugin is provided to Yabber or website subscribers. The plugin connects a website to Yabber and enables an array of automated and integration features. Please consult our blog for the massive feature list provided by way of the BeliefMedia (Yabber Tag: yabber) Plugin.

Change Log

Version, July 17, 2021
Major update to the available post types made available via the standard Belief website. Various other changes.

  • Calculator Tools: Provisions for LMI, Limited Guarantee, and simple LVR calculators - removed from 'BeliefMedia Finance' plugin. Made provisions for new mortgage calculator tools - will not require an update when released.
  • Bank Product API: Improvements made to live bank product data. Provisions made for comparison features currently in test.
  • Plugin General Shortcodes: Included general shortcode options for inclusion of general resources. Managed via Yabber, includes more options for on-page dynamic and conditional options.
  • Improved FAQ Management: Migration to FAQ-based methodology. Simple accordions provided at this stage but should be updated later. Elementor accordion FAQ option to follow in 0.3 (due next week).
  • RBA Data: Made improvements to RBA data access. Supplemental RBA Premium now relies on the Yabber plugin for API call.
  • Custom Post Type: Added post types into the Yabber plugin for Education, Resources, Calculators, Equipment, Mortgages, FinPlanning, Property, Partners and Testimonials (removed from previous supplemental plugin). Minor modifications to Bank post type (currently supporting live product data pages) to include a few other resources, such as BSB searches.

Version, July 1, 2021
Initial upload to new plugin management system. Review Yabber for a complete version history.

  • Initial Upload to BM Repository: Initial upload of plugin to BeliefMedia's WordPress plugin library (integrated with our document management system). Review Yabber for previous version changes.


Title: BeliefMedia Yabber Plugin
Description: The BeliefMedia Yabber plugin is the primary plugin that links your website to the automated, integrated, conditional, and statistical features of Yabber.
  Client Only Donwload • Version, 7.0M, zip, Category: WordPress Plugins (BeliefMedia Client Plugins)
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