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BeliefMedia WordPress Plugin Archive [ Installation Instructions | Plugins ]


The BeliefMedia plugin is provided to Yabber or website subscribers. The plugin connects a website to Yabber and enables an array of automated and integration features. Please consult our blog for the massive feature list provided by way of the BeliefMedia (Yabber Tag: yabber) Plugin.

Change Log

Version, June 10, 2024
This update further prepares your website for Property integration with a number of modules. A number of minor updates, bug fixes, and improvements were introduced.

  • Website Form Update: Updated Forms, makes way for Formly module. The new module makes creating forms and assigning automation even easier. It will be linked to the new Trigger module.
  • Property API Key: To enable Property functions, a Property API Key field is presented in the BM options admin panel. Without this option no property data will be returned.
  • Enabled Address Suggestion Feature: The property form validation field was introduced. An FAQ details how to include the search on your primary Geographic page (enabling a redirect to the property page). Of use if using property widgets. Adds around 16-million unique pages to your website.
  • Integrated Street and Address Pages: As part of the property update, the Streets module (a child of the Property module) is now function al on your website. If enables, every property in Australia is registered. Data is searched by postcode, suburb, street, and other attributes.
  • Crawler Index, and Malware & IP Search Engine: A Malware and IP search engine was introduced to support security-related articles. More information is available on our website.
  • Deprecated Stats Pixel: Fully deprecated the legacy stats pixel. The stats engine is now powered by Xena exclusively. Xena stats stored locally were disabled as the Yabber stats are far more extensive (there was no value in duplicating data).

Version, May 4, 2024
This update activates heat maps and scroll activity into the Activity API. The Xena module is now used for all statistical activity meaning that the older Pixel is now fully deprecated. The plugin also introduces a number of bug fixes and improvements. The update includes a number of bug fixes.

  • Activity API: Activated the click and scroll movements into the activity API. Heatmap API now activated.

Version 0.8.8, April 30, 2024
This update follows on from (silent update) and represents a significant step forward in the revised website architecture. 58 tables were added to your website with many of them supporting an advanced self-hosted statistics module. This module supplements the new Statistics module in Yabber. Many of the features will be updated over coming days as we measure the performance implications of new screen recording, heatmap, and other features. Features listed blow are not exhaustive - a number of improvements and bug fixes were made that are not listed.

  • Property Module: Significant updates were made to the property listing modules. The feature is supported by a BETA plugin but it soon to be made available in the standard plugin and website.
  • URL Parameter Removal: URL parameters are now removed after page load. This should be considered a cosmetic feaure.
  • Heat Maps: As part of the Xena integration, we now record data and clicks for the purpose of generating activity heatmaps. This was previously a premium feature.
  • Screen Recording: As part of the Xena integration, we now record all mouse movements and page scrolls for the purpose of generating activity heatmaps and screen recordings. This was previously a premium feature.
  • Calendar Timezone: Calendar timezone is now sourced directly from the browser of the user rather than an IP address. The method is highly accurate and is unlikely to return errors.
  • Shor.tt Update: Shor.tt upgraded to API Version 2.0. This change supports a complete rewrite of the Shor.tt modules.
  • Site ID: Field added for Website ID in admin panel. This is an administration feature.
  • Shortt Updates: Shortt Updates. Removed the need for a standalone Shortt API Key. Entire shortt module updated to API Version 2.
  • Advanced Landing Pages: Advanced Landing Pages Updated. All advanced landing pages are created as Elementor blocks or editable HTML.
  • Basic Landing Pages [ BREAKING FEATURE ]: Basic Landing Pages updates. This is a breaking feature that requires a framework update.
  • LP Disclaimer: LP Disclaimer. Moved to standard footer (and not under LP content). Variations apply when on a landing page of any type. The change complies with FB and other platform policies.
  • Updated BM Box Grid: Updated BM Box Grid with Height and Margin Top attributes.
  • Basic LP Database: Basic LP Database update. Includes additional features in Yabber. Three additional fields were added to a required table.
  • Switch Module: Update to Switch to include the switch rewrite. Subdomains with redirect the preferred. Changes to Switch are forthcoming.
  • Updated DTI Calculators: Updated DTI Calculators. Previously returning USD.
  • Wistia Shortcode: Update to Wistia Shortcode - Additional Attributes.
  • Default Lender Widgets: Default Lender Widgets Altered in Framework. I no lender is defined (in custom profile or Elementor widget), widgets will reference unique lenders.
  • Rate Buffers: Added a 'custom' buffer in Yabber applied to all website rate data. This excludes deceptive rates (green loans etc.).
  • Business & Equipment Rate Tooltips: Updated the bm_bpt_rates shortcode (lowest business/equipment rates) to return a lender tooltip.
  • Lender Tooltips: Applied tooltip with Lender into the bm_lowest_rates_block shortcode.
  • Global Accordion Styles: Global Accordion Styles now apply, and this will be enforced in Yabber in a short time. Accordions have become widely used, and commonality between styles simply makes more sense.
  • Simple Panel Changes: Minor Update to Video Simple Panels to apply consistent padding in container.
  • Dashboard SEO: The SEO module is pending a significant update. A link was added in post columns to indicate the validity of SEO data, pixels, and readability.
  • Updated Media Library Link: Various links were added to the Media Library which provide links to images and image modules. This is a quick-reference column to enforce best practice.
  • Link Column in WP Dashboard: A column was added to each post, FAQ, page, and other relevant columns within your WP Dashboard with shortcode link references.
  • Session Overhaul: The Yabber website is driven in part by sessions associated with each user. This module was significantly overhauled for speed and efficiency. Many of the former session options will be migrated into a database table.
  • Xena Statistics Module: Xena is a Yabber statistics module. A self-hosted 'lite' version was added to your website and records identifying data, interests, geographical, IP, and other information. It's a lite version but still more feature-rich than premium options on the market.
  • 58 Tables Added: Each website was updated with 58 new tables with an expectation that more will be added to support various Yabber features. These tables will replace option and cache data which has become unreliable.

Version, October 9, 2023
A large number of features added. Various bug fixes, enhancements, and updated applied.

  • Landing Page Testimonials: Simple feature in Yabber to add a Testimonial Slider list to Yabber-created landing pages.
  • Landing Page Updates: Significant Landing Page updates. The next update includes a very significant update to Yabber-created landing pages.
  • Text Block Shortcode Updates: Updates to following shortcodes: note, notes, task, pictured, and blockquote. The features themselves are essentially the same, but the Yabber module was updated to support simple default definitions.
  • Cache Alterations: Altered the cache location for RBA and related data to 'rates'. This includes the Title module which may include Rate Data in the Title.
  • Phone Number Text Link: Added a feature to Yabber's phone number register. That number may be globally applied to your website and updated as required with shortcode. Minor feature.
  • LoanOptions Integration (Standalone Plugin): Applied some changes to support the LoanOptions plugin. Build specifically for a couple of clients, so generally not recommended.
  • Testimonial Locations: Updated the Testimonial Locations feature to render relevant Testimonial sliders in various locations. Requires Website Framework Version 3.9 or greater, otherwise you may apply the shortcode yourself (details in Yabber).
  • Titles Module: Title Modules Updated. Requires Website Framework Version 3.9 or greater, otherwise default titles will apply. Create Titles from Yabber's Contentus Title module.

Version, September 7, 2023
Removed the RBA Premium plugin and integrated directly with BeliefMedia Yabber plugin. The RBA Premium plugin will continue to be made available for other websites that require the features made available.

  • Migration of RBA Premium: The RBA Premium plugin was manually removed from all websites. Version was updated manually to all websites.

Version, September 7, 2023
Significant updates to existing features, and a few features added (some integrated with Elementor). Various bug fixes and improvements.

  • Featured Rate Block: A second featured rate block. May be used in top CTA fold or anywhere else with shortcode or an Elementor widget. Details on website.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager: Google code further updated to better support Google Analytics 4. Tag manager now integrated more heavily with all default modules.
  • Facebook Pixel: Facebook pixel code was removed from the general SEO module and is now a standalone system. Conversion types (as always) are automatically applied to the pixel - (as is other relevant conversion data) - based on category, conversion type, and process.
  • Footer Icons: Updated the icons to correct an error introduced by Elementor. Formatting and icon colour is now as expected. Added a size of 'tiny' to Yabber and website.
  • Testimonial Count Shortcode and API: The testimonial shortcode returns testimonial counts for each platform, and all platforms. The API is extensive and supports additional features, such as statistics. Standard API calls are made for all testimonial data.
  • Testimonials Module Update: Updated testimonial slider to show Platform image rather than default. Will update to user icon if the user icon can be identified as anything other than the Google Placeholder. Added additional attributes to styling, including the ability to alter the presentation of the testimonial date. A further update will support list types more efficiently both in Yabber and on your website.

Version 0.8.7, September 7, 2023
Major updates to the V4 framework. General bug fixes and improvements.

  • Simple Panels: Changes to the Simple Panel options. The SP are now incorporated in the Yabber forms menu and no longer associated with landing pages.
  • Front Page CTA Video Button: A video button is available in the primary front page CTA block. Optionally select via Yabber. Launches a Wistia or YouTube modal.
  • Landing Page Updates: The Yabber landing page updates are significant, and they'll continue to be a WIP for the next week. The Yabber landing pages are now hidden pages (only available to be edited in Yabber), while a second Landing Page post type is assigned to advanced landing pages and custom landing pages. The Advanced landing pages will be updated to send as naked HTML, unlike the Yabber pages which are essentially invisible.
  • Front Page CTA: Front page CTA assets are updated. Now includes two lines of a title, subtitle, and the second subtitle now renders under the primary buttons. The single CTA button is replaced with feature-rich and fully customisable buttons that launch a website link, custom link, modal, lender modal, PDF window, Wistia or YouTube video, telephone link, or appointment page. All are actioned via a point-and-click module in Yabber. Button actions are measured with optional Yabber triggers.

Version, August 23, 2023
Second to last update before version 0.9, which is the release to coincide with the release of the V4 website framework. Numerous updates, fixes, and improvements.

  • Security Modules: Updates to the quick introduction of the unlock website features. Users are now required to unlock their website for WP Admin access, or to create authors. This is a general security measure.
  • Admin Panel Changes: Numerous changes to the RESTful API endpoints to support additional administration features. In part to support V4 of the Yabber website framework.
  • Landing Page Corrections: Changes to Yabber's one-click landing page creation. In part for preparation of the V4 framework. Version 9 of the BM plugin introduces a new LP archive type.
  • Elementor Form Integration: Default integration with Elementor forms. Form data is sent to Yabber with full automation provided as if it were sent via a Yabber form. Access via Yabber's Forms module.
  • Links Module: The Contentus links module permits you to create menu blocks or link lists in Yabber. They are created once and altered globally. Full stylistic control applies. Is linked to the managed module for BeNet-based corrections.
  • Lender Archive Text Blocks: Options to add custom text blocks for the newly added 'Additional Lender Product Archives'. Created and sent from Yabber. Altered from the 'Lender' Yabber module.
  • Additional Lender Product Archives: Added additional lender module archive pages. Lists the lowest rate product associated with all parent products from all lenders. Archives include: Review Home & Investment Products, Review Business Finance Products, SMSF Product Review, Personal & Auto Finance Review, Green Finance Product Review, Credit Card Product Review, Margin Finance Review, Overdraft Facility Review, Term Deposit Archive, and Transactional Account Review. As with other archives, panels link to applicable product page with product variations.
  • Updated Resources Page: Updated resources page with BM Boxes providing primary menu options. Requires archive update (version 4 default).
  • BM Box Grids and Yabber Integration: Additional BMbox integration. Includes additional style features, profile features, and box grid options. Pairs with a panel in Yabber's Contentus module.

Version, August 12, 2023
Version was released as a fix without notice. is a significant update. Not all features are listed. Version 0.8.7 is a major update that will be released with V4 of the website framework.

  • Dashboard and User Security: Dashboard access must now be enabled in Yabber. The same applies for new user creation. This is a significant security update.
  • Front Page Phone and Logo: Front page phone and logo updates. Now managed via Yabber.
  • API Integration: Integration with the Matrix and Insights API. Unlikely to be used by most brokers.
  • Lender Data Updates: Significant lender data updates. V4 of the framework introduces additional tools.
  • Statement Module: Statements are blocks of text that are defined in the website framework. They are assigned by a a user or inherit default values. Title module is similar and will be introduced in V0.8.7.
  • FAQ Corrections: Stylistic corrections to FAQ.

Version, May 12, 2023
New features. Includes various bug fixes and improvements.

  • Menu Caching: Standard page menu is now cached until updated. Page speed has improved significantly (recent server update already provides an very fast load speed).
  • Geographic Pages: New module shows geographic data associated with various regions - normally suburb (postcode). Supplements the geo search engine, but the focus will evolved to support Saturn and Property modules.
  • STT and TTS: Included a Yabber-integrated Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text module. Managed from within Yabber, Elementor, or standard WP shortcodes. Includes numerous AI training models for voices. Elementor module includes includes a list of around 300 voices. All speech manufactured is available as transcriptions. See the BM website or BeLearn for details.

Version, April 14, 2023
Large number of feature improvements. Small number of bug fixes.

  • Census Data: Added the first of a large library of Census shortcodes. Using the Census API, multiple graphs may be rendered. Beta testers also have access to an Elementor plugin.
  • Multiple Forms: Corrected an issue that prevented multiple forms working on the same page (of the same type). The same form can only be used once on any single page.
  • Screenshot Shortcode: Screenshot shortcode added. Shortcode will import a screenshot into the BM cache directory. Can also be used via the Screenshot API.
  • Transparent Form Background: Correct minor issue with forms created through the Elementor widget. Transparent background will now be set if nothing or white selected.

Version, March 27, 2023
Numerous updates, fixes and improvements. More significant updates listed.

  • METAR Graphing: Part of the meteorology update, included enhanced features for METAR graphing (JavaScript and Image), and improved rendering of basic METAR results.
  • Meteorology: Significant updates to radar, satellite, weather, Metar, and other data. Includes Elementor widget. Supports creation of satellite, doppler, and radar GIFs and video, Metars, and general forecasts. Resulting media may reference BM server or be imported locally into the Yabber cache.
  • Single Line Form: Single Line Form added to the Location Form. The form ignores all fields except name and email. Presented in a single line with integrated Calendar options.
  • Private Lenders: Facility in Yabber to add Private Lenders to the icon index (not linked to a lender page). Elementor to be updated to reflect the addition.

Version, March 12, 2023
Feature updates, bug corrections, and various updates.

  • Weather Tools: Added weather radar features and Metar functionality. General use only.
  • LoanQ: Added BETA features to support SalesTrekker's LoanQ product. Integrated with Yabber and Elementor. Available as a shortcode option.
  • Property SMS Subscriptions: Updated the property subscription methods. Added an Elementor block with full customisation options.

Version, February 7, 2023
Numerous bug fixes, improvements, and features introduced. A large number of modules on the Yabber end were updated. This update coincides with a migration to a new server. Please update the same time as the revised Elementor plugin (0.8.5).

  • Updated Yabber Forms & Spam Checking: Mainly on the Yabber end. Additional spam checks are completed, and the broker notification email is now sent by default from the BM Support email if not defined in Yabber.
  • Version Number Admin Header Link: The link in the WP Dashboard shows a plugin version number. The link will take you to the version change log on BM's website.
  • Client and Partner Areas: Added basic framework to support password-protected client and partner modules. Requires testing and not due for release until March.
  • Revised Referrer Form: Full-featured referrer form. Integrated with Yabber for automation, email and SMS. Form includes functionality to add/remove referrers. Linked to Partner system (records Partner ID, Campaign ID, Link ID, and Email ID). Large number of features - refer to our blog for more information.
  • Social Logos/Icons: Social logos are now created in Yabber with the industry logos as a profile. The former fixed methodology continues to apply unless the website is updated with the applicable shortcode. Yabber and plugin updated.
  • Rate My Agent: Added support for Rate My Agent in Yabber and on the broker website.
  • Footer Banner: Corrected issue in Yabber and website with banner expiry. Correction made that may have prevented incorrect banner background colour to be applied.
  • MFAA/FBAA Calculators: Corrected issue with the rendering of MFAA calculators when an FBAA member. Requires that you send your calculator options via Yabber in the calculator panel.
  • Front Page CTA Button: Button under primary CTA text modified. Improved support for custom colours, and a default appointment link applied if left blank.
  • YouTube Slider: Added a Yabber selection that will show videos from the related/series module. Playlist functionality is forthcoming.
  • Wistia Correction: Correction made to Wistia tools that prevented certain custom player parameters from working correctly. Also corrected issue with the custom thumbnail uploaded via the Elementor widget. Try and use correct image ratio for best results.

Version 0.8.6, January 30, 2023
This is a significant update with new features and bug fixes. Only the most significant changes are listed. Yabber includes a full change review.

  • Loan Graphs Updated: The 'LoanCalc' image graph Elementor block was updated to include conditional elements, and this update supports those changes.
  • Major Website Hashtag Revision: The plugin provides for inclusion of the 'hashtag' taxonomy. This provides enhanced navigation in your social archive, but the feature requires a core website update. This feature coincides with an update to the Yabber engine driving the social modules.
  • Revised YouTube Elementor Block: The revised YouTube shortcode and Elementor block provides for easy inclusion of single videos, playlists, user uploads, custom lists, and 'related' lists. All data is sourced via the YouTube API, so no copying and pasting is required. Conditional elements apply. All YouTube player options are integrated. The former 'youtube' shortcode continues to function, and always will. Available with shortcode or Elementor block.
  • Video Slider: The video slider shows your latest videos from YouTube or Wistia in a slider format. Fully customisable. Videos will launch in modal with an optional link to the hosted video. Available with shortcode or Elementor block.
  • Social Media and Video Archive Slider: The Social Media and Video Archive Slider makes use of the video and social archives, and it returns most recent media submitted via Yabber or social media in a slider format. The inclusion of this module meant a complete update of the 'hashtag' features in the social module. The slider is fully customisable. Available with shortcode or Elementor block.
  • Instagram Post Slider: The Instagram post slider shows your most recent media from Instagram in a slider format. All elements are customisable. Fully scalable and Yabber-integrated module. Available with shortcode or Elementor block.
  • Correction to Testimonial Module: Corrected issue in testimonial module that prevented all testimonials from showing when no category or testimonial series is selected.

Version 0.8.5, January 13, 2023
Various bug fixes and a number of new features.

  • Altered Calculator Single Page: An issue presented that stopped HTML above calculators rendering correctly. This was corrected.
  • Website DTI and LVR Calculator: Added the DTI calculator to the default calculator archive, and altered the basic LVR (inline) calculator to show the new slider version. The former form-based method may still be used for conditional purposes.
  • Form Text: Corrected an issue introduced with the latest update of Elementor that altered the size of text in a form container. This value is now fixed but may be altered when creating a form in Yabber.
  • Full Page Glossary Correction: Corrected an issue introduced in Version that applied a background to the link-only glossary.
  • Instagram Posts Slider: Fully Yabber-integrated slider that shows latest posts from one or more selected accounts. Renders results in multiple formats. Fully customisable. Includes an Elementor block. New feature so please report bugs.
  • LVR Calculator: A slider-based (inline) LVR Calculator was added. This supplements the form LVR Calculator with the exception that it's written with JavaScript, and includes more dynamic data.
  • DTI Calculator: Added a debt-to-income (inline) slider calculator. Fully customisable with shortcode. An Elementor version will be provided in a near update.

Version, January 10, 2023
Large number of bug fixes, updates, and revised code. Inclusion of the stepped fact find report.

  • Stepped Fact Find Report: Stepped Fact Find Report. The report is virtually identical to the standard report, with the exception that it is stepped and includes sliders for values. Minor other differences.

Version, December 27, 2022
This version introduces a number of changes that support features that were once made available to the Platinum service. Number of bug corrections and additional blocks of code to support various features.

  • Education Module: Large number of changes to the education module made to support managed information/courses. RBA Monetary Policy Archive now included with the Mortgage Broker Website by default.
  • Front Page Video: Corrected issue that prevented enclosed FHB escalation for front page video.
  • Testimonial Slider: Updated Testimonials module with new shortcode and slider. Includes Elementor widget.
  • Post Category Accordion: Added Post Category Accordion Shortcode and Widget. Similar to the related posts widget in presentation with the exception that results are based on categories and/or tags.
  • BM Box Elementor Widget: Added BM Box Elementor Widget. Updated shortcode to support multiple border styles. The box is now used on the Services and other pages by default.

Version, December 8, 2022
This plugin update is significant. It includes additional features supported by V3 of our marketing framework, and supports additional Yabber modules. Not all features are listed - some are listed in the Yabber change log. The update is supported by changes to the Elementor Plugin. The broader website framework update includes additional pages, FAQs, and features.

  • Team Member Shortcodes and Archive Page: Supported by Elementor options, the new framework supports team member profiles in three different ways: archives (legacy), Yabber profile values, and Elementor widgets. Our website should be referenced for changes.
  • Default FAQs: Added default FAQs. When a website is delivered default 'Yabber FAQs' will show. When these FAQs are updated you will be required to select your preferred FAQ set via the Elementor menu (just once).
  • FAQ Links: Correction to FAQs not correctly rendering shortcode links.
  • Additional Lender Widget Types: Added support for additional product type: 'Overdraft Facilities', 'Personal Finance Products', 'Term Deposit Review', 'Transaction Accounts', 'Credit Card Review'. This is detailed further in the Elementor update log.
  • Lender Widget Titles: Small change to widget titles to avoid potential overlap of text to multiple lines.
  • Lender Widget Updates: Added filtering for lender widgets on SMSF, business, construction, equipment/asset, and car/vehicle finance.
  • Support for Page, Archive, and Post video: Additional video options to support the video everywhere methodology.
  • BM Bank Products CPT renamed to BM Lenders: BM Bank Products CPT renamed to BM Lenders. This is because we deal with lenders - not just banks. Additionally, the archive includes more than 'Product' data and information.
  • BM Mortgages CPT renamed to BM Finance: BM Mortgages CPT renamed to BM Finance. This is consistent with the fact that the archive includes more than mortgage data.
  • BM Box Shortcode: BM Box Shortcode simply produces a styled box that is consistent with the lender widget style. An Elementor widget is forthcoming for this feature. An example of the shortcode is shown on the website 'Services' page.
  • Added additional lenders: Additional lenders added to the Product Archive. Keep them coming!
  • General Page Video Support (Every Page Option): Various every-page video options introduced. This makes it easy to create placeholders for video that may be altered via Yabber.
  • FAQ Video Assignments: Videos may now be assigned to any FAQ on your website. Managed via Yabber.
  • Article Video Assignments: Videos may now be assigned to any article on your website. Managed via Yabber.
  • Stylistic Corrections: Minor corrections made to the bank widget secondary rate colour and border on submit button.

Version, October 6, 2022
Minor features and fixes. Fix mainly related to those occasions where a user deletes a Yabber module during web-play.

  • Lender PDF Document Links: Links to lender PDF documents are now shown in a PDF Container (testing returned positive results and increased engagement). The module will be edited sooner than later to provide the option for links, modals, or a standard PDF link.Probably in
  • Correct Form Button Border: When a user incorrectly defines form attributes a correction is applied so no border is applied. This prevents the small default border around form buttons when the border is incorrectly defined.
  • Yabber Feature Classifier: Yabber will try to reinstall a module when a user inadvertently deletes a primary conditional or front page feature.

Version 0.8.4, October 6, 2022
Numerous bug fixes, improvements, features, and support for new modules. Limited changes listed.

  • Plugin Updates: Plugin updates more closely aligned with Yabber. Plugin updates now actioned via the Yabber Plugin Update module.
  • New Website Framework: Some features added to support the newer version of the BM Yabber website framework.
  • Improrved SEO Sitemap support: Closer integration with Yabber for one-click creation of news, video, article, and other sitemaps (including BSB, schools etc). Should be updated in Google Console.
  • Additional Solis Support: Additional Solis modules added. The update to 0.8.4 is the minimum version to support full Solis features. To be introduced to clients via video.
  • Improved Linking Shortcode: Addition support for link shortcode. Will be introduced on the BM website.
  • MFAA and FBAA Calculator Archives: Additional support for FBAA and MFAA Calculators. Relates mainly to archives and inline calculator modals.

Version, September 14, 2022
Numerous bug fixes and improvement. New modules introduced that are supported by Yabber. Only major feature updates listed.

  • MFAA and FBAA Calculators and Tools: Support introduced in Elementor and BM Plugin to render MFAA and FBAA calculators via shortcode or Elementor widget. Various archive features apply. Expect updates in 0.8.4.
  • Lender Modals: Lender modals now fully supported (resolved by the product type a user is reviewing). Apples on bank archive and product pages. Modals are defined in Yabber. Consider a BETA feature.
  • Embed PDF Documents: Elementor block and support for embedding PDF documents, embedding via the Adobe Embed API, and the BM PDF Viewer (the latter is supported by Yabber and returns full user and global statistics). Contributes towards conditional content.
  • Link Shortcode Updates: Significant updates to the link shortcode. Essentially replaces any link-related shortcode previously applied. Details on website and BeLearn. Some modifications made to support changes in WP Core.

Version, August 29, 2022
Significant changes, feature updates, and numerous fixes to various bugs and errors. Version supports some of the functionality built into this release. Significant changes made to form rendering to cater for Microsoft issues and changes. A number of changes introduced will be explained in V0.8.3.X.

  • Related Posts, Videos, and Downloads Module: Significant related posts, videos, and downloads module to support the quick and easy creation of related or series posts. Full tracking and conditional features apply - including to the tracking of interest-based video modals.
  • Real-Estate Module: Alpha testers Real Estate support. Includes full drag-and-drop widgets for conditional property.
  • FAQ and Education Framework: FAQ/Education Framework introduced to early testers. Permits the creation of structured posts in Yabber.
  • Image Graphs: Updated caching for image graphs (can now be refreshed via Yabber). Graphs now return link to modal by default. RBA graphing updated to force refresh every day. Update or refresh in Yabber.
  • Content Blocks: Numerous changes and shortcodes added to support the Blocks module. Modifications made to support page, group, and random conditional widgets in Elementor plugin. Updated to include functionality to support the new Content Blocks (blocks, blinds, and frames).
  • Footer Banner Changes: A 'show_again_after' option applies to user-specific footer banner messages. Define in Yabber.
  • Floating Bank Widget: Easier style and profile changes made in Yabber.
  • Bank Widgets: Update to location forms. Must now use Elementor block in design. The widgets now requires a default style be applied to your website. Referencing a Yabber profile is now the primary means of showcasing product data, although the Elementor features continue to apply.
  • Location Forms: Update to location forms. Must now use Elementor block in design.
  • Website Full Page Glossary: The former website 'fixed' glossary is completely replaced with a single shortcode that references glossary terms as defined and updated in Yabber.
  • Website Post Glossary: Website post glossary now applies. Creates styled tooltip-type feature over the first occurrences of a term (previously all occurrences; altered in Beta).
  • Unified Link Features: A single link shortcode is now used in posts for all inline text resources. This includes tooltips (as above), modals, downloads, links, and other tools.
  • Conditional Entry, Exit, and Link Modals: Significant changes to the modal framework provides for improved entry and exist modals, geographic modals, and page modals. Yabber includes numerous options, triggers, and full statistics. The module is fully integrated with the conditional framework. Refer our website for more information.
  • Tooltip Changes: Tooltips now integrated with the link framework. An article on the BM website will introduce the unified link framework. Hovering over a defined (Yabber) tooltip text contributes towards a conditional score.
  • Content Editor Content Buttons: In continued development. The editor shortcode buttons provides access to tables and tools that'll assist with the creation of shortcode content.

Version, July 15, 2022
Numerous bug fixes and improvements. Changes made to support the revised conditional content module.

  • Conditional Content: Introduced a large number of changes to support Yabber's revised conditional content module. Refer Elementor change log and Yabber change log.
  • Comment Button in Sharebar: Removed Comment link from Floating share Banner as we now use FB's comments by default.
  • VOLT Removed: Removed VOLT bank from plugin lender options.
  • Platinum Interest Features: Implemented framework to support Platinum-level interest resolution
  • Admin Menu Featured Image: Added Featured Images Support to Posts Menu. Yabber now requires a featured image to be applied to any post or page before automated SEO data will send
  • Auto Cache: Support for Yabber to refresh cache when new data sources are obtained. This mainly relates to live bank product data.
  • beliefmedia_lowest_rates_block: Fixed issues on the beliefmedia_lowest_rates_block that caused very minor rendering issues.

Version, July 2, 2022
Numerous bug fixes and improvements. Significant changes listed.

  • Caching Engine: Major modifications to the caching engine for efficiency. Improved functionality in Yabber to delete specific cache files if required.
  • Login Log: Updated login log to integrate with future 2FA and SMS notifications. Available in Yabber in WP Log.

Version, June 30, 2022
Minor bug fixes, features, and improvements.

  • Login Ping: Revised method of recording all website logins for all users. Optional triggers may be applied for security reasons. The feature also provides for the disabling of logins for any user.
  • Fact Find Form: Minor corrections to FF form based on early feedback from V0.8.3.7. If a calendar is not required the text will no longer be shown. Updated speed for parsing of Outlook availability dates.
  • Front Page Caching: New method of caching front page assets is introduced for all interest types. The method will be applied to all cached assets in next release.

Version, June 30, 2022
Large number of bug fixes and improvements. Significant changes only are noted in the version details.

  • Fact Find Changes: Changes made in Yabber to support a site-wide default profile (Yabber updated to support the changes). Calendar in fact find is now resolved if the default calendar is not defined; you will now have to select a form when creating a style (the calendar is inherited from the form).
  • Calendar Dates: Changes made to to the calendar module to support upcoming features that include number of bookings. Caching methods altered to return more immediate availability dates.

Version, June 15, 2022
Numerous bug fixes and improvements to all modules.

  • Landing Pages and Solis: Major framework changes to support the updated landing page format. Various enhancements to support the revised Solis module.

Version, April 7, 2022
Minor bug updates and fixes. Updates to interest rate rendering. New download feature.

  • Interest Rate Modules: Introduces some major fixes for those users testing the comparison product feature.
  • Download Archive and Pages: An improved download module was built into Yabber. The updates includes the necessary basic features to support the functionality described on our website.

Version, March 27, 2022
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Download CPT: Made provisions for inclusion of a download custom post type to permit improved Yabber automation.
  • FAQ Query: Added post status to FAQ query permitting the inclusion of future or other posts.
  • Updated Bank Logos: Updated bank logos to match up with new banks added to Yabber.

Version, March 22, 2022
Minor errors and bug fixes - mainly relating to interest rate renderings. Minor changes to FAQ styles.
Version, January 17, 2022
Minor fix to location forms for services utilising Cloud Flare services.
Version 0.8.3, December 8, 2021
Bug fixes and updated fact find support.

  • Fact Find Support: Included as an Elementor block, the new fact find report includes an array of new features. Sends the client a comprehensive PDF report upon submitting.

Version 0.8.2, November 17, 2021
Various updates, big fixes, and features.

  • Venus Reports: Updated Venus Report to Version 3.0. Updated Elementor plugin to match.

Version, October 29, 2021
Minor interest rate fixes (when discount rate applied to primary rate) and new Employment post type.

  • Employment Post Type: The Employment post type will support the module in Yabber. Yet to be released. Will send an email with feature request.

Version, October 28, 2021
New features, bug fixes, improvements, and a new post type.

  • Elementor Download Block: Introduced new download options in Elementor - all also available as shortcode options. Downloads and interactions are recorded in Yabber.
  • Omny Studio Elementor Block: Introduced Elementor block. Renders a full-featured Omny player with all the available options. Yabber records statistics and interactions.
  • Statement and Values Module: New module in Yabber creates a mission statement and any number of company values. Sent to a page within your primary pages menu. Details in our blog.
  • Improved About Us Page: About page improvements implemented. Created on Yabber and sent to any number of your websites. Details in our blog.
  • Teams Post Type & Website Archive: Added a teams archive to websites (no longer required to use the Elementor block). Created in Yabber via a feature-rich panel.

Version, October 23, 2021
Minor bug fix associated with the session preventing a timely load of Elementor.
Version, October 20, 2021
Minor bug fixes only. Basic features to simple shortcodes.

  • Switch feature: Update the RS parameter in the front page switch module to accept front page changes for as little as a second (intended for cases when a landing asset is rendered, appointment form, or similar).
  • Minor shortcode changes: Updated 'pictured' and 'featured' shortcodes with basic parameters to include alternate title and padding.
  • General Caching: A plugin update will now force a refresh on all cached data except for user information. This prevents linking to an invalid bank archive page.
  • Bank Ribbon: Corrected URL on bank ribbon to correctly reference the bank product archive page.

Version, October 19, 2021
Bug fixes, improvements, more caching, conditional features, and general features.

  • Significant Website Changes: Major changes were made to the standard broker website to cater for new changes and features. See Yabber for details.
  • Front Page Caching: Updated caching for front-page assets to speed up conditional content. Now very quick.
  • Numerous features: A number of minor features were introduced. See Yabber or the BM website for details.
  • Instagram WordPress Posts: Fixed minor bug that prevented certain Instagram posts from submitting to the Instagram post archive.
  • Footer Banner: New footer banner (replaces previous version). Now part of the managed content program. Includes placeholders for bank rate information if required.
  • Bank Ribbon Shortcode: New bank ribbon shortcode. Will update into Elementor in next major release.
  • InPost and Campaign-Based Content: Content shown above post based on campaign updated so automation can more easily be applied. This is now a managed feature.
  • FAQ Fix: Fixed line wrap on FAQ features for both post type and Yabber generated responses.
  • Front Page Switch: Front page Switch feature now includes an expiry on the switch. Can be forced with URL param of a numeric 'rs' value. Conditional page forced with our=slug_here. To show the alternate front page you must link to the root domain (no page slug extension, including 'home' or similar).

Version 0..8.14, October 14, 2021
Numerous bug fixes, features, and improvements. Major modifications to the conditional systems. Version 0.8.11 through 0.8.13 were released in Beta only.
Version 0.8.10, September 1, 2021
Minor bug fixes. New features.

  • Calendar Booking Message: Elementor block migrated from Premium plugin. May now render a message based on a calendar condition (booking made, expired, or not made). Future release will link to internal page to edit booking time (pushes to Outlook).
  • Conditional Changes: Changes and improvements to conditional features to match up with BeNet update.
  • Simple Panel: Added necessary code to support the Simple Panel. Panel supports basic features and escalation. Supported on Yabber by way of defining locations.

Version, August 18, 2021
Various bug fixes and features added. Various fixes to alter API behaviour with Yabber.

  • Improved Conditional Tracking: Introduced features for V0.8.10 that'll improve the AI understanding of website traffic. In test.
  • Standalone FAQ Accordions: Integrated accordions modified to provide more flexibility with content libraries. Generally an aggregator feature, but handy for those looking for default (templated) content.
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions: New mechanism to update and modify the compliance library of various website policy requirements. Former module is still available but will be deprecated shortly. New compliance archive for policies introduced with enhanced aggregator features. Altered footer links.
  • Credit Guide: The addition of the credit guide (trackable) link to the website disclaimer. Also available as a standalone link (with shortcode for triggers and tracking).
  • Revised Plugin Options: Yabber now includes a brand new interface for front-page content. This is reflected in the website. See Yabber for details.

Version, August 15, 2021
Minor changes and bug fixes. Some featured migrated from Platinum plugin.

  • Calculator iframe: Bug fixed in calculator iframe to cater for changing page size.
  • Website Form Locations: Changes made internally to the management of website form locations to cater for the addition of custom post tyes.
  • Privacy Policy Inclusion: Managed privacy policy update. Yabber now includes two modules to return policy to page. Archive remains as per V0.2.1.
  • Font Page Management: Enhanced front page management with escalating features. See website for details.
  • Enhanced FAQ Module: Text level FAQs now created in Yabber. Included into website via shortcode or Elementor block.

Version, August 12, 2021
A number of big fixes, improvements, and integrations. Only primary changes are listed (and most are integrations from previous standalone resources).

  • Venus Temporarily Disabled: Venus temporarily disabled for a few days. New site features cause issues with form slider.
  • AI BeNet Framework: Backend AI framework heavily modified to ignore brand new sites until we have a quantify of data suitable for classifier engine.
  • Calculators: Minor changes to repayment calculator framework to support the full suite of calculator products.
  • Bank Product Archive: New page shows an archive of all bank products listed by primary or parent product. Shows current rate data. All pages link to the full product summary page.
  • Geographic Search Engine: Searches schools, childcare, hospitals, banks, points of interest, and care facilities associated with a postcode. Migrated from standalone plugin. Will be integrated with the Saturn program soon (possibly V0.1).
  • High Risk LMI Postcode: Integrated the Postcode LMI into core. Delete standalone plugin if it is used. Determines if a postcode is considered high-risk for borrowing based on QBE and Genworth policy.
  • Childcare Search Engine: Integrated the childcare search feature into core. Searches schools by distance from postcode.
  • School Search: Integrated the school search feature into core. Searches schools by distance from postcode, by state, and by top-performers. Numerous enhancements to follow.
  • BSB Number Search Engine: Integrated BSB search features into core. Includes a number search, state search, and institution search.

Version, August 4, 2021
New features, more website integration, and various bug fixes.

  • Default Footer Image Icons: Added option to return default images in footer for MFAA, FBAA etc. Managed via Yabber.
  • Two-Column Shortcode: Altered shortcode to produce two-column content in non-Elementor pages.
  • List Shortcode: Added list shortcode. Lists now created with icons without any HTML. Simply wrap in shortcode.
  • FAQ Methodology: FAQ methodology applied to the integrated menu structure. Added feature on Yabber to alter style. A general SEO-optimised FAQ system (not integrated with WP) is forthcoming in planned release.

Version, July 17, 2021
Major update to the available post types made available via the standard Belief website. Various other changes.

  • Calculator Tools: Provisions for LMI, Limited Guarantee, and simple LVR calculators - removed from 'BeliefMedia Finance' plugin. Made provisions for new mortgage calculator tools - will not require an update when released.
  • Bank Product API: Improvements made to live bank product data. Provisions made for comparison features currently in test.
  • Plugin General Shortcodes: Included general shortcode options for inclusion of general resources. Managed via Yabber, includes more options for on-page dynamic and conditional options.
  • Improved FAQ Management: Migration to FAQ-based methodology. Simple accordions provided at this stage but should be updated later. Elementor accordion FAQ option to follow in 0.3 (due next week).
  • RBA Data: Made improvements to RBA data access. Supplemental RBA Premium now relies on the Yabber plugin for API call.
  • Custom Post Type: Added post types into the Yabber plugin for Education, Resources, Calculators, Equipment, Mortgages, FinPlanning, Property, Partners and Testimonials (removed from previous supplemental plugin). Minor modifications to Bank post type (currently supporting live product data pages) to include a few other resources, such as BSB searches.

Version, July 1, 2021
Initial upload to new plugin management system. Review Yabber for a complete version history.

  • Initial Upload to BM Repository: Initial upload of plugin to BeliefMedia's WordPress plugin library (integrated with our document management system). Review Yabber for previous version changes.


Title: BeliefMedia Yabber Plugin
Description: The BeliefMedia Yabber plugin is the primary plugin that links your website to the automated, integrated, conditional, and statistical features of Yabber.
  Client Only Download • Version, 9.9M, zip, Category: WordPress Plugins (BeliefMedia Client Plugins)

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