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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 1.89% (1.9%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 1.84% (2.11%*) • Fixed: 1.84% (2.11%*) • Variable: 1.89% (1.9%*) • Investment IO: 2.05% (4.36%*) • Investment PI: 1.58% (2.72%*)
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BeliefMedia Elementor

BeliefMedia Elementor is a plugin provided to clients that are subscribed to a website or Yabber product. Please consult our website for details on the full functionality provided by way of the BeliefMedia Elementor plugin.

Change Log

Version 0.7.3, March 22, 2022
Minor bug fixes and improvements. Mainly relating to interest rate rendering and FAQ data.
Version 0.7.2, January 17, 2022
Minor bug fix for websites hosted behind Cloud Flare services.
Version 0.7, December 8, 2021
Updated fact find block. More features and integration build into Yabber. The former FF will continue to work but is soon to be deprecated.
Version 0.6, November 17, 2021
Updated Venus to Version 3.0. Styles and profiles created on Yabber.
Version 0.5, October 23, 2021
Major modifications to blocks and features. Large number of bug fixes. A more comprehensive record will be maintained in the log moving forward.
Version 0.2, July 17, 2021
Changes primarily made to Bank Live Product Data. Provisions made for the comparison website features (currently in test).

  • Property Data: Added property widget for those that are currently registered in BETA program. Intended to support a property business or property partner.
  • Bank Product Data: Changes made to API call to ensure data was filtered correctly based on accredited banks in Yabber. banks shortcode attribute should now be blank if Yabber accreditations are to be used.

Version 0.1.2, July 1, 2021
First version uploaded to the new BM plugin repository. Some blocks included within this version are not functional (refer documentation).


Title: BeliefMedia Elementor
Description: The Elementor plugin extends the Yabber (BeliefMedia) plugin by providing drag-and-drop financial and other tools into website creation. The creation of Elementor blocks is ongoing.
  Client Only Download • Version 0.7.3, 62.0K, zip, Category: WordPress Plugins (BeliefMedia Client Plugins)

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