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BeliefMedia Plugins

BeliefMedia LMI Postcodes

Lenders assess mortgage applications differently based on the location of the property being offered as security. A lender, or the Lenders Mortgage Insurance provider, will

BeliefMedia BSB

The BeliefMedia BSB website plugin provides a simple search feature to search a BSB number from any bank. The plugin utilises the BM API so

BeliefMedia Simple Accordion

This documentation supports an article on our blog introducing how to include basic accordions on your website that reference various post types, and include excerpts

BeliefMedia LMI

BeliefMedia LMI is a complimentary website plugin that will return an estimated LMI Premium (using the Genworth premium for our modeling). The plugin – obviously

BeliefMedia RBA

The RBA and exchange plugin is detailed in an article in our blog titled “”. The article details how the features of the BeliefMedia RBA

BeliefMedia Bankbox

Bankbox enables you to quickly and easily create bank-themed textboxes for over 90 banks with full stylistic control over how each ‘bankbox’ is presented. Read

BeliefMedia Core

BeliefMedia Core is a plugin that provides other free plugins with various types of functionality. Supplemental finance-related website tools rely on the installation of this

BeliefMedia Elementor

BeliefMedia Elementor is a plugin provided to clients that are subscribed to a website or Yabber product. Please consult our website for details on the


The BeliefMedia plugin is provided to Yabber or website subscribers. The plugin connects a website to Yabber and enables an array of automated and integration

WordPress Plugin Installation

Most of Belief’s WordPress plugins are made available to clients only within . Those plugins listed in our archive are generally available for free or

BeliefMedia Simple Cache

Simple Cache is text file alternative to the transient functions. We’ve found it efficient when caching larger blocks of HTML and/or JavaScript code. An article