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BeliefMedia Core

BeliefMedia Core is a plugin that provides other free plugins with various types of functionality. Supplemental finance-related website tools rely on the installation of this base plugin.

Note that clients should not install this plugin.

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BeliefMedia Bankbox

Pictured: Belief's bankbox plugin.

Bank Product Widgets

Pictured: Belief's live data product widgets.

BeliefMedia Core

Pictured: BeliefMedia Core Features. The Core plugin provides registration so the BM API may be queried for product information, comparison data, bank codes and information, and RBA data.


Please note that once this plugin is activated we query the users of your website in order to generate unique API Keys, and to register your website for updates.

If you do not wish to register please do not install this or any other of our complimentary plugins. Our privacy, terms, and protection statement should be consulted if you have any questions.

Change Log

Version 0.1.5, June 26, 2021
First public release outside of BM clients. Registration enables full access to multiple endpoints, including the RBA, cash rate, and bank API.

  • Graph Inclusion: Basic graph inclusions. Will be updated in 0.1.6.
  • API and Updates: Added registration fix and plugin update enhancements. Updates to the plugins now require an active domain and API key.

Version 0.1.3, June 24, 2021
Update to pre-release code.

  • Updater: Minor changes to the update function.

Version 0.1.2, June 24, 2021
Pre release modifications. Testing only.
Version 0.1.1, June 24, 2021
Minor changes pre release.

  • Updated Auto Updater: Plugin will automatically update when a new version is released.


At this time you should download BeliefMedia Core from our 'Finance Marketing' Facebook group . Access is also provided via our mailing lists.

Title: BeliefMedia Core
Description: The BeliefMedia Core plugin is for those that are not using the primary BeliefMedia plugin. It is a free tool provided to the finance industry that supports other complimentary plugins. Our suite of free plugins requires that this based plugin be installed.
  Download • Version 0.1.5, 6.3M, zip, Category: WordPress Finance Plugins (Delivered via API)
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