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BeliefMedia LMI Postcodes

Lenders assess mortgage applications differently based on the location of the property being offered as security. A lender, or the Lenders Mortgage Insurance provider, will apply more rigid lending policies in high-risk locations to limit their exposure. This risk mitigation assessment often means that your maximum permissible LVR will be lower, and the maximum loan amount that you’re able to borrow will also be lower.

The simple calculator returns Genworth and QBE policy data. The plugin is introduced in more details via an article confusingly titled "Complimentary High Density (Risk) Postcodes and Maximum LMI LVR Website Calculator".

Note: All references to property category in Genworth's policy documents were removed in their 'summary of changes  (effective 8 October 2018)'. As such, all references to the category 1, 2, and 3 postcodes previously listed in their 'Security Location Guide' were removed (this change was likely in response to discriminatory lending as identified in the Banking Royal Commission). The LMI risk now relies more on the property type within various boundaries.

The result of the calculator is simple - is the postcode considered in a LMI provider's risk summary?

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Please enter a 4-digit Postcode
DISCLAIMER: The Calculation queries the BeliefMedia API to check LMI issues associated with a postcode. Please note that while every effort is made to keep data up-to-date, the most reliable source of information of LMI information is your broker. [ BeliefMedia API ]

Shortcode Attributes

Various attributes are available that'll alter the style of the calculator - this may be required as we've styled the tool specifically for our default mortgage broker website.

Attributes available are line_height, font_weight, font_color, margin_top, margin_above_button, margin_above, placeholder, margin_below, margin_above_disclaimer, lmipc_title, disclaimer, disclaimer_style, and input (style).

Change Log

Version 0.4.1, August 8, 2021
Version change only.
Version 0.4, August 8, 2021
Minor bug fix.

  • CSS Correction: Corrected issue with CSS that presented problems in some themes.

Version 0.2, August 4, 2021
Minor changes. Sent to Beta and Growth brokers for testing (prior to updating and inclusion in the BM Yabber plugin). Minor fixes.

  • QBE Policy Change: Updated QBE policy error.

Version 0.1, August 4, 2021
Initial version for internal checking.

  • Initial: Basic plugin for mortgage brokers, RE Agents, and Planners. Initial plugin for internal testing.


Requires: BeliefMedia Core.

Title: BeliefMedia LMIPC
Description: Known as 'BeliefMedia LMI Postcodes', the plugin checks Genworth and QBE LMI policies for high-risk postcodes. Requires BeliefMedia Core.
  Download • Version 0.4.1, 4.1K, zip, Category: WordPress Plugins (BeliefMedia Client Plugins)

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