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BeliefMedia BSB

The BeliefMedia BSB website plugin provides a simple search feature to search a BSB number from any bank. The plugin utilises the BM API so the BeliefMedia Core plugin is required before the feature may be used.

First, and example. The shortcode of [bm_bsb] returns the following:

Please enter a 6-digit BSB Number
DISCLAIMER: The BSB Calculation queries the BeliefMedia API to check the validity of the entered number. Please note that while every effort is made to keep data up-to-date, the most reliable source of information of BSB data is your bank. [ BeliefMedia API ]

Use '062146' if you're struggling to remember a BSB number.

Shortcode Attributes

The plugin obviously words 'out of the box', but various stylistic elements may be applied. As with all our plugins, if you would like a specific feature simply send it to us and we'll build it in. We may update this free plugin to include all the advanced features we provide clients if there's sufficient interest.

The following shortcode attributes apply: line_height, font_weight, font_color, margin_top, margin_above_button, margin_above, placeholder, margin_below, margin_above_disclaimer, bsb_title, disclaimer, disclaimer_style, and input (style).

Change Log

Version 0.4, August 8, 2021
Bug fixes.

  • CSS Changes: Minor changes to CSS to correct issue in some themes.

Version 0.3, July 28, 2021
Version 0.2 used in testing. Version 0.3 is the first version for broker release.
Version 0.1, July 28, 2021
Initial version for basic testing.

  • BSB Search: Initial version for basic testing. Requires BeliefMedia Core.


The BeliefMedia Core plugin is required before this plugin may be activated. Core registers your site API Key and enables future updates. Your website and details are sent to us on registration so if you're not comfortable with this please don't install the plugin. The plugin should normally be downloaded from our Facebook Group .

Title: BeliefMedia BSB
Description: The BeliefMedia BSB website plugin provides a search feature for bank BSB numbers. Various styles may be applied.
  Download • Version 0.4, 3.7K, zip, Category: WordPress Plugins (BeliefMedia Client Plugins)

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