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Image Factory Updated

Note to clients. We’ve just updated all the image creation tools in the image factory, so you may experience a few interruptions over the next couple of days while we iron out the bugs Pictured is the basic ‘Square Quote’. The background, text types, fonts, colours, strokes, sizes, attribution details, footer, logo positioning, and so on, are all fully

Remove the Web Designer Link on Your Website

Some Web developers still include a small ‘Website Built by XYZ’ or ‘Powered by XYZ’ at the bottom of each page. The obnoxious action is as irritating as car yards placing stickers on your vehicle’s rear window. While the impact is insignificant, the unwelcome link devalues the weight of links on every page (link weight is assigned based on

Lender Rate Image Email Signature

One of the features of Yabber that is less visible than others is the lender rate email signature. The signature is an image that may be used in an email signature to return the lowest rate of a specific type. Yabber provides links to the direct image and will also create a HTML link for inclusion in your email signature.


Image blurred to remove identifiable watermarks. One of our very early website clients called me this week with concern over the drop in views on one of his websites, noting that he lost a top spot in search results. The website in question was poorly trafficked – about 170 unique visitors each day resolving to around 800 daily page

Day 1 of A Saturn Program

There is nothing more inspiring than spending the day with a broker that is leaving his legacy finance life behind and has chosen change. I tried to convert a cafe owner into a mortgage customer as an early demo of ‘how easy it is’, but it turned out she was a 20-year banking executive that was now working as

Landing Page Updates

Now for clients. As previously advised, the landing page module is offline until Tuesday for a significant update. The module that is most commonly used, and that which is connected to the ‘Solis’ one-click full campaign module, is used more often than any other landing feature, so we’ve built in testimonial features, block content, and some other tools to ensure

Mortgage Comparison Engine Pending Release

From very early next year we’ll be releasing our Comparison API to unrestricted use. Until now, the only groups that were generally using the tool were those ‘testing’ the comparison engine on their website and those ethical leadgen guys that were returning valid results to users (the registered Beta was always available but rarely promoted). After a very lengthy period

More Volume in 30 Minutes Than The Previous Month

I met a new client in Sydney’s Narellan yesterday morning before a few days off. She signed up on the spot, and since I had time, I figured we’d make the most of the large crowds. We don’t normal run on-site ‘anything’ with basic website clients, but in this case I was already there. The coffee shop permitted us

Time to Update Your Seasonal Profiles

For clients, now is a good time to try the ‘Seasonal’ features in Yabber. Unlike conditional website content which is shown on the basis of interest, borrowing objective, occupation, etc., Seasonal content are blocks that are replaced for a defined time interval before referring back to a default state. Seasonal swaps are normally applied to your website logo and social

Partners Take More Than a Phone Call

You’ll hear many talk about what’s necessary to build a large referral network, but most of it is rather antiquated. This doesn’t mean the time-tested ways of building networks won’t work, it simply means that you can improve on the effectiveness of your positioning in the market (in seriously significant ways) by actually positioning yourself differently. Your service, panel

Yabber Content Libraries

With the exception of aggregators, Belief has the largest document, video, and image content library in the industry. There are thousands of images (general and broker related), and billions (with a ‘B’) if you include those via third-party sources. Additionally, our library – for PDF documents, images, and video – allows for one click branding and integration with your website

More Conversations Means More Volume

More conversations means more volume… and that’s the basis of all our relationship programs. It’s the most bizarre thing when small-minded brokers question the potential to return large daily volumes because they haven’t developed an understanding of the basic formula that underpins their growth. I mentioned 5m a day recently – pick the right people and partners in the