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Gold Escort, Bathurst, 1872

During the Australian Gold Rush, escorts were required to transport gold – not totally unlike modern armoured vehicle transport. This photograph was taken in Bathurst in 1872. The first gold rush in Australia began in May 1851 after prospector Edward Hargraves with others claimed to have discovered payable gold near Orange, at a site called Ophir. Hargraves had been


The Commercial Bank, Bourke, c1885

The Commercial Bank, Bourke, NSW, c1885. The town of Bourke is located in the north-west of New South Wales, Australia. Bourke is approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi) north-west of the state capital, Sydney, on the south bank of the Darling River. The Commercial Bank of Australia Limited (ironically abbreviated CBA) was an Australian and New Zealand retail bank


City Bank of Sydney, Newtown Branch, 1892

City Bank of Sydney Newtown Branch, 1892. Pictured looking west from near Newtown Railway Station across from the intersection of King Street and Enmore Road. The City Bank of Sydney was formed in 1863 in New South Wales. The bank subsequently opened for business on 1st February 1864. The bank merged with the Australian Bank of Commerce Ltd in


The English, Scottish & Australian (ES&A) Bank, RSL Memorial Hall, Cleveland, 1940

The English, Scottish & Australian (ES&A) Bank in RSL Memorial Hall, Cleveland (SE Brisbane), 1940. This location in a side room of the RSL Memorial Hall in Cleveland. In 1921, the London Bank of Australia – which had operated agencies in Cleveland, Redland Bay and Wellington Point from Roma street in Brisbane – was absorbed into the English, Scottish


Bank of Victoria, Beechworth, Victoria, 1877

This photograph depicts the Bank of Victoria on the corner of Camp and Ford Street, Beechworth, Victoria, 1877. This building was erected in 1867 to replace the former bank that was destroyed by a fire on the same site. This classical style structure was designed by architects Smith and Johnson who designed many of the public buildings in Melbourne


London Chartered Bank of Australia, Brisbane, 1889

The London Chartered Bank of Australia (from 1893, the London Bank of Australia) was an English-run Australian bank which operated from 1852 to 1921. The bank was formed in October 1852, with the issuing of a prospectus and granting of a Royal Charter for a new London-based joint stock bank to operate in the colonies of New South Wales and


Union Bank, Launceston, 1867

Founded in London on September 1, 1837, the Union Bank of Australia Ltd. opened in Launceston in 1838. The first branch was established in Launceston, Tasmania (then, of course, Van Diemen’s Land) on May 1st, 1838, when the Tamar Bank was taken over. A branch at Hobart Town followed in early course. The taking over of the Tamar


Bank of Van Diemen’s Land, 3rd August 1891

Founded in 1823, the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land was the first commercial financial institution in Van Diemen’s Land, later the Colony of Tasmania. Nicknamed the ‘Old Bank’ , the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land traded for 68 years before becoming the first major bank failure of what would eventuate into the Australian banking crisis of 1893. The featured photgraph

Commbank Website, 1995

Commonwealth Bank’s First Website, 1995

A look back at the first Commonwealth Bank website back in 1995. Just two years later in 1997, and riddled with serious security holes, NetBank launched, offering 24-hour internet transaction banking services ” a first among the majors in Australian banking.


Sydney Panorama from Town Hall, 1973

Sydney panorama from Town Hall clock tower, George Street Sydney, 1873. From the Sydney archives, “One of nine photos making up a panorama. View south east along George Street towards Central and Surry Hills, showing St Andrews Cathedral at bottom right, Belmore Park, the Benevolent Asylum, Devonshire Cemetery and the Exhibition Building in distance in Prince Alfred Park. Signs on


ES&A Bank Building, King William St, Adelaide, 1910

ESA Bank Building, King William St, Adelaide, 1910. The second photograph shows the building on the west side of King William Street in 1895 (a single decker horse tram trundles past horse cabs standing in the centre of the street). The ES&A building is in the centre, with the AMP building on the left. On the right is the


The 2021 Death of Commbank’s Dollarmites

Dropped in 2021 in the bloody aftermath of the banking Royal Commission, the Dollarmites program was criticised for profiteering off children that were less likely to withdraw – essentially forcing a savings program onto those that wouldn’t otherwise engage in weekly banking – and creating a brand loyalty that often compromised choice (dominating the first account market gave the bank