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Elementor Forms in Yabber

We provide a large number of forms via Yabber integration, meaning that lead forms, event forms, referral forms, fact find reports, property forms, and others, may all be quickly created and then included on your website in a number of ways (our mortgage broker website supports shortcodes, Elementor drag-and-drop forms, significant automation, form escalation, interest-based rendering, and so on –


Free LoanOptions Website Plugin

LoanOptions.AI are an asset finance company that leverages their technology by making it available to mortgage brokers. Asset finance filters through to LoanOptions, while home loan leads are fed back to brokers. We’ve had a couple of our own brokers partner with the company so we built a standalone WordPress plugin to quickly enable the feature. We have our


LoanOptions WordPress Plugin

We’ve had a few clients use a system made available from LoanOptions that integrates a form onto broker websites. The default install from LO is quite poor, so we’ve created a WordPress plugin for a plug-and-play experience. There are plenty of bugs in their system, some poor coding, and some compliance issues that we’ll address on our website. Aggregators


Website and Yabber Titles Module Updated

Around March this year we had a client ask to have default page titles and formatting modified on around 70 pages. The request exposed a weakness in the mortgage broker website architecture that prevented easy (and global) modifications to page titles. Not good. In the latest update to the website marketing framework, we’ve made modifications to the title module


Testimonials Module Updated

We’ve recently updated the ‘Testimonials’ website and Yabber module, and the changes are significant enough that the feature requires a reintroduction. In a world populated with copious quantities of finspam and fake brokerages, it’s important to validate your business as one that is real and actually exists. Testimonials and reviews provide social proof and tend to shape the early


Yabber and Website Link Blocks Module

In creating the revised version of our Mortgage Broker Website, we’ve had to create various elements that’ll support different types of navigation. Similar to the Related Series module, the feature described in the linked article simply creates a block of styled links in a block or list. Used by a large number of pending Yabber features, such as ‘Titles’ and


New Rate Block

On the back of a recent request from a client, we’ve created a new style of featured panel that’ll return a lender rate textbox that is managed entirely from Yabber (the tool is simplified Yabber version of our our former Rate Textbox). While the former rate panel remains, the new panel is simplistic and arguably more persuasive. The featured


Website Logo Module

We recently encountered a broker that waited 6-months to have a logo changed on an aggregator-style website – in that time another company was shown. A full 6-months! This gave us reason to dust off the old Platinum logo features, add a little more functionality, and push the tools into a standalone Yabber panel. The result is an additional component


Front Page CTA Updated

We’ve recently updated the facility to update details on your website’s front page. Pictured are the changes to the primary CTA buttons. These buttons now include more CTA options, such as a Wistia or Video modal, linking to an internal or external page, phone number, PDF modal, or a modal or lender modal. Because these assets are registered in Yabber,


Additional Data Product Pages Added to Website Framework

Note to clients. We’ve added an additional nine pages to the website framework that’ll be functional in the plugin we push tomorrow afternoon. The pages show each product type (SMSF, Hone Loans, Business, Personal etc.) on their own page, listed by repayment type. Ordered by rate, we (generally) show only ‘parent’ product types for each lender with the panel


Elementor Form Blocks Integrated Into Yabber

Note to clients. As you’re well aware, Yabber includes dozen of form options and automation features. However, there are times where you’ll want to create a custom website form yourself via the default drag-and-drop Elementor form block. We’ve just pushed a module to Yabber that accepts and processes data submitted via a custom Elementor form (it’ll record all submissions by


Interest Rate Placeholders

We had a client message Domenico over the weekend asking if the primary rate shown on the front page CTA panel may be changed to a fixed rate (rather than use the default variable rate). The answer, of course, is yes. We’ve published a new page within the ‘Front Page’ module that lists all the primary rate placeholders.