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The New Website Referral System is Pending

Note to clients. Further to a post yesterday, we’ve tidied up the new referral form a little and expect to push it in the next two days. It supports multiple custom fields with multiple referrals at the click of a button. The styles, colour, and text is all fully customisable. The system is, of course, fully integrated with Edge, and


Referral Form Feature Requests

Note to clients. We’re pushing a new referral form late today or early tomorrow. Fully integrated with Edge, the form packs a ton of features, and significant Yabber automation applies (emails, texts etc). A single referral form is initially shown, and an ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’.button allows your clients to add as many referrals as they choose. Before we go live,


Website CTA Module Updated in Yabber

Note to clients. As you’re aware, a bunch of your website’s front page blocks are defined in Yabber, and a different message or asset is assigned to each, with appropriate content rendering to each user on the basis of a resolved borrowing objective. Earlier today we applied the first of a few minor updates to these features, with the first


Website Social Links Module Updated

Note to clients. We’ve updated the method for creating website footer social links. Links are now created when defining industry association, AFCA, and other logos in Yabber. Once updated, changes take effect on your website immediately. A driver for the change was a request to include a ‘Rate My Agent’ icon, so a build was necessary to support various social


Video Slider Updated To Include Custom Yabber Playlists

Note to clients: We’ve updated the relatively new Video Slider to include custom playlists created in Yabber (the same system is used to create ‘Related Posts’ panels). The facility to include YT Playlists into the slider is forthcoming.


Wistia Custom Thumbnail Error Corrected

Note to clients. The next plugin update is devoted purely to small bug fixes and enhancements. One of those updates is a fix to the custom Wistia video thumbnail. The Wistia block is the only integrated Elementor Wistia block on the planet, and it seamlessly integrates with Yabber. A reminder that any ‘known’ client (a client that has had an


Updated Elementor YouTube Widget

Note to clients. We’ve created a new drag-and-drop Elementor YouTube widget. It’ll be made available tomorrow. Unlike similar tools, the widget is conditional, meaning that you’re only ever shown applicable fields, and because your website is linked to Yabber, you’ll select videos, playlists, custom playlists, and other data directly, without ever entering a URL or ID. It’s very cool. All


Image Graph Elementor Widget Updated

Note to clients. We’ve updated the ‘LoanCalc’ Elementor widget. Primary changes include conditional fields (meaning that Elementor fields show based on graph selection), and we’ve changed various text fields to a ‘number format’. Loancalc returns basic mortgage graphs in a basic image format (supplementing our suite of JavaScript graphs) – perfect for inclusion in website articles, documents, and reports. We


New Website Slider Feature

Note to clients. New website feature: Video Website Slider. Rendered with shortcode or Elementor, the slider returns your most recent YouTube and/or Wistia videos as sliding panels, or you may select your own videos or playlist. Because your entire digital experience is integrated, your videos are registered to your website, so there’s no caveman copying and pasting. Virtually every aspect