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Podcast 0002: “Bo Corby and NWA Flight 41 into Tehran”

Views  727  Likes  14  Dislikes  0  Published  January 8, 2021, 3:01 am
On June 19, 2005 at 0435 in the morning Tehran local time, Northwest Airlines Flight 41 (DC-10 EER aircraft, Ship No. 1243) made an emergency landing at the Meherabad international Airport in Tehran, Iran, the first American air carrier to land in Iran in 26 years. The flight diverted to Tehran, Iran due to an aft cargo fire warning. The resulting maintenance issues were resolved, and operational requirements were addressed on the ground in Tehran, and the flight departed and continued safely to Amsterdam.

This recording with Bo Corby was originally recorded for one of our older podcasts ("Flight Podcast") which is on a very extended break,. Our conversion with Bo remains the only public record of the fascinating incident.

00m 00s : Introduction to Bo Corby & NWA Flight 41 into Tehran
This podcast was originally recorded by Martin Khoury, Ken Pascoe, and Karlene Pettit as part of Flight Podcast. In our introduction we introduce the incident and its relationship to digital marketing.
10m 05s : Bo Tells his Story
Bo recounts the incident in narrative form.
57m 40s : Group Discussion
Martin, Ken, Karlete, and Bo discuss the incident. Bo introduces various other elements of the incident.
1h 23m 56s : Exit
Exit discussion with Martin and Domenico. We talk about the possible extras that we'll make available (we recorded well over two hours of audio). We discuss some of the other podcasts we'll be publishing (including a number of aviation-related programs).

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