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RBA Email & SMS Module – Yabber Platform

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This video very briefly introduces Yabber's RBA Email and SMS module. Our three-paragraph RBA emails have a clear purpose: a conversion (normally a health check of similar). The first paragraph introduces our mortgage client to the impact the rate change will have on their home loan, and introduces an expectation for contact and includes a clear call-to-action (to have them call us). The second paragraph includes an extract from the Governor's statement with a link to the full transcript. The last paragraph will once again introduce a subtle call-to-action.

The RBA email is a best interest duty obligation, but it's also expected by your clients. It provides a monthly opportunity to provide an email (with generally high open rates) that'll lend itself to conversions (think of the RBA communication as 'landing page' for email).

The RBA SMS has an extremely high open rate and, as such, is one program we recommend to all brokers.

More information on the RBA email and SMS is available on our blog.

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