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What We Know About You

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the very basics of an integrated website (and how we develop an understanding of website traffic).

■ ■ ■

Our integrated suite of marketing tools means that all information and data is connected. This means that our integrated core can determine what a user is interested in and then alter website content, forms, triggers, conditional content, and so on to provide a most relevant and high-converting funnel experience, and the most powerful digital marketing presence, the industry has ever known. On the back-end our Artificial Inference API (BeNet) can start to understand intent, trends, and causality. It's the only system of its kind made available to the finance and associated markets.

Note that any activity between 25th March 2021 and 28th March 2021 may not be shown as a result of a system update.

If you were providing directions to the driver of a car by phone, how could you provide guidance without first knowing their location, their current destination, or even the speed at which they're driving? So too, how can we possibly craft a true marketing funnel without knowing where our users are in our journey, and what they're looking to achieve? Failure to consider your website and other exposures is a very key, basic, and negligent failure introduced to the digital world by way of mediocre 'Facebook Marketer' representation that occupies the digital space (and it's why we give you a complimentary website with the features described on this page - we needed to reassign importance back to the most valuable digital asset you currently own). An understanding of our customer is essential in order to curate an appropriate high-value and converting funnel journey.
Note: Data shown on this page is cached for 10 minutes. If the presentation is limited you might want to tour the site and come back to review your activity. We understand data collection can be confronting... but what we're recording is far less intrusive than the device you're carrying in your pocket. It's important to understand that our data-driven archives are used to generate you more business.... and a website designed to convert traffic into customers will generate you far more business and provide you with a leading digital experience.

The features we're describing on this page are essential to a higher-performing marketing funnel journey, and the funnel interaction data our businesses collect contributes in large part to their far superior paid and organic conversions.

Your Location

First, the basics. In a very simple way we have resolved your approximate location to Ashburn (Region: Virginia, Country: United States, Postcode: ) with geographic coordinates of 39.044 and -77.487. This information allows us to show geographically relevant information (such as FHB information, state-level videos, forms, or downloads), and resolving this data on your website allows our system to identify trends in location-based interactions (while outside the scope of this demonstration, we also record geographic telephone prefixes to feed the information with another source of location data).

Geographic information may also be returned in basic text anywhere on your website; for example, to show a visitor's state we simply use the placeholder of Virginia in a post, page, or title. The result (in your case): Virginia.

The location data for each visit is attached to each request via the BM Pixel and returned in your comprehensive Website and User statistics.

Marketing Asset Interactions

Note: It's not possible nor feasible to return all data we collect on each interaction. Instead, we're showing just a small fraction of the data necessary to craft an integrated and higher-performing marketing experience. If the page doesn't show anything you should check back after engaging with a few of our pages and emails. Data on this page is cached for up to 10 minutes.

Website traffic data is pointless unless it drives the automation necessary to empower your broader marketing presence. For example, based on predictive trends or known behaviour we can update a YouTube playlist or channel, update YouTube banner, or update a Facebook page banner and profile picture. Additionally, we can automatically and globally alter website content to reflect known interest meaning we're showing people what resources they're looking for, and what information will actually convert; making a user bounce around your site in a search-frenzy is a conversion-destroying action.

Why is our conditional methodology important? As a single example, the last couple of years has seen First Home Buyer grants improve upon that category of purchase in a significant way. Later on, and quite possibly attributed to Coronavirus, or perhaps the lack of registered land, we saw a big swing towards investment purchases (overtaking FHB website traffic). When that swing occurred our system identified the change and altered various consumer-facing website panels on a number of client websites to reflect the expertise your clients are looking for in a business.

The social media banners are defined by you and assigned to specific interest types. In this way we're able to serve a visual presence that supports the needs of a potential client, thus reinforcing your expertise in a particular identified area.

Note that automation is an opt-in program - we won't change anything without your permission.

What Pages Have You Viewed?

The pages you're looking at below are not saved in a page session. Rather, they're obtained directly from our system.

Woops. The API couldn't return data at this time.

We collect large amounts of information for each visit (about 30 fields, including full UTM, page conversion, and other tracking data). At this point your own interactions on this website suggests an interest in Finance (this may be as a result of this page alone if you haven't visited other pages).

How About Links?

The links clicked on a website internally (or those in an email) contribute towards our understanding of a user. If you have clicked any internal website links we would have recorded those interactions and BeNet would have assigned the associated interest value to your user profile. In this way we're able to gain a better understanding of who you are and what you're looking for. Let's have a look at links we may have recorded from you (if they're found we'll just show a few of them).

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Your Downloads are a Vital Source of Data

Downloading anything from your website is a high-value signal of intent and gives us reason to assign a higher score to our course-correcting methodology. Downloads come from forms, emails, internal links, and other sources, and they all help build an accurate user profile.

Woops. The API couldn't return data at this time. It's possible there was no data to return (yet).

The source of data, and the frequency between downloads, alongside dozens of other indicators help build a user profile.


Belief is one of the very few agencies that integrates telecommunication data as an option into our product, and then uses that data in order to shape the customer journey - both internally through standard prospect management, and on your website. A phone call is one of the higher level indicators and tends to relegate management of that individual back into the hands of humans... but your website needs to reflect the escalation of commitment.

Note: Because of the large number of dynamic mPBX options we're simply returning an array with all values. Data is broken down by inbound calls, queue calls, outbound calls, ring groups, voicemail, and so on - it's a big system.

    [inbound] => 30
    [queue_call] => 1
    [recording_inbound] => 30
    [ring_group_call] => 1
    [voicemail] => 7

The downloads are connected to the website subscription forms and landing panels which are introduced below.


The Trigger system is extremely comprehensive. Triggers are designed to engage a funnel participant on their journey, course correct the excursion, but most of all, make the experience a more enjoyable one. With clever triggers - supported by BeNet - you will convert more clients and you will provide a more focused and compelling customer experience.

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IP Address Data

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Subscription Forms

Subscription forms on your website are simply essential. We have brokers tell us every single day that they're website doesn't convert... yet the reason it doesn't convert is because there's no mechanism upon which to make that happen. Forms, landing pages, panels, and downloads are our way of capturing those that don't call us in the first instance and filtering them into a funnel journey. Every single page on your website is a potential organic entry point, therefore every single page on your website is a type of landing page, therefore every single page needs to provide some sort of conversion opportunity.

The form is a conduit that connects cold website visitors with a digital experience and its inclusion on every page with a relevant lead magnet is simply essential. Following are those forms that you have subscribed to on this website. We have a unique and proprietary to escalate or progress the forms shown based on previous subscriptions (if a user has downloaded something there's usually no need to show it again... therefore we escalate the funnel experience, show a different form, and potentially provide a course correction).

The API is indicating that you have not subscribed to any form (this may be an error as a result of unresolved BMUID, or you subscribed from another device).

Landing Panels

Landing panels are different to subscription forms by virtue of their design - they're two columns with a subscription form and an image or video. Not unlike subscription forms they ingest website visitors into a marketing funnel so escalation is applied in a way that doesn't show the same panel twice. Each time a cold visitor downloads a new magnet we learn enormous amounts of information from them in a way that escalates their funnel experience and provides BeNet with information necessary to gain an enhanced understanding of their intent.

The API is indicating that you have not subscribed via any landing panel (this may be an error as a result of unresolved BMUID, or you subscribed from another device).

Personal Data

If the data returned above hasn't returned anything of significance then it's likely the next two examples won't return anything either. However, if you've arrived here via email, and despite never having engaged with our website in any way, we'll still show your phone number and email after a short time.

In the following examples only those details that aren't empty are shown (up to 20 pieces of information may be recorded for each).

Your Resolved Name
No details available.
Your Resolved Personal Details
No details available.

Other Interactions

In addition to the data recorded above, we also record Witsia video views (percentage watched and engagement), occasional YouTube actions, email opens, page visit time, UPSRE (User Page Subscription Ratio and Engagement), and so on. Why? It's necessary. In many cases we record viewer on-page heatmaps and record mouse movement... although this is usually reserved for Platinum clients because of the overhead associated with managing such data.

Your Website is Vital

The most offensive comment you'll ever hear in the marketing space is that you "don't need a website" (usually to run Facebook ads). While technically true, your results will be compromised and your organic conversions simply won't exist without a high-powered website presence.

There's a reason that those businesses that partner with us return more volume and achieve more digital success (almost without exception), and this page demonstrates (in part) the basics of data collection that we consider necessary in order to generate those results. So, yes, you can run Facebook and other ads without a website except - ignoring the fact that our integrated experience provides better Facebook results in isolation of our applied website and three-dimensional Funnel ideology - providing a holistic experience will definitely improve upon every marketing touch-point.

If you're familiar with any of our material you'll appreciate how we feel about Kartra, Lead Pages, ClickFunnels, and other similar services (in case you're not, we're not fans). None of the information collected on third-party websites, or the engagement that takes place through a funnel journey, will contribute in any meaningful way to the understanding of a client... and, as such, those that use these fractionalised 'landing page' services are unable to actually provide a marketing funnel. Mashing up third-party websites, MailChimp, Zapier, and other services in order to provide basic 'landing' functionality - internal or external to your own website - is something we'd categorise as professional negligence.

A funnel isn't something unique to Facebook - we use them everywhere for traffic from any source. The notion that you send paid promotional traffic onto a website when you have the capacity to host those pages yourself, is utterly absurd. We're absolutely fed up with businesses that are provided with an experience that is far less effective and less compliant than even our free 1800Funnels product.

BeNet and the BMI

Based on the information collected and marketing asset interactions BeNet is able to assign a BeliefMedia Index (BMI) and Marketing Selling Index (MSI) to each prospect or cold website visitor. Based on the resolved information we're able to automatically escalate a lead and recommend appropriate actions. In some cases we'll automatically reassign the prospect to a new stage or bucket in MS Planner or your CRM (much of this functionality is currently reserved for Platinum clients).


Data is rather pointless unless we're able to do something with it... and we create an amazing experience based on your website interactions. In giving the marketing funnel and website experience it deserves you'll experience more organic traffic and conversions, and your paid promotion will be far more effective.

The functionality we've described on this page is made available in the free website we give you, and access to our systems and training is more cost-effective than virtually every paid 'Facebook Marketing' style of product on the market.

If you have reached this page via an email marketing campaign it's likely we'll send you an email in a day or two that'll link to a page which shows you how we use various interactions with website and other triggers. We'll show you in real-time how various interactions will launch an SMS by clicking an internal website link, send you an email based on a page view, and we provide a dummy phone number to demonstrate telco triggers. If it's our job to differentiate ourselves from other brokers in the market - and this is exactly what we have to do - our technology will demonstrate how you achieve this.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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