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Alaska Airlines Commercial from 1984


This Alaska Airlines commercial is brilliant. In a historical sense, it demonstrates the paradigm shift in both the airline product and passenger expectations in the airline industry over the last 25 years. The advert pokes fun at the concept of lowering the costs of travel by suggesting that one day, in the future, airlines may even have the mordacity to charge for use of the in-flight lavatory. Interestingly, Alaska’s idea of cost cutting with meals is to compromise on the quality rather than eliminate them completely.

“Many airlines offer reduced rate fares. Unfortunately that’s not all they’ve reduced. It makes you wonder… what’s next?”

Ironically, Alaska’s “unrealistic” assumption that an airline would be greedy enough to charge for in-flight lavatory facilities has partially come true, with Ryanair taking out the award for cheapness. Although Boeing rejected Ryanair’s claims for coin-operated toilets citing safety concerns, I wouldn’t be surprised if Boeing simply dismissed the concept to preserve what’s left of any dignity in the industry.

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