Friday, July 3, 2020
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Martin is the Managing Director of BeliefMedia Pty Limited, and Australia's leading Finance Marketing Specialist. He is supported by a team of Australia's finest. Read more about Marty here.

Provide Your Web Visitors With a ‘Smart’ Bookmark Feature

WordPress Bookmark
If we want our website to be a true resource we should be providing a basic navigating facility for a user to bookmark pages...

Show State-Level First Home Buyer Information on Mortgage Broker Websites

First Home Buyer
Geographic relevance increases engagement, reduces bounce rates, improves upon the relevance of page content, and improves upon your users' onsite experience. We've used geographically...

Mortgage Broker Compliance & Fact Find Questionnaires

Mortgage Broker Compliance
Venus is just one of the powerful and proprietary applications we utilise within the finance marketing funnel (or anywhere else on your website) to...

Protect Your Clients’ Personal Data

Having just talked about the necessity to protect client data by way of avoiding offshore loan processing centres, in this quick article we'll talk...

Why We Don’t Advocate Offshore Loan Processing

Offshore Loan Processing
Fraud in the mortgage industry is rampant. I'm not talking about those mortgage brokers that engage in illicit conduct by way of fraudulent transactions,...

An Introduction to Domain Names (and Web Hosting)

This article is a partial reproduction of the 0104 document sent to clients as part of our Growth programs. It introduces some considerations necessary...

Reputation Management, Defamation Law, and Removing Fake Google Reviews

Remove Google Reviews
Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of a reputation - both offline and offline. What was once a task assigned to a...

How We More Than Doubled the Effectiveness of Finance Videos With...

Video Conversions
We've always advocated that a marketing funnel experience should be personalised and customised in every respect, and in an effort to further polish the...

12 Basic Tips For Creating Better Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Tips
If there’s any one secret to business success, hundreds of millions in turnover derived from our online campaigns tells us that it's those businesses...

How to Create Financial Advertising That Sells, by Ogilvy & Mather

David Ogilvy Financial Advertising
"How to create financial advertising that sells" was a 1974 advertisement from New York based advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. The ad was one of...