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Air New Zealand’s Mile High #RICHROLL Madness with Richard Simmons


In what is destined to become ‘just another’ in a long line of inflight entertainment safety videos from Air New Zealand, they’ve enlisted 104-year-old fitness guru Richard Simmons to provide the pre-flight safety demonstration.

The high energy, shorty-shorts wearing gay icon dances and prances his way through the 80’s retro demonstration with a ferocious campness that’d make Liberace look straight.

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Watch the YouTube video below (viewed 3,147,551 times).

Air New Zealand have made a second video available showing a sneak peak behind the scenes, proving that Richard Simmons is as annoying in real life as he is on screen.

The video is actually quite watchable. Without necessarily trying, they’ve shifted a great deal of attention towards their greatest asset – their staff – in a fun way without making it overtly unappealing.

You wouldn’t want to be a frequent flyer or company flight attendant – I can imagine this clip getting very old very quickly.

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