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As part of our ongoing introduction to our suite of APIs, we’ll be providing a very basic introduction to our aviation quotes database. At the time of writing our list of quotes sits at around 5000… however there’s barely 700 that are ‘activated’ (meaning the others haven’t been verified). As such, the source should be considered very much a work in progress.

The Result

Not unlike the standard quotes API, data may be queried by quote ID (for a single quote, id=123), or by search term (type=search&search=crash). Regardless of what query is made, the data array returned in each case includes identical fields. The endpoint in all cases is as follows:


An API Key is required, and an optional pg and number parameter may be supplied for pagination purposes. If searching results, the search type must be provided (type=search). If no search type is provided, the browse type is assumed.

Returning a Single Quote

A single quote may be returned as follows: aviation.json?apikey=xxxxx&id=gY. The result:

With each result there’s a a few images; just one is referenced in the returned JSON. The primary purpose of prefabricating an image is so we can send them to social without the overhead of manufacturing them in real time. Having an image also makes paginated ‘visual’ results easy to render. If we build you your own set of branded images the filename is honored.

Aviation Quote

Sample Image Returned via the API

Sample PHP Functions

The following are the most basic of functions necessary to retrieve data. An API Key is provided to all clients and is available to others upon request.

Returning Single Result

Returning a single result will often return multiple image formats. It may also contain data about the individual responsible for the quote.


Browsing or Searching Results



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  • We wrote a very mediocre “Aviation Quotes” WordPress plugin some time ago; that plugin will soon be retired and a more comprehensive product will take its place.
  • To exclude those results that may not be ‘child friendly’, use nsfw=0 in your request.

Featured Image: Chuck Yeager in front of the Bell X-1, which, as with all of the aircraft assigned to him, he named Glamorous Glennis (or some variation thereof), after his wife. Source: Wikipedia.

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