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The Braniff Airlines Air Strip


The Braniff International (1928-1982) Air Strip television and print advertising was part of a broader campaign that was used to re-invent the airline. Read about it here.

In the television commercial, a “hostess” casually takes off layers of her Emilio Pucci uniform while the narrator uses subtle sexual references to describe her behaviour. He concludes with the tag line, “The air strip is brought to you by Braniff International, who believe that even an airline hostess should look like a girl”.

Note that the term hostess is used rather than flight attendant or stewardess. It was believed that branding their flight attendants as hostesses would make the cabin crew and the airline more appealing to the male population.

The Braniff Air Strip

The purpose of the strip was to reveal a new layer of uniform that was appropriate for each phase of flight. Consider it the original mood lighting.

Print Advertising

The television campaign was accompanied by print advertising.

Braniff Air Strip

Braniff Air Strip

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