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Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes an Education Module (Useless Until Proven Otherwise)

Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes an Education Module (Useless Until Proven Otherwise)

The mortgage broker website we provide clients is designed to wrap itself around the programs and features you need in order to succeed online. The powerful finance website is more than just a business card placeholder - it's a completely immersive online experience designed to facilitate a real website funnel that actively support your primary marketing funnel journeys.

Your conditional website funnel is key in supporting your marketing funnel. Your website supports the development and nurturing of a potential client into your pipeline, but also guides their website funnel pathway once they're part of your follow-up experience.

Note: Your website supports leads in a progressive way where other resources fail. Email follow-up is a highly effective tool in nurturing your leads but it is far from a single solution - your website is an essential component of your marketing programs.

This article describes some of the website features that see our clients convert large amounts of organic traffic, and up to 37X more promoted leads.

Note: Our experience consistently returns around 3-5X more business than competing products. In the case where we achieved a 37X improvement it was on the tail end of a product known as Mortgage Mastery - a particularly offensive product no longer made available to the market, so the improvement is the exception rather than the norm. In the case of all products listed in our Rescue Package we required that our experience returned at least 5X more business. In fact, we have an open challenge to much of the industry where a businesses is invited to compete against my 7-year-old daughter, with my daughter returning at least three times more than volume in a fraction of the time (in a moment of unrestrained rage we commented on a Mortgage Magnet advert and invited them into the challenge directly - we consistently return around 10X more to brokers inherited from this 'program' without effort). For those familiar, our 2009 book "The Mortgage Magnet" in way connects us to this product. We're a little sick of brokers sold nonsense solutions that ignore your most powerful marketing asset - your website.

The reason our marketing programs are infinitely more effective than the pedestrian solutions peddled to the market is simple: we provide a holistic experience supported by a conditional website funnel methodology used to escalate your client into your pipeline. The business that does a better job or qualifying themselves, or serves an experience that more effectively demonstrates their expertise and authoritativeness, will always win more business than the broker that provides a generic and mediocre email-driven journey.

If you're familiar with any former article on this website you'll be familiar with the following message: any marketing experience introduced to your business without first optimising your website to support the traffic is akin to professional negligence. Certainly, any experience that includes off-site landing resources, such as Click Funnels or High Level, is introducing worst practice, non-compliance, and technical debt to your operation, and hosting landing pages on these services is utterly absurd; you should never ever host landing pages on a third-party website when you have the capacity to host those pages within your own integrated experience. There is no sense whatsoever in sending promoted (paid) traffic to an off-site resource when a landing page really is (at its core) 'just another webpage'. In sending paid traffic off-site you're completely negating the ability to provide a funnel-based escalating strategy in place.

Create Simple Landing Pages: You may create standalone landing pages in just a few minutes that are arguably more powerful than even paid services. A couple of articles shared a few years ago are a little outdated but still provide a satisfactory self-hosted solution. An article titled "Build Naked Landing Pages In WordPress", and another titled "Create Simple Responsive Landing Page Columns In WordPress", show you how to create a fairly slick and functional landing page in minutes. Outside the scope of this article, our landing page system is introduced in an article titled "Powerful One-Click Landing Page Creation".

The reason many will use a third-party service to host their landing pages is almost always associated with Facebook traffic. A charlatan in the making will complete a two-day "make money online" course, then set up a basic low-performing system, and then the'll flog the resource off as an 'autopilot lead generation machine'. The formula used to sell the system is as formulaic and boring as the system itself. The problem is that it works... it just doesn't work very well (and far lower performing than our own integrated Facebook systems). Any marketing is better than no marketing so even bad marketing returns results. The same charlatans will usually introduce quiz-style questions into the funnel flow as a seriously flawed means of qualifying clients - a ridiculous and utterly negligent solution (introduced to compete with our internal or page-two Venus Report).

The purpose of a funnel is to indiscriminately ingest as many leads into your experience as you're able (without exception), with subsequent landing pages, or the website funnel itself, used to develop your leads.

1800 Funnels: The reason our free 1800 Funnels product is at least 3X more effective than any paid system made available to the industry is because is it itself fully integrated. Yabber is obviously designed to provide a far more immersive experience, and fully integrates your website into your marketing experience.

Having reinforced that the basic premise of a funnel of any type is lead development, it's time to introduce one of the modules of your website that has an extraordinary impact on your engagement and conversions. While our promoted lead cost is lower than the general industry, it's our funnel conversions into your Opportunity pipeline that are typically 5X - 10X higher, and the module we're about to introduce is part of the reason these results are attained.

The Education Module

If the purpose of a website funnel is to escalate or guide a user into an appropriate online journey, it stands to reason that we'll craft purpose-built modules to support different kinds of borrowers. These funnel end-points are often presented as education modules designed to support those leads that aren't ready to contact you yet. Generally speaking, an education modules should initially be designed to support two groups of borrowers.

  • First Home Buyers
  • First Time Investors

The first group should be your first priority (every brokerage needs a FHB education module). The FHB group will also and invariably evolve into the latter category. We'd also recommend Construction Loans but this often tends to be a sub-category of the FHB group.

Each module should include rich video content, downloadable assets, checklists, and other resources. The idea of the programs are clear: educate, inform, and develop the leads into a phone call.

The mortgage broker website does not provide the educational content. In fact, we provide you with nothing more than an empty shell. The primary reason for this is simply because we build this module in its entirety for our Platinum clients. The website we supply brokers does not link to the module, nor does it include the module in any menu. Instead, it sits dormant until you choose to do something with it.

Mortgage Broker Education Module

  Pictured: The Education Module is ready and waiting for you to do something with it. The page will be designed to provide clear pathways into the appropriate material (and will look nothing like it does now). Note the Simple Panel subscription form - it is included everywhere. The page does include a few articles by default... but the module isn't designed for 'articles'.

We do provide a service to manufacture these online courses in full but it is cost-prohibitive for the majority of brokers.

Holistic Digital Support

Any content that you manufacture feeds search engines with the engaging content they're looking to ingest, and a video-rich module satisfies the appetite of search engines in a way that you don't achieve with generic and boring content. Education modules have a seriously positive impact on your search visibility.

Remember that your videos will also reside on YouTube and other hosting services, and the audio might even find a home as a podcast or as a blog post, so it's content that can be repurposed in any number of ways.

Your commitment to your clients is an attribute that your colder partners are looking for in another business, and the education resources sets you apart and starts to establish you as a committed business. In fact, one of the top performers we've worked with (and one of the top-performers in the country) packages up his courses and provides them to partners as part of his partner product for use on their website, and this has returned amazing results (again, ignore the bonehead messages suggesting partnerships are a waste of time).

Used with Facebook Advertising

If the purpose of a marketing funnel is to set you apart from the mediocrity bidding for the same market (and it is), then it's your education components that easily sets you apart and very quickly establishes your expertise and authoritativeness in your field, lending itself to the broader trust model. If a subscriber to your assets via your website or paid promotion is served with a course of education, the disclosure of the information often negates the need for the individual to migrate elsewhere, and they'll begin to anticipate your other emails (you don't need to sell in a funnel - you need to educate, and your website education module should support this ideology).

We introduced Facebook marketing to the finance industry, and we've worked in the industry since 1997 (we've set up a couple of award-winning brokerages ourselves in the meantime). We can state categorically what need to be done in order to maximise paid and organic conversions... but we also understand it is time consuming and confronting to manufacture certain types of assets (including the educational components). In the absence of a dedicated website module your email sequence needs to emulate an online course and progressively introduce educational components into the life of your subscribers.


Brokers are in the education business first and foremost. Most of the work associated with actually processing a loan can be relegated to technology or in-house administration staff, so this leaves the business brand (you) to immerse yourself in building relationships and educational content used to attract and convert more business.

Having said that we don't provide educational content, it's highly likely we'll manufacture some generic and unbranded videos and material to support the module since we recognise its importance, and we also understand a business is unlikely to invest the necessary time (simply because you don't have time). As a resource that is somewhat vital to a holistic marketing funnel we're obligated to provide something, and our team is extremely successful in creating persuasive educational content.

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