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The Mortgage Broker Marketing Manual

The Mortgage Broker Marketing Manual

We published the basic 150-page Mortgage Broker Marketing Manual a couple of months back with the goal of providing a general resource to mortgage brokers, financial advisers, and accountant. The manual was quickly put together from thousands of pages of information we make available to our clients. The purpose of the manual is to establish a baseline for what we consider something that resembles best acceptable practice. Because the marketing manual was put together so quickly via what was essentially the mass copy-and-paste from some of our other material, there are a few errors and some sections that require a serious edit. While we'll take care of those issues in the next major revision, the book is still of serious high value.

We are responsible for what is unquestionably the highest yield lead generation and conversion results in the finance industry. As described below, if you've previously sought guidance elsewhere, we have a program where you may subscribe to our lead generation program at no cost. If we fail to generate a 300% increase on lead conversions you pay us nothing. Reach that benchmark (we always do) and you simply pay a reduced fee. Our manual describes in small part how we're able to make such promises.

Course Correcting Financial Marketing

We've made no secret of the fact that we object to the questionable conduct of many marketers in the industry, and we wanted to share what is the first of a few manuals that'll give all brokers DIY guidance that provides more value than what they'll often pay for. Knowing that others that share our space will read it we wanted to give them a push in the right direction (and we've already seen this in a massive way with some marketers completely overhauling their flawed operation, with one of them blatantly stealing our course material and data).

There are a number of practices that no self-respecting marketer or technology company will ever subscribe to as part of an integrated and future-proof product - such as using leadpages, clickfunnels, Kajabi, fileinvite, and others (they're acceptable in isolation of a marketing program or if you're putting together a DIY solution, but no self-respecting marketer will ever guide you into any subscription-based tools). Any tool that dilutes your brand, increases the barrier to entry, removes inventive, or provides any kind of roadblock seriously decreases conversions. Providing these platforms to clients is introducing a problem into their business - not a solution... and it introduces a costly reliance on yet more third-party products; all our marketing features and tools are self-hosted, fully integrated, and provided with a lifetime licence (you'll never switch between third-party websites to manage any part of your system). The quality of the material promoted to the industry is in many cases low-performing rubbish. BeliefMedia is the only finance marketing company to provide brokers with a long-term, sustainable, predictable, scalable, self-hosted, fully integrated, and future-proof means of building ethical and legal revenue through marketing practices. In fact, we offer the only finance marketing produce and guidance that is fully compliant with all recommendations, requirements, and suggestions made within ASIC's Regulatory Guide, 234.

We're so ridiculously confident that our marketing methods perform better than others available to the mortgage market that we guarantee to increase the conversions delivered to you (via a competing product) by 300% (that's 3X) or we'll give you $10k - no questions asked (we inherit brokers all the time and there's not a program we haven't had to completely dismantle). Because we take on only one or two of these cases each week there is a waiting period, and we don't expect to run the promotion for much longer. We've only extended the offer to those that have engaged in certain products promoted directly to mortgage brokers; quite frankly, there are some real marketing agencies that do quite well and we wouldn't dare make the same promise (the irony of financial marketing is that brokers are usually better served by enlisting the services of a company that claims to relationship to the finance industry). Because we're a ROI-based marketing company it takes time to manufacture high-quality material for your business, so we generally work with program participants every day for at least two-weeks before launching any campaign. The truth is that we see conversions and lead-generation well beyond just 300% (on top of those manufactured by competitors) - so we've introduced a lower return simply as an insurance policy.

We have an extensive number of brokers in Australia that have subscribed to our lists so we've staggered the manual to those subscribers very slowly to avoid the inevitable wave of inquires. We've set our email system to send only one email email 10 minutes... and we've sent to other related groups at an even slower rate. The email campaign continues with another few manuals and high-value free tools.

Mortgage Broker Marketing Manual

Our manual includes introductory information on the following topics:

  • The Online Experience
  • Your Website
  • The Landing Page and Email Experience
  • The First Email
  • The Marketing Funnel
  • The Lead Magnet
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Broker Referral Strategies
  • The Platform
  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising

To say our manual is incomplete is somewhat of an understatement. We do plan on revising it to make it more relevant and readable, but we also expect to include a number of other essential marketing components. We haven't included those components that are genuinely proprietary and closely-guarded concepts. The manual details why, in small part, why no competing product offers anything that resembles a high-level full-stack marketing solution.

Those that have received those very rare emails from us can attest that we don't provide the typical long-form sales-pitch; instead, we pride ourselves on going against the tacky marketing grain by serving real value with every campaign (we're treating you the same way we'd like you to treat your own clients). We don't send emails any more than about once a month, and obviously never a few times a day like others. The fact we're writing an article about an email campaign might suggest how rarely we send email.

The campaign is set to continue this week with the introduction of a 170-page SEO manual to the mix. We're fighting a relentless battle with the industry that has adopted the ideology that organic growth, social, and content creation is a waste of time. Any charlatan espousing that message is make futile attempts at assigning value to their mediocre Facebook-only service, and they're detracting you from a strategy that they are utterly unfamiliar with (and potentially returns more volume than any paid promotion).

Our email campaign continues with free access to one of our seriously high value social tools, provides details on our referral-based systems that have generated billions in business volume, and then it continues with a few free broker-specific WordPress plugins. The email campaign has value that is consistent with any email campaign we might advocate for our own clients (albeit our clients will send theirs over a shorter timeframe).

If you would like to download the manual you may do so below. If the form is missing or has changed, subscribe to any mortgage broker mailing list and it'll be sent to you.

The biggest problem any mortgage broker should deal with is how to manage business growth. With our very broad and industry-leading lead generation systems, attracting people to your business is the easy part.

Would you rather rent a Datsun or own a Ferrari? Our program offers the latter for less than what most of our competitors charge for the former, and our lead generation and suite of powerful ancillary finance tools are supported by industry-leading support that never ends.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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