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    Add Stock Quote Date Table to WordPress With Shortcode (Alpha Vantage API)


    In early October we provided a shortcode that would query Alpha Vantage for stock data. One of the comments asked about how one would include the data in tables rather than a graph. This is a very crude example (I spend no more than a couple of minutes modifying it). If you’re going to use it you’ll want to style it and copy the inline CSS to the appropriate location.

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    Shortcode of [stocktable number="10"] returns the following. It’s kind-of mobile responsive… so if you were to use it you would certainly need to make improvements. We’re caching the data for three hours.

    9th April 12:00
    C: 11.2500
    O: 11.2500
    H: 11.3800
    L: 11.2000
    V: 36462658
    10th April 12:00
    C: 11.4500
    O: 11.4400
    H: 11.5500
    L: 11.4100
    V: 44005015
    11th April 12:00
    C: 11.4300
    O: 11.3800
    H: 11.4900
    L: 11.3000
    V: 32979038
    12th April 12:00
    C: 11.3100
    O: 11.5000
    H: 11.5400
    L: 11.2500
    V: 47133732
    13th April 12:00
    C: 11.2800
    O: 11.3500
    H: 11.3900
    L: 11.2300
    V: 34598783
    16th April 12:00
    C: 11.3800
    O: 11.3600
    H: 11.4500
    L: 11.2700
    V: 32803268
    17th April 12:00
    C: 11.3800
    O: 11.4300
    H: 11.4500
    L: 11.3000
    V: 30906803
    18th April 12:00
    C: 11.3300
    O: 11.3800
    H: 11.4800
    L: 11.3000
    V: 46226082
    19th April 12:00
    C: 10.9600
    O: 11.1800
    H: 11.2494
    L: 10.8500
    V: 49154173
    20th April 12:00
    C: 10.8200
    O: 11.0100
    H: 11.0300
    L: 10.7800
    V: 44930027

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