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Changing Your Facebook and YouTube Banners Based on Website Traffic

Changing Your Facebook and YouTube Banners Based on Website Traffic

In a previous article we introduced a feature that will change your Facebook and YouTube banner and other assets based on set-and-forget events that you have defined throughout the year. In the same article we touched on the automated changes that may be made to the same assets based on predictive or trending consumer behaviours. This article introduces those AI-driven feature.

As the market or your own audience trends in certain directions, such as towards First Home Buyer or Investor-related products, it stands to reason that you'll want to appeal to this majority audience with the branding applied to your entire digital arsenal, and our automated systems will make these changes on your behalf when our AI deems the change appropriate. These machine-driven changes that take place on your marketing periphery will appeal directly to these trending audiences based on interactions that take place on your website and other marketing assets, such as Facebook and YouTube. BeNet, our Inference API (AI-engine) does a good job of recognising the trending interactions that place in your email marketing campaigns, your website, downloads, and other locations, and forms an opinion of what information the majority of your audience is interested in consuming. On the basis of this 'probably certainty' Yabber Tag: yabber has the capacity to alter these resources in real-time.

Changing your social branding is something you should probably be doing yourself anyhow (a hard ask for any busy business owner), but there's no product on the market - with the exception of Yabber Tag: yabber, of course - that aggregates data in a manner that paints an accurate picture of your consumer behaviour, and no other product is able to accurately change the appearance of your marketing resources in the manner we've just described.

Note: The website we provide clients enjoys a number of escalating and conditional features you simply won't find elsewhere, and it's why our clients enjoy more organic traffic than most businesses see via paid promotion. The conditional and escalating features are discussed in a number of articles, but the article titled "Escalation of Commitment and Conditional Content in WordPress" provide a broad overview. Unlike broad-stroke changes such as those introduced in this article, our conditional website is the chameleon of the digital world and changes shape based on industry or localised trends, but also shows different information to different people based on their determined interest type.

The BeNet system needs lots of information to analyze in order to make accurate and well-informed decisions... but the complimentary website we provide clients is also designed in a manner to attract and convert audiences, so it doesn't take long for BeNet to start working as intended.

Does it convert more clients? It's difficult to determine exactly how successful these types of programs are (since our clients enjoy far more website conversions for a large number of reasons) but the anecdotal evidence suggests that it converts anywhere between 7% and 22% more business; we've based these assumptions based on assessing side-by-side websites with advanced functionality built into one but not another, so it's not the most scientific conclusion. However, it stands to reason that you'll attract more clients of a particular type if you demonstrate expertise in any niche when your broad social branding is speaking directly to that audience.

Belief provides the only conditional, full-stack, SEO-optimised, and fully-integrated website in the marketplace... and we provide it to clients at no cost. We currently provide the complimentary website out of absolute necessity; we've found that very few websites are actually designed to perform their intended function, so our 'generic' website with conditional features was a means of ensuring that our leading marketing efforts weren't relying on support provided by way of a lower-performing website - a high-performing Facebook advertising experience, for example, will explode when it's supported by your website. Ignore all the ridiculous and professionally negligent messages in the market suggesting that all you need is Facebook (something, by the way, that we do better than anybody) - your website is still the center of your funnel excursions and remain integral to the customer journey. As we'll talk about in various SEO articles, if your website isn't returning triple-digit leads every month then it's time to evaluate your digital footprint.

The 'conditional social' system is one of over 100 Yabber modules Tag: yabber so it represents a very small part of the broader system.

Conditional Facebook Banner & Profile Picture

In creating Facebook automation profiles, we associate a banner and profile picture with each of your participating Facebook pages. You select your website, the interest type that BeNet is actively looking for, and then we define the page assets for that specific interest type.

Facebook Profiles

  Pictured: For each profile - in this case 'First Home Buyers (and Government Grants)', we select the appropriate banner and profile image. Each of these images is uploaded to Yabber via a drag-and-drop uploader and then set when required. A number of defined interest types is defined.

If BeNet is activated the changes will take effect when we have a certainly of trending behaviour. Note that it's not uncommon for the Belief team to force updates before BeNet is able to identify trends (we can response to Government programs faster than BeNet).

A 'Default Profile' is set when identifiable trending behaviour ceases, or when BeNet gets confused about what's happening with your audience. An automation summary table returns all your profiles for quick review and edit.

Conditional YouTube Features

YouTube is a little more complex than Facebook because we're able to set your banner image and channel sections to highlight certain playlists at the top of your page. This action completely changes the appearance of your YouTube channel.

Facebook Profiles

  Pictured: For each profile - in this case 'First Home Buyers (and Government Grants)', we select the appropriate banner and channel section profile. The channel section profile is set via another tab.

The changes made to your YouTube channel are one small part of the extensive YouTube module, and they make the channel far more attracting to your majority audience.

In having a video presence it's also assumed you have a clear content program in place so Yabber Tag: yabber has new profiles to actually show.


The inclusion of audience-based BeNet changes are entirely optional, as are all the other BeNet-related features. It's on your website where BeNet tends to perform in way that explodes your conversions; the system will alter website content for any one visitor or all visitors based on known behaviours of all traffic, or that of just one user.

The features we've described are extremely advanced but they're also simple to use. In isolation, what we've describe won't have a profound impact on your conversions, but a lot of little things add up to a big thing, and the social profile automation is on piece of the bigger-picture puzzle. As we say over and over, a real Marketing Funnel is more than the typical 'Sales Funnel' that is touted to the industry as a solution (usually nothing more than a subscription and email program). A real Marketing Funnel is a weighted and multi-dimensional conditional experience that is designed to escalate the commitment of a funnel participant, and you don't achieve this with a boring experience.

We guarantee more conversions to your business because our systems are far superior in every respect to virtually all products that claim to compete in the market... and at a fraction of the cost.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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