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Podcast 0010: Broker Dan – 700% Growth in 18 Months (After 20 Years as a Broker)

Podcast 0010: Broker Dan – 700% Growth in 18 Months (After 20 Years as a Broker)

For virtually our entire time in business, we've refrained from making one broker known to another. We've discouraged testimonials (we have brokers delete them when they're created), and we've operate in the shadow of the performance of our brokers. There's a lot of reasons for this... not the least of which is that some brokers are paired with partners while others are not; some brokers will write hundreds of millions in additional in volume while others will do less. Generally speaking, we'll avoid any cross-pollination of any kind in order to protect the integrity of any individual performance. However, as we move towards a model supported by Yabber, we'll be making a large number of our success stories known. We've supported some of the highest-volume businesses in this country since we started working with this industry in 1997, and we'll now start to showcase the incredible award-winning and industry-leading talent on our books.

Daniel is a Melbourne-based broker that came to us for Facebook advertising... and he hasn't created a single advert. Like many that come to us, implementing early relationship or other programs into the mix is often enough to generate sufficient volumes, with paid promotion introduced at a time when the growth tends to flatline. As a single broker that isn't (or wasn't at the time) supported by a team, Daniel is far from our highest-performing client, but he's somebody that will invariably grow into one of the country's most successful brokerages.

We felt it was appropriate to introduce Daniel since he'll be carrying a couple of our internal Satellite programs, such as police.com.au, so his identity will become known.

In the time we've worked with Daniel we've referred around 45-million of 'unexpected' volume that came to us via our partners and others - this volume included a large development that we weren't able to resolve (this was volume in addition to that which he introduced to his own business via his own programs). We've also introduced partners to him that have returned hundreds of active leads. No business returned to Dan's operation (thus far) has come from paid promotion... although it's certainly something that will happen soon.

Like many of our clients, volume often drops off a little after we distance ourselves a little, although we've just reengaged with Dan and expect to see continued excellence into 2023.

We don't provide coaching, and generally have a moderate disdain for the contempt many (but not all) coaches have for the industry, particularly when these coaches have never worked as a broker. Instead, we simply provide workable business solutions, and those solutions support best practice operations. You don't need a coach - you need solutions.

This discussion took place in 2021 before Covid lockdowns decimated the economy.

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