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Every Page on Your Website is a Landing Page

Every Page on Your Website is a Landing Page

There's one message that we repeat over and over in order to drive home the message: every page on your website is a potential organic entry point, therefore every single page on your website is a type of landing page, therefore every single page on your website needs to provide some sort of conversion opportunity. This article builds on the concept a little... but there's nothing here we haven't said a hundred times before.

A website is an essential component of a marketing funnel. Failing to apply proper care to your existing marketing assets seriously compromises the number of leads that'll be returned to you via any organic means, and the lack of website care will apply a debilitating limitation on the effectiveness of any paid promotion. What many in the marketing industry are touting as a marketing funnel is actually nothing of the kind, and much of this has to do with the failure to first optimise your website funnel touch-points - your website is vital to your funnel, and vital in general terms if you're actually looking at have it return consistent business.

An Integrated and SEO-Optimised Experience is Vital

Third-party landing pages are costing you enormous amounts of business. (as we've said before, we'd argue that anybody serving your marketing messages on third-party websites is akin to professional negligence). The notion that you would send paid traffic to an off-site third-party resource is simply utterly absurd... yet it's seemingly commonplace. The number of brokers that are drawn towards Kartra, Lead Pages, Click Funnels, and other similar services when you have the capacity to serve those landing pages on your own website in an integrated manner, and in a way that adds immeasurable value to your funnel experience, is staggering. Sending paid traffic to somebody else's website is at the heart of a self-serving and careless message promulgated by a new breed of cancerous marketing-criminality (the "Facebook Marketer")... and brokers rarely have the capacity to readily identify the malfeasance in this style of marketing representation because the 'marketing agency' themselves are completely and utterly clueless to identify what's requires to actually provide an optimised experience.

We are very passionate about making compliant and fully owned marketing available to the finance industry, and our full-stack and fully-integrated approach to digital marketing often triples lead-flow overnight (and in one particular case by 37-times)... and we absolutely shouldn't be able to do this; this is more a reflection on the other guys rather than on our expertise. Part of the reason we're able to introduce this measure of success is by way of an integrated and conditional website that is connected to each and every other component of the marketing funnel. In fact, it's the industry disregard for website integration that caused us to introduce a powerful complimentary website (as an option) to clients that'll fully incorporate their funnel experience by default.

Note: It should be stated at this point that there are some brilliant agencies out there... but the one common attribute among all of them is that they'll steer clear of those third-party landing services, and they'll never provide into a digital program before optimising and integrating your website into the funnel experience.

How many organic website inquires to you see every day? We have brokers come to us all the time telling us that their website doesn't return any business. There's two very clear reasons for this: your website cannot be found, or there's no conversion opportunity in place to ingest them into your online or offline marketing funnel. Thankfully, there's a solution to both. Every finance business should return triple-digit leads every month.

How to Make Each Page Matter

Conversions and lead magnets aren't something reserved for just landing pages, nor are they just reserved for paid promotion. Your website is the single most important marketing asset you own, and your website can and will potentially return hundreds of hungry buy-now leads that are looking for you, rather than you looking for them via the typical interruption style of Facebook marketing (and our Facebook marketing returns more for less than anybody in the industry).

You're already attracting traffic to your site. What's your page subscription ratio (PSR)? If you're not already familiar with the value, it's one you need to investigate; it represents the number of distinct visitors to any page versus the number of conversions of any kind - it's discussed in more details in an older article that introduces the concept but we expect to touch on the PSR Tag: psr routinely, and we provide further supporting information in an article that introduces our website statistics. If you're seeing 100 unique visitors a week you should be seeing at least 5 conversions (remembering that finance-related traffic is on your website because they're looking for you or what you offer). Our guess is that your website conversions are closer to zero. There's a reason for this: every page on your website needs to provide a clear offer and conversion opportunity of some kind (on every single page). Simple.

Note: Yabber provides detailed PSR information available as part of our website statistics engine. We render page-level PSR, global PSR, and other associated information. The data is vital in establishing the success of each page on your website, which should often be evaluate in the same way we assess landing pages.

If you browse most pages on our website we return a subscription form and high-value offer on each page - this is turning each article or page into a 'type' of landing page. Not only is it a landing page, but it includes an integrated calendar (linked to Outlook, of course), and it connects the subscription to around 35 potential points of automation. So, in reality, each page on our website - and on each page of the brokers that use our Yabber Tag: yabber systems - are actually more powerful than the landing pages typically served by third-party services.... and it's not even a dedicated landing page. Further, the page-level forms inherit an optional escalation cycle that elevates the browsing experience and seriously enhances the funnel experience (the conditional and escalating methodology is one that applies everywhere, including landing panels). Of course, the power of your on-page subscription forms is enhanced by an optional conditional redirection which is the first page-level conversion opportunity supporting our real marketing funnel experience.

Note: How prevalent is your top-tier and primary call-to-action on your desktop and mobile website: your phone number? Ensure that your phone number is visible on all pages via a clear link or button, and make sure it launches the dealer on your mobile handset. A phone call is obviously your primary conversion goal (above that of any booking or subscription).

With the introduction of a powerful subscription and conversion mechanism on each page of your website you're now serving a more powerful experience than what many are paying to achieve via paid promotion.

Page Conversion

  Pictured: The on-page conversion at the time of writing. The form you will have on every single page of your website (since every single page is a type of landing page) will provide a conversion opportunity and form that is powerful and persuasive. This page-level experience will return more business into your pipeline. The form itself includes an integrated calendar which isn't a third-party plugin - it's actually integrated into your website meaning that no pages need to be loaded, and no other information needs to be provided (fields will automatically be populated if a user has previously engaged with an on-page marketing asset). Selecting the checkbox returns a data and time option - simply select the date and available times will automatically be populated. The needs for page-level calendar integration is discussed in more detail in another article. The integrated experience converts far higher than those that require new pages or unnecessary information... and you'll have it under every article of your website.

If you make the effort to create website content, such as a video or article, it stands to reason you'll want to have a real conversion tool in place to facilitate communication. Getting visitors to your website is only the first part of a broader tactile approach used to get them on the phone.

Without providing anything that resembles an intrusive experience of any kind, and without the use of annoying interstitials such as popups, or even including a sidebar (itself a distracting page element), we're serving several thousand 'landing pages' on our website... and you can do the same. We're sure you'll agree that the conversion we show under each post isn't invasive in any way, and for many interested in more information it serves as a natural progression into a funnel experience.

You Need to Be Found First

On-site conversions obviously serves no joy if your website is buried anywhere that isn't within easy reach of a search engine (usually, anything other than the first page).

Your website can and will be found - and possibly achieve first-page position in search engines - if you satisfy Google's appetite for a positive reputation: expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. You don't satisfy the requirements of those attributes for a whole range of reasons, but ignoring your content generation strategy is at the top of the list. You can build your website into a content powerhouse that'll garnish the necessary recognition to rank in search engine, but a clear, regular, relevant, original, and informative content on-site and off-site content effort is required. We've written an introductory article on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and we'll continue to make a number of articles Tag: seo available that'll provide the top-shelf information necessary to garnish organic traffic - they're all worth reading (it's information outside the scope of this article).

If you do choose to adopt a clear content creation program you'll generally see results quite quickly because so many of your competitors are simply ignoring the opportunity.


When we say that we're the only company that specialising in the finance space that actually provides a marketing funnel experience, it's actually a gross understatement.

While Yabber Tag: yabber supports your business in amazing ways, and provides a massive library of content resources, the system isn't necessarily required to implement the methods that we've described - you can do them on your own.

We've seen many brokers 'chase' that arbitrary 100-million dollar volume when organic means have the capacity to deliver that growth to you. Wrap relationship programs, good partnerships, and a systematic approach around your organic funnel and it's the secret sauce to continued business growth. Despite providing what is unquestionably the leading Facebook experience in the market, we don't believe the traffic should be relied upon in isolation; instead, it's used to maintain a clear growth trajectory to meet projected KPIs (so, it's used to fill in growth gaps rather than to deliver your primary business).

Belief has created an amazing free resource at 1800Funnels that provides an exceptional and integrated Funnel experience. It was created as a means to introduce a complimentary marketing experience (designed primarily for Facebook) that is guaranteed to provide more leads and conversions than existing and common methods used in the market. The purpose of Funnels is clear: provide a platform for the misled Facebook marketing crowd to introduce compliant best-practice marketing into their business. Funnels supports all the fundamental pillars of a high-performing funnel with website integration at the top of that list. The service is currently available to a limited audience.

Our advice wouldn't be worth anything if Yabber didn't provide a solution. You can read about how we include a high-converting calendar on every form, and how we create global forms under every website post, in other articles. Of course, our forms aren't just forms; they escalate and change shape based on conditional behaviours and the understanding of our audience (in fact, our broker website is designed to convert by way of escalating ideology).

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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