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Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes Property and Financial Planning Modules

Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes Property and Financial Planning Modules

The mortgage broker website we provide clients includes a large number of modules, one of which is a dedicated resource to support property and financial planning. This article introduces the rather obvious reasoning behind the inclusion.

Mortgage Broker Website: This article supports an introduction to our Mortgage Broker Website - the most powerful and affordable website made available to the industry. It is design to support your marketing funnel, provide live bank product data, enable high-end automation and integration, and actually convert clients.

First, many brokers double up on their job description and provide broking services to supplement their primary role, or use property or financial planning to support their broking business. Certainly, from a best interest point-of-view we're now obligated by law to introduce certain services to our clients (such as insurances) so it stands to reason we'll provide information on our website to satisfy that requirement.

Second, for brokers looking to partner with a property professional, real-estate agent, or financial planner, the website modules validates your value in the field. The pages - if not used directly by you - might be used to directly support the services of another partnering business.

The Partner Funnel: The 'Partner Funnel' article tends to illustrate the value of the property and financial planning modules in a way that makes more sense. The article titled "The Mortgage Broker Website Partner Module Supports the Partner Funnel" introduces a mechanism that'll have partners approaching you - much easier than other methods (although we're shortly to publish a recording of three phone calls in 15-minutes that led to three very profitable partnerships... so it's not that hard). A partner funnel is never just a landing page, and certainly never limited to a weak email follow-up sequence. Partners expect your online experience to be as amazing as the experience you provide your own finance clients, and your partner funnel should demonstrate this brilliance and set you apart from all those other bidding for the same business.

As part of our internal programs we've now partnered hundreds of brokers wither professionals with another field, and these connections are a core part of our Platinum model of support (the matchmaking service is generally no longer provided to any business that isn't directly managed or supported by our team).

Related Article: We have a number of partner programs in place, such as PartnerDashboard (Beta), and a facility to include your landing pages on partner websites (via the BeliefMedia Partner plugin). Both these tools are in a closed Beta but we expect them to be released to the wild sometime soon.

Partner relationships are essential. Simple as that. While there's a range of competing messages in the marketplace surrounding the value of partnerships in a digital age, we can categorically state that we see billions in yearly volume on the back of relationships we've created. They just work.

The Charlatans: Those shifty marketers that leverage the perceived difficulty in building relationship are doing so because they have failed to make a success of the most profitable organic source of referrals, and it's usually done to assign value to a mediocre Facebook program. It's somewhat ironic that somebody that failed at relationship marketing would themselves set themselves up as a marketer - just bizarre.

To support any relationship proposal you need a suite of tools that adds serious value to that relationship, and we endeavour to provide all the tools you need to stand out from the sea of mediocrity. Part of this support is made by the way of your website module to support the 'other' business (or your own business if moonlighting).

Financial Planning Module

  Pictured: Pictured is the 'naked' financial planning module. Missing is the required lead magnet and subscription form (or landing panel, as required on every page), and this is assigned to the top of the page with the click of a button. The screenshot is of the completely 'naked' template (not the demo page), so does not include certain information. Apart from the mandatory 'Partner Guide' we'd like all our clients to provide, we usually provide a generic form for those that would simply like to talk to you.

You will note the FAQs in the middle of the page. These accordion panels link to the relevant full-page FAQ article, and they're used as part of a proven method to reduce page clutter and improve conversions.

The property module is an interesting one. We're currently developing a back-end to support an amazing property experience that includes property data and property listing information (fed to your site via your own property archive, or that via a supplied library).

Related Article: We have a system in test that will send a property value estimate to a user once they've supplied us with their mobile number and property address. When taken out of Beta you'll find information in an article titled "SMS Text Replies With Property Price Estimates".
Related Article: Yabber Tag: yabber currently supports Property Alerts via SMS (manually sent by you when appropriate through our SMS module). The subscription segregates the subscribers into various groups. The form is created in a manner not unlike the standard email subscription form (albeit with fewer points of automation applied). You will find details in an article titled "Supercharge Your SMS Subscribers With Property Subscription Notification Forms". This is a fantastic system that'll enable you to support your partners in a way that others cannot.

When enabled the property module will support property listings by default (perhaps in November, 2021). We expect to provide an experience comparable to the leading property listing websites in the country (in design and features - not in the quantity of property). We're looking at various distribution models that'll enable your property to potentially be shared by others for increased exposure. There's a ton more information to follow on this subject, and when released out of Beta you'll find details in an article titled "Property Listings on Your Website".

Martin & Domenico are RE Agents: Apart from the fact we have worked in the digital industry since 1997, and in addition to the fact we have owned and operated our own award-winning brokerages, we're also licenced real-estate Agents. This qualification was one that was necessary to support our clients, and one that has assisted with various compliance aspects. In addition, it does allow those brokers that don't have a property partner (yet) to partner with us until they find somebody that supports them with exclusivity. In a sense we're a potential 'placeholder'.

Not unlike our live and always up-to-date bank product data, we're integrating Elementor-based drag-and-drop functionality to showcase individual properties, or groups of property. The feature will be a brilliant addition to your website... and it'll be a core module within Yabber Tag: yabber.

The naked property page obviously excludes features that'll be rendered on your own website, including the mandatory 'every page' landing subscription panel.

Property Module

  Pictured: Pictured is the very 'naked' property module. Missing is the required lead magnet and subscription form (or landing panel, as required on every page), and this is assigned to the top of the page with the click of a button. The screenshot is of the completely 'naked' template (not the demo page), so does not include certain information (and the website articles and FAQs are absent).

In gaining an understanding of our client through our conditional content and AI we hope to introduce a smarter way of presenting property options and information to your website users, and ultimately create a greasier path into your marketing funnel (or, ideally, get them into your real-world phone funnel).

Each Module is a Post Type

The Financial Planning and Property modules are contained within their own post type designed specifically for content created to serve a specific purpose. The typical route that many of you might have taken in the past would be to create these types of pages in WordPress' 'page' archive, but this method limits our ability to create a living resource designed specifically for a particular topic. As we'll explain in more detail when we introduce the mortgage broker website, every single independent module on your website occupies its own post type for easier management of your digital resources.

Property Planning Website

  Pictured: The Property and Financial Planning Modules are relegated to their own custom post type. This makes management of the resource easier for you. All child pages are enveloped within its own area. This segregation allows more comprehensive automation to take place (and the post type itself is recorded in statistics for a better understanding of client page movements.

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, BeNet (our AI) is fed different types of information in order to make course-correcting 'conditional' decisions, and this includes the parent 'post type' (kind of like a 'category'). Every time a user views a page or clicks on a link, the post type (in this case 'planning' or 'property'), along with a user defined 'interest type', are sent to the processing server (they're obviously two of many data-points). These markers, along with all the other data, starts to build a user profile over a number of page views (the information is obviously made available to you as part of Yabber's statistics module - an understanding of your website traffic and intend is vital). This profile, or our understanding of website user behaviour, then allows our website to shape itself around what BeNet determines is the most suitable funnel pathway.

If you don't want these post types they're simply excluded from your site... although we'd highly recommend them. If you do include these modules your general footer disclaimer should provide all the appropriate information, and the licencing details of your partner should also be included.

The Impact on SEO

SEO is a big topic, and one that we address in a large number of other articles. However, at the core of modern SEO is the expectation that you will demonstrate Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust - three attributes of Google's ranking mechanism, and three of the attributes of Belief's own Lantern model of Trust. As Google's algorithms have evolved into something more human-like, they now assess your website as your readers would. You can no longer 'work' SEO as you once could to get a high ranking - it's now essentially your users that determine your website score.

Without getting into the complexities, the more options you provide your website visitors, and the more relevant information pathways you provide, the more content your website transients will consume. Those of our clients that have used our website, and then flooded it with their own content, video, and personality, have seen brilliant success.

It's hard to say how many organic website leads you should attract every day... but it should be at least a few (this is often enough to build a 9-figure business volume). Our most successful businesses see triple-digit organic website leads every single month.

Without a website designed to attract and engage your audience (as ours will), it simply will not perform as intended. Our website is designed to convert.


To be clear: we want you to own the digital framework necessary to organically attract partners, and we want you to have access to the technology to support your partners in a way that makes you a clear professional choice. Providing website modules to support your partners is just one part of a much longer equation.

Introduced in an article introducing our Partner funnel, we discuss how any service claim you make to another party must be backed up by real-world assets that supports their business. If your value proposition is strong enough your efforts create a sense of obligation through the power of reciprocity, and if you manage the relationship in a way that continues to add value, you'll see an ongoing stream of business into your pipeline.

Note: If you were ever told that networking events weren't important, or you were ever told that a $20 lunch was a waste of time, rest assured that the clueless charlatan that provided that misleading and professionally negligent advice hasn't ever seen the massive value delivered on the back of a club-sandwich . While we provide and support the highest-return digital experience in the industry, we absolutely do not shy away from promoting the traditional relationship methods of marketing.

Your potential partners are looking for the same thing that everyday consumers expect in a broker: expertise and authoritativeness (in order to build trust). Your digital presence,and the digital tools you're able to provide them, supports your claims.

Don't be misled into thinking a high-yield relationship is born from a landing-page style of first contact, and never relegate your relationship marketing to email sequences. While your digital assets are important (both integrated landing pages and email, partly to demonstrate your exceptional relationship-based technology) you will need to support your partners through your funnel in the same way you support your real-world clients.

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