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Show State-Level First Home Buyer Information on Mortgage Broker Websites

First Home Buyer

Geographic relevance increases engagement, reduces bounce rates, improves upon the relevance of page content, and improves upon your users’ onsite experience. We’ve used geographically relevant filtering extensively in the past to display targeted WordPress post titles, show geographically segmented popups/modals, and automatically segment mailing list subscribers without having to ask for a location (or at least populating a dropdown box with a resolved location so a selection isn’t required). This article introduces a basic standalone feature we use on mortgage broker and financial adviser websites to serve targeted First Home Buyer (FHB) information based on their resolved state.

The notion that any broker would serve static information that restricts their reach to a particular state or region is absurd. Sadly, though, in the case of serving first home buyer information, that’s exactly what most brokers will do. Geographic segmentation is particularly important in the case of FHB information because of the variation in grants nationwide, state-level subsidies, and the taxes that apply under each State Government. The variance in FHB information is why we created an easy-to-use standalone feature.

We determine the location of our user when they visit our website for the first time by resolving their IP address and then storing that information in a cookie. Usually reliable to the state level, the resolved details are updated with a more accurate location by way of a user-defined form or other identifying interaction, such as the completion of our optional Venus report.

Usage is easy. We simply navigate our way to the ‘Geographic Content (FHB)’ tab attached to our ‘Conditional Content’ sub menu. We then move through all states of Australia and populate the text box with appropriate information (HTML is accepted). A field exists for those outside of Australia (ideal for expats) and ‘Unresolved’; in the latter case we’ll usually serve generic content. Content is returned onto your page via the shortcode of [bmgeo].

First Home Buyer Segmentation

If we can definitively identify the source of a visitor as somebody not interested in FHB information (usually by way of Venus) we have the option of not showing the content.

A number of one-click placeholders are available to return resolved location details. While not entirely accurate we’ve identified your state as New South Wales, country as Australia, and city as Sydney. Your postcode of 2000 is usually invalid but still may be appropriate at times. Your returned geographic coordinates (-33.8678512573, and 151.207321167) are ideal for locating nearby brokers or franchise offices, serving higher-value local testimonials, or rendering local contact information to a page.

Geographic content is available anywhere on your website; this tool is simply provided as a means of making the creation of all state-based information an easy process. Placeholders for geographic (and other) data is available on any page, not just within the FHB tool.

It’s clever use of geographic segmentation that provides a clear path for entry into your marketing funnel process… and used on landing pages it provides clear local relevance.

Belief is the only company in the finance industry to provide a conditionally-based website experience, and it’s just a tiny part of our the powerful product we make available to mortgage brokers and financial adviser.

For more information on how our conditional logic connects with our broader marketing experience, read our more comprehensive introduction here.

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