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Podcast 0006: “Girgis From Vogue Homes”

Podcast 0006: “Girgis From Vogue Homes”

Girgis Sirgyous is the sales manager for Vogue Homes, a Sydney-based company specialising in fixed-cost builds of new homes. Vogue have a significant presence in NSW but are looking at making their particular brand of excellence available in other parts of Australia.

This podcast introduces Vogue, their fixed-cost build strategy, what buyers should look for when venturing into the packaged house and land space, and Girgis' approach to all things property.

For those of our mortgage brokers looking at what Vogue seek in mortgage broker 'partners', skip to the 20m 19s mark.

00m 00s : Introduction
We introduce Girgis Sirgyous, his background, and his own view on real-estate investment.
04m 06s : About Vogue Homes
We learn a little more about Vogue Homes and their points of differentiation. Vogue offers fixed-priced builds with no hidden fees. We talk about the general (and flawed) industry pricing structure - "What is the total cost of ownership?" Girgis talks about comparing designs and inclusions in order to return a realistic comparison price.
12m 48s : We talk about Girgis' Blog
We introduce Girgis' blog, his motivation for creating it, and what knowledge he hopes to impart by way of its existence. In short, he wanted buyers to make informed decision.
18m 07s : You're in the Education Business!
The approach Girgis has towards his own blog is one that should serve as an example for our own clients. Have a clear, engaging, and education-focused content creation strategy.
20m 19s : What does Girgis look for in Mortgage Brokers?
Girgis talks about what he looks for in a mortgage broker. Vogue has a large network of brokers... but he likes finance brokers to have a clear and sound understanding of construction loans, registered land, contracts, and the construction process. He also likes brokers to understand Vogue's product and culture.
23m 56s : Builder and Real-Estate Relationships
We introduce a few tips for creating relationships with real-estate groups and builders. Relationships and called 'bridges' for a reason - they need to be built. Invest time into understanding clients before talking to them.
26m 00s : Where can you find Vogue Homes?
Girgis talks about Vogue's display locations, and how you may make contact. Vogue has the standard build on display but also has some display homes with additional inclusions.

■ ■ ■

You can learn more about Vogue Homes on their website, or by calling them on (02) 96079554. You'll find Girgis' blog at LearnProperty.com.au . As a local and friend, we'll endeavour to record more content with Girgis in the future.

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