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Podcast 0009: “Gravity Client Relationship Programs”

Podcast 0009: “Gravity Client Relationship Programs”

Our ninth podcast, "Gravity", introduces a limited number of the relationship programs supported by Yabber Tag: yabber. Despite providing the highest-performing Facebook program in the industry, and providing the leading digital systems  ever made available to mortgage brokers, we don't shy away from the raft of relationship-based programs that may potentially return hundreds of millions of dollars to your business.

Since working in the industry since 1997, and supporting some of the highest-volume brokerages in the country, we can conclusively say that relationship, client-facing, and partner programs routinely return far more organic business to your operation than paid promotion, and the programs lend themselves to fast-paced organic growth. Paid promotion certainly plays its part in any business, but the reason many migrate towards paid advertising is because they never had appropriate high-yield relationship programs in place. So, advertising of any kind is far more effective longer-term if the appropriate relationship programs are established to support your clients through their initial application and then after settlement.

With our managed clients we suggest measurable improvements to business systems before launching any program because the influx of volume will invariably put a strain on your operation.

The Gravity program introduces a number of programs that will have an immediate impact on your business.

If you're interested in a particular part of our discussion you may use the Chapter links below.

00m 00s : Relationships is a forgotten art-form
Sales and relationships, or other methods considered 'old-school', are becoming a skill that people don't respect as they once did. The advantage of having an industry disregard methods that are extremely powerful is that your own efforts will stand out.
01m 23s : Business volumes - the 100m barrier is BS
We talk briefly about the cavalier manner in which we talk about high volumes. We deal with growing businesses - all of which see volumes that slash the arbitrary high volume limitations. The volume limitations introduced to the industry create barriers and biases that are somewhat debilitating. Any business can write large volumes, and any business can grow to include multiple people in your team - you just have to know what's required to get there. Digital systems in isolation aren't enough; you'll need to commit yourself to various relationship-building programs. WE talk about the programs we managed internally during September and October of 2019 where we introduced 2.3BN (that's Billion) in volume. We talk about various coaching programs in the market and why we don't like most of them.
10m 35s : You can write large volumes - with or without Yabber
This podcast introduces the programs necessary to explode your volume without other digital advertising programs, such as Facebook. And you don't need us to do it. However, some brokers will find excuses to limit their business growth despite knowing what's required to see success. Our software will help you achieve whatever results you're looking for, but you don't need our software in order to run the programs - Yabber just makes it easier.
25m 05s : Relationships above technology
Despite being a technology company, we suggest you complete various relationship-based programs before investing into digital advertising. It's also important to invest in improving your business systems so when your volume does increase your operation is poised to take full advantage of the growth without letting your customer service or compliance obligations suffer.
30m 00s : The Relationship programs
We introduce those primary programs we talk about in the podcast: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and EDGE.
31m 57s : The problem we've had with brokers making video
We briefly introduce how we used video to assess early commitment in the Growth program. If no video was provided we didn't offer specific relationship programs.
33m 12s : The Pluto (and Jupiter) database clearing program
The most confronting old-school program we've ever introduced: clearing either a known and cold database or a cold existing client database. A client should NEVER get cold. We talk about the gravity framework and all the audiences that might potentially be introduced to your business (each cost has an associated cost and varying degree in difficulty to convert). We talk about the reluctance one experiences in involving themselves in this kind of program (and we probably talk about Amway for a little longer than required). Martin briefly introduces a the network distribution model for mortgage brokers (it's hard work).
43m 45s : The Pluto list
We talk about how you would contact a colder list of contacts that are known to you. Pluto is the ideal mechanism for a brand new broker to the industry but it's just as (if not more) effective for accomplished brokers. Who will make the calls? How are the calls structured? How is the Pluto conversion rate nearly 100%? A booking is a bonus... but we're looking at getting them on a database list ("I'll send you an email with his/her details so you have them on record"). Why is the Pluto list a potential goldmine of referrers or introducers? In our experience, and on average, nearly 7% of all those contacted will develop into a client.
50m 12s : The Jupiter program
We returned 2.3 Billion in volume internally over September and October of 2019 (some brokers weren't even customers!) off the back-end of a Jupiter program. Jupiter is basically a database clearing program. When running internally we saw loans processed, at times, every few minutes. Your existing database is a goldmine - ignore it, or don't protect it, and somebody will steal it from you. Jupiter is usually run just once; it's expected that each client will be handed off to an EDGE schedule of contact. We talk about the experience gained from talking to several thousand people over our the course of our internally run Jupiter program.
56m 05s : The Platinum program (in brief)
W briefly talk about our full managed Platinum program which guarantees 120-million per year in volume (it's a program that requires an application and we only accept brokers when we have the internal resource to assign full-time support). The programs we use for the Platinum program are the same as those we provide in the Yabber digital marketing suite (paid promotion is a small part of the program). We talk about the importance of establishing a business' SEO as part of this program (Platinum involves a serious content-generation strategy).
58m 34s : The NPS Survey
We once conducted an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey very early on in a Growth program. We now use email at strategic times, and instead we use the Jupiter program to call each client and warm up a database. The early purpose of an NPS survey was not the NPS score - it was to make contact and create a broker conversation.
1h 03m 00s : NPS, Jupiter, BID, and Customer First
We talk about the importance of a Jupiter program and the absolute need to maintain contact with all your clients. "Customer First" and "Best Interest Duty" should mean something... and it means nothing if you ignore your client post-settlement.
1h 04m 20s : EDGE Post Settlement program and the NPS
We introduce our EDGE post-settlement program. This program is designed to provide genuine customer support, garnish a positive post-settlement review, develop a referrer or introducer relationship. Because our post-settlement care is industry-leading we conduct the NPS survey roughly 6 months after the customer has developed a real appreciation of our client care efforts.
1h 11m 25s : EDGE Post Settlement program
EDGE is a post-settlement program designed to provide genuine customer support, garnish a positive post-settlement review, develop a referrer or introducer relationship. Post settlement care is more than a gimmick - it's a genuine means of providing necessary post-settlement care. Post settlement care is more than a gimmick - it's a genuine means of providing necessary post-settlement care. Post settlement care is required to satisfy the customer first and BID expectation: your commitment to your client and customer care does not end at settlement. We introduce how the program works in the "first 100 days" and how this morphs with our referrer program. A post-settlement program should absolutely not be reliant on email (a massive problem with the low-performing program provided by the likes of, say, ActivPipe - email is NOT suitable for a post-settlement program!). What contact do we make through the first 100 days, and why is the contact made? We talk about real-world communication - calling people on the phone works.
1h 23m 07s : Ignore the competing messages form the marketing industry
Despite providing the leading digital products in the industry, the leading Facebook advertising service, and the only marketing funnel in the finance space, we still say that nothing is more important than relationships... because you're a relationship-based business. Much of the advice provided to the industry is professionally negligent in that they're belittling programs that return massive volumes.
1h 28m 46s : EDGE returns billions in volume
WE finish up with EDGE. The system returns billions in volume to the industry. Having a post-settlement program is important BEFORE you start introducing digital business to your brokerage.
1h 29m 10s : Introducers, Referrers and Digital
We don't talk much about formal introducer programs (supported by PartnerDashboard.com.au - a white-label tool you use to share engagement with your partners). We talk about better source of lower-cost leads. We introduce a story of a customer that wouldn't have qualified by any typical standard but ended up referring hundreds in millions in volume to a business. We tidy up talking about EDGE and refer brokers to our Finance Marketing Guide where the program is discussed in a little more detail. Think of EDGE as "clawback insurance" - you won't lose a client; in fact, you'll only ever gain business as a result.
1h 34m 22s : The Saturn program
Saturn is the highest-value program we've ever operated. Formerly protected by an NDA, it returns hundreds in millions in volume every single month. Saturn is a hot cold program based on the amazing power of introductions and reciprocity. We don't use cold programs, and Saturn is NOT a cold program, but it is a cold call. In essence, you're calling a business to offer them inclusion in a geographic-based booklet for use by your clients, and your web visitors. It's a means to make an introduction. The Finance Marketing guide provides more information on how it's managed, and how Yabber automates the process. What we didn't mention in the podcast but required inclusion was the fact you should hand deliver the geo-booklets to businesses directly. Does it work? Yes - it returns hundreds in millions a month and is the foundation upon which many businesses now base their operation. Saturn will return as much business as you want. You'll have to excuse the microphone issues towards the end of this chapter.
1h 52m 15s : Back into day 2 - adding various discussion points
We introduce a few extra concepts because not everybody will use the Yabber digital suite. Many of what we introduce is exactly what we're doing for our Platinum clients.
1h 53m 30s : The broker challenge
We talk about some general problems in the industry, such as banks hijacking loans, losing staff, and so on.
1h 59m 35s : The settlement gift
We introduce a few ideas for the settlement gift that'll have a long-lasting presence in the home of your clients. We share a few ideas for gifts that continue to return business (it's not a bottle of wine or hamper). We talk about how reciprocity applies when providing a settlement gift (and how it lends itself to the referrer program).
2h 10m 00s : The money-box concept
Want to win over your customers? Send a CommBank or St George money box (or similar) to your clients with kids. Make sure that there's a few dollar coins to get the kids started. We have a raft of fluffy toys or various descriptions that we'll always send to client after settlement... but the money box works best. Make sure you include a hand-written note.
2h 15m 00s : Other programs
We briefly discuss the aggregate nature of some of our programs, and how all programs (particularly EDGE) lend themselves to the referral program.
2h 16m 55s : Facebook Marketing & Funnels
We provide the leading Facebook experience in the industry (guaranteed), and we provide what is the only real marketing funnel in the industry. We build and support digital platforms every day... but this doesn't mean we diminish the value of traditional marketing. We're offended by bad marketing, and sadly, bad marketing seems to be an industry standard.
2h 20m 50s : Conclusion
If you're interested in more information you can call us on 1300 BELIEF (1300 235 433) or visit our website at beliefmedia.com.au.

■ ■ ■

We're starting to release some of our closely-guarded 'secrets' to the finance industry now as we migrate to a model where we support brokers through complete one-click digital operations, and our digital marketing and social media systems provide full and complete digital support to your operation. It's only a matter of time before others try and claim ownership of our strategies and concepts but it's important to remember that Yabber streamlines your relationship programs via digital means in a way that others cannot.

Gravity Relationship Model

  Pictured: The Gravity model represents the types of audiences that might be attracted to your business from various sources. Each source has a varying degree of difficulty to convert, and a clear monetary or time cost involved in the conversion. The Gravity model is one that seeks to identify all available sources of potential business. There's a clear cost-benefit model assigned to all lead generation (ROI) and relationship-based marketing is one that will always return better results in the short and longer-term (Customer Lifetime Value, or LTV). No source of lead generation should be ignored.

Again, if your business isn't returning the organic business that you're looking for in order to grow right now, reflect on the relationship programs you currently have in place and assess how they're performing. If you introduce business via paid promotion the relationship systems used to develop your new business will likely be as effective (or ineffective) as your existing methods. Think of your business as a bucket; you'll want to repair any holes before making an attempt to fill it with water (it's the single biggest mistake we see from mortgage brokers).

Bottom line: Before you consider any Facebook or other paid promotion, introduce your own explosive and working relationship-based lead generation strategies. In this way, the effect of paid promotion is multiplied many times over.

We guarantee better results.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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