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The Emergence of Interactive AI

A couple of years ago we ran an experiment where we replaced a broker with an AI. Using all our own tech, the broker had direct oversight before recommendations were made, or before communication of any type. The net result was better customer satisfaction, and better product/processing outcomes (borrowers were briefed on the AI experiment so there was an inherent


Commbank’s Ceba, aka Reginald

Commbank’s Ceba LLM probably needs a little layer of coding love to protect itself against being hypnotised. Virtually every language model loves gossip – it’ll talk about anything when given enough encouragement. In fact, there’s a model in use by one aggregator that’ll just about read the CEO’s email – crazy stuff.


LoanOptions WordPress Plugin

We’ve had a few clients use a system made available from LoanOptions that integrates a form onto broker websites. The default install from LO is quite poor, so we’ve created a WordPress plugin for a plug-and-play experience. There are plenty of bugs in their system, some poor coding, and some compliance issues that we’ll address on our website. Aggregators and


Pixel-Perfect Website Screenshots

Need screenshots of external websites in any post or page on your website? ‘Screenshots’ is one of the rarely-used features of our framework, but it’s an extremely powerful system and no usage limits are applied. Screenshots are created with Elementor or shortcode, and the result is a picture-perfect rendering of any external page. It’s particularly useful when taking a screenshot


Website Text-To-Speech

The full scope of our website Text-to-Speech module requires you visit the articles on our website that introduces the tool. Used with shortcode or our Elementor Widget, a block of text is simply converted into a very realistic MP3 voice file (the advanced modelling replicates your own voice in a manner that is indistinguishable from your own voice). The tool


New Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text Module

In our latest update, we’ve pushed a full suite of text-to-speech and speech-to-text tools. Integrated with Yabber, our VoIP systems, the SMS modules, and your website, it provides enterprise-level features as part of your access to Yabber. The website module includes top-of-page accessibility audio, shortcode options, and the only TTS Elementor block on the planet. The purpose of the tools


The Future of Mortgage Brokers and AI

This is important. We conducted an early broker AI experiment with results that might represent industry norms sooner than later. We assigned mortgage broker tasks to an AI and had the system carry a loan (with supervision) from a website-based AI-enquiry through to ‘settlement’. The results give us a very clear indication of how the industry might evolve in the