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A New Method of Resolving Timezone Makes Your Website Calendars Extremely Accurate

This is a note for clients. As you’re aware, we’ve built what is an extremely comprehensive statistical engine for WordPress websites called ‘Xena’ that replaces the older module. The new system is built with an ‘AI-first’ architecture to support more informed marketing decisions, and it also records every conceivable type of interaction data. Xena supports the conditional engine more efficiently


McDonald’s Emerald Hills, April 2024

I took the kids to McDonald’s in Narellan today but left because it was filthy. Absolutely filthy. I figured Emerald Hills would be a good alternative because of the larger play area, so we drove there instead. The kids insisted. Despite an empty restaurant, every table was truly disgusting , and the bins were literally overflowing with stacked rubbish.


Buying 50 Leads Versus 50 DIY Leads

The purpose of sharing this screenshot isn’t because the lead cost is low, because it isn’t, but it is within acceptable limits despite the fact the campaign is performing in the bottom 35% of all those we manage. I see businesses buy individual leads for anything between $80 and $200, and brokers will routinely purchase packs of 50 leads


The New Sendify Social Module

We’re a few days away from rolling out the final update to the new Sendify (social media) module. Morphing Instagratify, Sendly, Vista (Outlook social), SendPress, and other social modules directly into a unified module (and sitting on top of the content library), there are literally dozens of seriously funky social features and tools. One of the new features is


New FB Campaign Returning $6.20 Leads

This is a reasonable example of what the leadgen charlatans don’t want you to see. There’s a $20 budget assigned to a video ad, and after a few days of its initial run it’s already returning $6.20 leads. Given that it’s a first print, the split and improvements will likely drive the cost to around $3 (CPC still isn’t where


$5.69 Mortgage Leads

I criticise leadgen charlatans all the time. Usually because they’re a business-debilitating service that’ll do nothing but expose you to non-compliance and illegal advertising. Digital leadgen is easy. A ‘generic’ campaign takes minutes to create and outperforms pay-per-lead and industry-unawares leadgen peckers without exception. If you’re engaging in Facebook advertising, consider the pictured 85 leads at $5.69


Buying Finance Leads is Just Stupid

In my 14-years at BeliefMedia, and in all the years prior with AWE and Y P/L, the one message (probably above all others) that I’ve tried to impress upon brokers is that they should *never* buy leads. Every business has the capacity to generate higher-quality leads as part of a fully branded solution for a fraction of the cost, and


Updates to the Social Media Module

Note to clients. Later this week we’ll be migrating the last of the Sendify features into Yabber, and we will be turning off the legacy social tools forever. Sendify integrates social media, Sendly, SendPress, Instagratify, Vista, the Social Library, Image Factory, and other tools into a single module. As part of the update, we’ve built in a number of


If It Isn’t Branded, Don’t Share It

A broker shared a link to a PDF I thought was worth reading. The document, however, wasn’t branded with his name, logo, web address, phone number, or anything else – it instead included a generic brand shared by a few hundred. I had my wife call the 1800 number and the call was referred to a *different* broker. It


The Cost of a Facebook Lead

This was one of the two lowest-performing campaigns run this month in terms of the cost per lead (we saw refi leads as low as $3). The other low-performing ad was a custom campaign that we shut down pretty quick, but this one (pictured) came of the tail-end of a 5-minute turkey campaign that we literally created and had published


Content Library Update

Note for clients. Yabber’s Content Library is undergoing a seriously significant update. As part of an architectural overhaul that impacts most major systems, the Content Library (in company with associated systems, such as the Media Factory, Instagratify, and Vista) is seeing new functionality that’ll integrate it directly with the updated Sendify (social media) modules. The Content Library already


Introduction of the Xena Statistical Engine

This is an important note for all website and Facebook advertising clients. Xena is the only statistical engine of its kind in the market, and it builds on the amazing conditional engine that has continued to consistently deliver clients with spectacular website, promoted, and funnel results. While our existing model is industry-leading, the Xena engine takes our decade-old BeNet