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Podcast 0001: “Hello World”

Podcast 0001: “Hello World”

The first podcast we've recorded since relaunching our old program is titled "Hello World". The podcast introduces you to the basics of Belief's broad marketing ideology and how our Funnel and relationship philosophies has helped shape the largest businesses of their kind. The content serves to support our claim that we easily provide the most powerful digital experience in the industry.

Recorded primarily (but not exclusively) for the finance industry, we take aim at the mediocrity in the market and discuss how and why many of those that claim to providing a digital service are falling well short of providing anything that resembles best practice, or even an acceptable minimum standard for a paid product.

We introduce the reasoning behind our decision to provide a free website to our clients that is objectively worth well over $10'000 (in summary, the value is assigned because of the conditional behaviour, escalating forms, and AI engine that is vital for a successful marketing presence... yet very rarely provided or present), we introduce the diametrically opposed definitions of a sales funnel and marketing funnel (a differentiation only required because the pedestrian and very linear sales funnel has seriously compromised on a real marketing experience), and we introduce Yabber, the digital marketing and social media system that'll change the lives of brokers that use it.

Our podcasts are recorded in a very casual manner without any preparation.

Hello World Chapters

Hello World is a long podcast. Browse the general chapters and launch that part of our discussion that may interest you most.

00m 00s : Introduction
We start with an introduction to what we're calling our inaugural podcast. We briefly introduce our digital marketing and social media platform ("Yabber") designed for mortgage brokers, financial advisers, accountants, and real-estate agents.
01m 45s : What is our primary product and what does it do?
Belief provides the ONLY full-stack, fully-integrated, fully compliant digital solution in the industry. It manages hundreds of functions with a focus on lead generation and automation, website management (and the associated user experience), email marketing, social media, and telecommunications. Yabber provides enterprise level features and support for less than what you're paying now.
04m 30s : Many Belief products and systems no longer bound by a client NDA
Many of our products previously required an NDA to be accepted before those products or services were exposed; this was to protect our IP from those less capable Facebook guys floating around the market (they routinely steal our stuff). We're now releasing many of the products that we previously kept under lock and key.
06m 39s : The BeliefMedia story and our early history
Belief has existed since 1997. Starting as AWE, and later Y Pty Limited, we were formative in developing systems in the digital marketing space. We talk about our early efforts and how the practices employed in the digital field still haven't change (a big problem). Includes a short discussion on Martin's award-winning brokerage, iChoice.
19m 10s : Our systems perform better than anything on the market
There's simply no question: our systems perform better, are more compliant, return more leads, and will have a more positive impact on your business than any competing product on the market. We're backed by 23 years in digital media. We briefly discuss our derisive tone in our manual and that in some of our videos.
21m 40s : The quality of digital marketing representation is crap
We're extremely critical of the representation of digital marketing provided to the industry. Our free product - 1800Funnels (previously Uranus) - is more powerful than virtually all competing products. Again, it's free.
33m 33s : Belief's Yabber system returns more business
Once again, we talk about our product when compared against 'industry garbage'. We 100% guarantee our systems and product returns better results and provides up to 100X more value than the competing industry mediocrity.
36m 40s : What does Yabber do?
Domenico takes a helicopter view and describes what Yabber does. What systems will it replace? Dom introduces the need for data, and how this data plays its part in rendering website conditional content. We also introduce Facebook advertising.
38m 45s : The free website we provide you is the chameleon of the website world
We introduce some of the features of the free website we provide you. Additionally, Martin talks about Domenico's ABS integration with our Facebook-audience engine. We talk about data-driven behavioural insights and the 'butterfly effect' of the marketing world. Our conditional content and escalation-based websites can return up to 100 read-to-go leads to a small business every month.
44m 30s : Over 100 times more powerful than any 'Facebook-style' of product
Data-driven insights is at the heart of all successful marketing. Marketing is more about Facebook advertising.
48m 00s : What the 'typical' landing page experience looks like
We talk about what the landing page experience looks like. This is what others are doing - not us. Not a single Facebook guy in the finance space actually provides a Marketing Funnel... despite their claims. We talk about the mashup of third-party (often non-compliant) products to perform a very basic function. This mediocrity has to end. We also discuss a few cases where a broker has inherited the wrath of ASIC as a result of basic non-compliance.
56m 10s : What takes others 4 weeks, takes us 3 minutes
We provide the only full-stack and fully integrated digital solution in the industry. We talk about what you should look for in identifying absolute marketing mediocrity.
57m 40s : Your website is your most valuable market asset (including landing pages). Don't ignore your website organic traffic!
Every page on your website is a potential organic entry point. Therefore, every single page on your website is a type of landing page. Therefore every single page needs to provide some type of conversion opportunity. NEVER send your landing traffic to third-party landing page services. It is impossible to have a true marketing funnel experience if you're sending paid or organic traffic to other off-site platforms. Keeping the traffic on-site means we're able to create a conditional and escalating personal experience. It's at this point we talk about how to craft an escalation-based experience that can only be achieved on your website by using Yabber. Of course, we provide a free website to businesses so they're able to take advantage of these features. We also provide a number of drag-and-drop tools to quickly and easily create website assets.
1h 06m 00s : The history of landing pages, marketing, and AIDA
The original landing page was a broadsheet newspaper. The current landing page is just a webpage free from distraction that is focused almost exclusively on your high-value offer or webinar (remember every page on your website needs a conversion since organic traffic can arrive from anywhere... you'll see amazing results if you treat your website with the respect it deserves). The concepts that applied pre-Internet aren't that different to those used in modern-day marketing. In this chapter we digress and discuss some of the early frameworks that dictate modern day practice. Talk about the "About This Stock and Bonds Business" advertisement and how it was used to retarget audiences after a user 'subscribed' to the initial lead magnet. We also discuss the origins of AIDA and the early transactional model that has evolved into the marketing model we know today. The finance industry has never been introduced to a marketing funnel... and we describe why this is the case.
1h 29m 12s : Retarget Lists
We very briefly discuss retarget lists and how Yabber handles adding a user to a retarget list, such as subscriptions, link clicks, web link clicks, making a phone call, viewing a web page, and so on. Yabber handles retargeting and Facebook lists by default.
1h 30m 33s : Landing pages and lead magnets
First, don't use Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Kartra, or other services to show your landing pages - it's a business-debilitating process. We talk about the various style of pages and how they should be used. The single point of a landing page, and the primary purpose of a landing page, is to have a user make contact with you - the follow-up subscription is secondary. We talk about how no part of the marketing funnel experience is used to qualify the client - it's used by the client to qualify the mortgage broker. Martin talks about how any keystroke or page-view above that which is required will diminish conversions - we need to feed the visitor with an experience or journey that is a pleasure to navigate.
1h 39m 10s : Don't put a calendar on your first landing page (but why you need it)
We talk about a typical 'lead gen' experience, which often includes the silly tactic of placing a calendar form on your entry landing page. Having said that you'll never include a calendar on an entry landing page, we'll talk about how we do this without being obtrusive (and Belief is the only company able to provide our unique experience because we're the only company that provides an integrated platform). Our first page experience alone improves upon calendar bookings by over 37%. Some businesses have to wait until the third or fourth page before showing a calendar, and knowing that conversions drop off with each page view, many never get there.
1h 44m 15s : Introduction to Conditional Redirects (and Venus Reports)
The second page after the first landing page is God's gift to marketers. We treat email subscribers, phone bookings, and calendar bookings in a unique way, and redirect them to an appropriate and high-converting page based on the first page interaction. We also introduce the one occasion where it is acceptable for a client to qualify themselves (not a broker qualifying the client) via Venus report (a branded form is sent to the client on the basis of answering 17 compliance-related questions). The client qualifying themselves is a means for the broker to qualify their service as the business of choice. Based on the answers answered in a Venus report, or based on simply downloading a lead magnet, we're able to serve website-based conditional content. If a user identifies themselves as a First Home Buyer, we're able to, for example, serve more First Home Buyer information on your website.
1h 53m 48s : Lead Magnets can be created via a white-label content library
We provide a library of white-label marketing material. At the press of a button the material is branded with your logo, domain etc. and added to your document management library. The document is then made available as a lead magnet. This makes the creation of a landing page with an offer a one-minute process. We briefly discuss the archiving of lead magnets (the same way we archive all data provided by a user, as required by compliance).
1h 59m 20s : Subscription forms and landing page forms are heavily automated
We talk briefly about the automation schedule association with forms. There's multiple points of automation associated with each subscription and if there's something we don't provide, we'll build it. We also take about Microsoft Planner as a Kanban task management tool (and we compare this again CRM's such as SalesTrekker, Infynity, and Podium). We also talk about the early Sonata/Symphony email framework.
2h 13m 50s : An introduction to SMS messaging
We don't talk about the entire and very comprehensive SMS module (which supports SMS, MMS, Voicedrops etc., and lists from various sources). We introduce why we use Telstra as a default text messaging service. We introduce how external telephone callers are automatically added to Call Lists.
2h 18m 40s : RBA Emails and SMS Messages, and the Newsletter Program
We briefly introduce the RBA email and SMS program, and the newsletter program. What sort of RBA email converts best? We introduce PWA (Perception Without Awareness), the Exposure Effect, and the need for an Omnipresence.
2h 25m 15s : Our marketing manual will tickle your brain
Following on from the RBA chapter, we talk about how simply reading our manual will improve upon your business processes simply be being aware of various opportunities.
2h 28m 05s : The newsletter program
We talk very briefly about the newsletter program. The newsletter program is discussed in more details on our website and other podcasts. Should you be automating newsletters or create them yourself?
2h 29m 20s : The marketing and customer journey
While discussed in more detail in another podcast, we talk briefly about what the marketing experience is meant to provide. What is an escalation of commitment and how does it relate to your marketing strategy. The "Know, Like, and Trust" model underpins our Magic Lantern model and is one that should be a focus through your marketing journey. We also talk about EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) and how this applies to your marketing experience and website SEO.
2h 32m 35s : The article submission program
We provide an article submission program that includes up to 8 articles to your website (more if engaging with a paid program - one of only two modules that requires an additional fee). We also introduce SEO-related duplicate content penalties and how we mitigate this. If duplicate content is all you're posting then you shouldn't be automating anything. We introduce (albeit very briefly) how we automate social media content to your website.
2h 37m 13s : Telecommunication Integration
Jabber is our integrated telecommunication module. It's an extremely comprehensive mPBX module that integrates fully with all your marketing and Yabber efforts. Unique to Belief, we have a very comprehensive trigger system associated with incoming phone calls. WE support 1300/1800/13, international, virtual mobile, and geographic numbers - this enables businesses to have a geographic presence in states outside of their own state. It returns more business - guaranteed.
2h 41m 15s : Conclusion
Finishing up a long podcast. If you're interested in more information, call us on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF). If you're interested in learning more about our unique and high-performing one-click marketing experience, download our marketing manual - it introduces you to our unique marketing philosophy and the ideology that underpins all our marketing efforts. We return more leads to your business - guaranteed.

■ ■ ■

If you're interested, YouTube chapters (as shown above) are a great way of guiding a user to a relevant part of your video, and a guaranteed means to improve upon video conversions. It's a default component of our Yabber YouTube module and is introduced here.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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