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New Yabber Landing Pages

For over 15-years we used a website plugin to generate landing pages and resolve the appropriate split lending groups. The former plugin (now retired for nearly four years, and forming the basis of our free 'Funnels' plugin) was brilliant but it seriously limited our capacity to automatically create client landing pages and campaigns as they were required. The former plugin also failed to capitalise on the conditional features made available via our AI Engine,BeNet- still the only AI in the Oz finance industry. The revised Yabber system we've used since 2019 introduced a scalable mechanism to create full-featured and seriously powerful landing pages directly on your website in seconds.

The 'problem' with the newer system was that we likely included far too many rendering options. While many page options were created as 'extras' we often found businesses introducing text when that text wasn't necessarily required. A landing page is a naked experience by nature, and the number of landing page features we introduced tended to encourage the creation of a page that was leaning towards 'too busy'.

We've recently made modifications to the landing page system that permits the creation of even more powerful pages onyourwebsite in seconds. In essence we've created a single experience that handles all landing page types, and more easily integrates with our Solis system (Solis creates full nested campaigns at the click of a button). The former landing features are now made available under an 'Advanced' tab, and now more closely aligned with our alternate drag-and-drop landing page options.

The pictured landing page isn't ideal because we've included the header and footer - something you'll likely exclude from live pages. We've also used very basic text.

The pages are instantly created on your website and all form automaton is immediately applied. Coditional redirects will take effect immediately and we start collecting landing and conversion statistics.

The extremely important second page is created in the same way, as are nested pages.

Website article is forthcoming.

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