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Settlement Gift

Why limit ourselves to a settlement gift? What means more to a parent than a bottle of wine? The answer: a money box for their children.

One of practices we encourage in the Mortgage industry is the use of money boxes and other bank swag during the early stages of a home loan (usually about 4-6 weeks). Sending a young family a few money boxes with a hand-written note addressing a couple's children by name will go a lot further than the typical impersonal actions we often see taking place. This falls in the category of "Deliver the Unexpected" (one of the areas of our Lantern module). We've had crates of money boxes and swag sent to our offices over the years and they all get distributed to brokers (after I've taken a few for my kids).

Want to take the money box idea to another level? Fill each money box with a small amount of loose change. Consider delivering the money boxes off in person (to have a look at the home that they're eager to show off). Consider a 6-pack of beer " especially on a hot day. Stay for the shortest time possible and let your client know you'll be in contact.

The post settlement 'gift' is one fairly typical of mortgage brokers. It's usually a bottle of wine or something similar. However, what can you do differently to ensure your gift remains in the mind of your client for eternity, and one that attracts the attention of others that visit your clients in their new home? One of the many post settlement gifts we advocate requires that we sift through State and Federal libraries for old neighbourhood photographs and archives. If we can't find an old photograph of a house or street we'll usually find an aerial photograph of a neighbourhood. A quick trip to Officeworks can have photo printed and framed for what is often less than the cost of a bottle of champagne. The framed photograph creates a talking point for house visitors and you'll forever be remembered in the minds of your client.

You also have recognition incentives, birthday cards, appreciation incentives, and so on, and they're all obviously handled differently.

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