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The Marketing Funnel

The Marketing Funnel (The Right Stuff).

We're going to explain part of the reason our brokers see *far* more success than their compositors.

The 1904 magazine "Salesmanship" says that "... a sale of any kind has four essential parts: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Conviction. Take these in their proper order. Do not mistake polite attention for interest and do not assume when a desire for possession is aroused that conviction has been reached. In loss of sales it is as disastrous as to not close the sale when conviction is reached".

Withstanding the test of time, Dukesmith's concept is unique (and arguably more accurate) than the AIDA 'funnel' approach because it illustrates the weight of each component, and demonstrates that each step in the sales process is a dynamic time-variable and conditional object. Just like a real scale, the timeline (and weight of each step) will likely vary depending upon circumstances, time, interest, competition, and the demonstrated attributes of EAT - Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

Dukesmith's early model is most like our own proprietary funnel ideology which is based on a three-dimensional time-variable object with each element of the journey subject to external (and internal) influences that potentially destroy the sales relationship. The most commonly used funnel model (effective for simple interactions) implies a gravitational step-to-step journey without consideration to the thousands of influences that might cause one to abandon their experience... and it competent ignores the fact that the funnel is a journey. The antiquated AIDA model neglects to illustrate that each step of the funnel is potentially weighted differently - determined by your audience. The AIDA model also specifies a particular order in which to make a sale... this isn't necessarily true.

The funnel is a journey with one objective above all else: create conversions. Our escalation of commitment ideology underpins our unique methodology.

Belief has designed a proprietary approach that returns a far better ROI than any competing product in the market - we guarantee it.

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